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Publication numberUS1752310 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1930
Filing dateJul 5, 1927
Priority dateJul 5, 1927
Publication numberUS 1752310 A, US 1752310A, US-A-1752310, US1752310 A, US1752310A
InventorsStein Leo
Original AssigneeStein Leo
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Brief case
US 1752310 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

'April 1, 1930.- 7 L. STEIN l 1,752,310

BRIEF CASE Filed July 5, 1927 Mam/Mg Patented Apr. l, 1980 ymio STEIN, 4or CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BRIEF CASE Application filed July 5,

My invention belongs to that general Vclass l of devices known as brief cases or the like,

and relates more particularly to a brief case or bag for the carrying of papers, documents,

books, catalogs, samples or various other articles.

The invention hasamong its objects the production of a case of the kind described, which is simple, durable, attractive, compact l0 and satisfactory for use `wherever foundap'- plicable.y More particularly it has an -object an improved production which' is ex tremely strong anddurable and which is er- .teri'orly attractive.y Y More particularly it relatesto an improved, handle construction whereinthe handle. is adjustable to provide for variation in the thicknessoffthe material carried in the bag. Y

Many other objects and advantages of the construction herein shown and described will be obvious to those skilled in the art from the disclosure herein given.

To this end my invention consists in the novel construction, arrangement and combination of parts herein shown and described, and more particularly pointed out in the claims. f

In the drawings, wherein llike reference characters indicate like or corresponding parts:

Fig. 1 is a side view of my improved case;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on line 2 2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the same;

Fig. 4 is an under cut sectional View taken substantially on line 4- 4 of Fig. 1

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the inner bar;

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of one of the spaced outer attaching plates; and

Fig. 7 is a perspective view of the same covered.

The present invention is in the nature of an improvement in the brief case shown inv application #688,395.

i Referring to the drawings in which an em v number of pockets, as is customary in a bag ofV 5U this kind. One face 1s made sufficiently large 1927.y serial No. 203,532.

to provide a flap 2 which extends over the top of the 'bag' and is generally secured to the front side by a lock 3, or its equivalent. Any style of lock may be employed, but generally one in which several adjustments are possi ble, the lock itself'forming no part 0f the present invention. There are also provided stra is 4 4, which embrace the case and which may be maintained in placeby one or more fasteners or slides 4 or their equivalents for the purpose. A handle 5v is provided which is suitably secured to the flap portion 2 so that it may be kadjusted laterally to correspond with variations in proportions of the contents of the bag. As shown, 6 is a bar preferably of metal arranged at theinner side of the flap 2 to which are suitablysecured spaced outer members 8 8. rThe members 8 are connected to the plate 6 by suitable means which extend throughVv the slots 2 in the flap and connected to the bar 6. Referring particularly to Figs. 5 and 6, the bar 6 and oneof the members 8 are shown. Each of the members 8 is provided with'a lug 9 of the size to extend through the slots and into openings 7 7 in the bar 6,the members 8 8 and 6 being preferably covered as hereinafter mentioned. The lugs 9 and openings 7 7 are preferably rectangular or some other shape than circular so that when the lugs proj ectinto the kslots 'or openings 7, each member 8 will be prevented vfrom turning. rIhe two lugs 9 are provided with reduced parts lOwhich maybe .headed over as described; As shown, each member 8 is provided with a head 11 having an opening 12 therethrough forming a sleeve for the links 13,'which connect each end of ythe handle with the adj acent member .8. The bar 6 is provided with a covering 14, 15 of leather and the like and each member 8 is provided with a similar covering. As shown, the covering on the members 8'is extended as at 17, 18 and 19, the parts being sewed or stitched together as indicated at 2 1. y

In assembling the device the covered 4bar 6 is placed on the inner side of the flap and then the members 8 grounded thereon with the lugs 9 extending through the opening 7 on the bar 6. A washer 16, or the like, is arranged over the portion 10 and the portion eoy 10 then headed so that the parts are firmly secured together. It may be mentioned that the lugs 9 are of such height that the parts will be brought in close contact together, but with suflicient pressure between the bars and spaced members 8 that the flap is pinched. This permits adjustment with the parts of the flap, the slots 2 permitting a considerable adjustment one way or the other. It

will be noted by referring to Figures 8 and 7 that the cover portion 19 of the parts 8 is cut back as indicated at 20. The straps 4 are extended through between the parts 8 and the portion 19 so that these parts vform a slide for the straps and locate the straps directly over the slot 2 at either end of the handle so as to conceal the slots. The straps tend to reinforce the lugs 9 or connection between the parts 6 and 8, the greater portion of the load being carried by the straps, this enabling a .lighter construction to be employed. The spaced members 8 make the exterior of the case particularly attractive, the reinforcingof the flap being provided for by the use of the bar 6 which prevents the straps from being drawn together at the top when the same is'carried at the handle.

Having thus described my invention, it is obvious that various immaterial modifications may be made in the same without departing from the spirit of my invention; hence I do not wish to be understood as limiting myself to the exactform, construction, arrangement and combination of parts herein shown and described, or uses mentioned.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

I the spaced elements, extending through the slots and engaged with the rst element to connect saidV spaced elements with the first element, said means restraining the spaced elements against pivotal movement relative the first element.

2. A brief case having a cover flap formed Y with spaced slots, a bar beneath said flap having rectangular openings, spaced reinforcing members upon the outer side of the Hap, rectangular lugs on said members movable in the slots andritted in the openings in said bar, and reduced portions on said lugs locked to retain said members against pivotal movement relative said bar.

3.' A brief case having a cover flap formed with spaced slots, a bar beneath the flap, spaced reinforcing members on the flap, pro- `jections and sleeves formed on said members,

said projections connecting said bar and movablein the slots, cover portions for said members having strap receiving slots, and a handle connecting said sleeves on said members.

4. A brief case having a cover fiap formed with spaced slots, a bar beneath the flap hav- 4ing spaced rectangular openings, spaced reforcing members each having an integral rectangular lug passing through one of said yslots and the corresponding opening of said bar, means on the ends of said lugs for re-Y taining the members in assembled relation with said flap and said bar, a transverse sleeve in each of said reenforcing members and a handle pivotally secured in said sleeves and forming the sole connection between said reenforcing members, said slots` being suiiiciently long to permit said handle, reenforcing members and bar to slideltransverselyof said brief case as a unit.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto Y signed my name.


U.S. Classification190/115, 190/902, 383/31, 383/903, 383/86, 383/18
International ClassificationA45C3/02, A45C13/26
Cooperative ClassificationY10S383/903, Y10S190/902, A45C13/26, A45C3/02
European ClassificationA45C3/02, A45C13/26