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Publication numberUS1752322 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 1, 1930
Filing dateJul 3, 1924
Priority dateJul 3, 1924
Publication numberUS 1752322 A, US 1752322A, US-A-1752322, US1752322 A, US1752322A
InventorsAdam Frederick B
Original AssigneeAdam Frederick B
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Outlet box
US 1752322 A
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pr l, 192ML F. B. ADAM l,752,322

OUTLET BOX Filed July 3, 1924 Patented Apr. l, 193@ FREDERCK B. ADAM., OF S'. LGES: 'MISSOURI OUTLET BGE "Application died. July 3, 1924. Serial No. 724,05.

My invention relates to improvements in outlet boxes, and more particularly-to receptacles for switches, sockets and the like, which are sunk into walls and provided with covers or finish plates.

Ordinarily such outlet comprises a receptacle or box and a finish plate which is directly securable tothe receptacle or box and whose installationg in order that the finish plate 1o may be properly trued and plumbed, requires the utmost precision in the setting of the receptacle or box, with an attendant expenditure of considerable time.

The object of my invention is to provide an outlet box comprising a receptacle for a switch, socket, or the like, a cover or finish plate therefor, and means for adjustably securing the cover or nish plate to the receptacle whereby the location of the cover, or

finish plate may be selective with relation to the position of the receptacle.

My improvements consist in the novel construction, arrangement and combination of parts as hereinafter fully, clearly and concisely described, definitely pointed out in my claims and illustrated by the accompanying drawings. lndescribing the arrangements employed and shown in the drawings hereto attached and described in the specification, l

do not limit my invention to the precise form, shape or construction shown, or to the several parts thereto, inasmuch as various alterations may be made without changing the scope of my invention.

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a receptacle and an adjustable compensator, or plate mounting, constructed in accordance with my invention, and Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional elevation of a receptacle and finish plate as assembled by the device of my invention.

Referring by numerals to the drawing, 3 designates the receptacle, or element, for location and securement in a wall, or the like, and 4 designates fastening devices, carried by the receptacle 3, which, as shown, may be formed as integral ears struck from the receptacle and resident adjacent the front or open end thereof and provided with internally threaded seats. I do not limit myself to such construction, however, as it is obvious that these elements may be welded or otherwise attached.

rlhe numeral 5 designates the cover, or finish plate, and 6 designates an element forming a mounting for the cover or finish plate and constructed preferably in the form shown and of a single piece of material such as a metal sheet or plate. Formed through the element are a plurality of slots 7 for registration. with the recited fastening devices (threaded seats) 4 and extended through the slots are fastening devices 8, in the form of screws, for seatment in the threaded seats (fastening devices) 4 of the receptacle. The element 6 is provided with an opening 9 for the extension of, or access to, a switch, or the like, 10. Formed in the element 6 are a plurality of screw-seats 11 arranged for the reception of screws l2 whereby the finish plate is secured to the element 6.

Obviously by reason of the securement of the cover or finish plate to an element carried by the receptacle and capable of being adjusted angularly relative to the receptacle, provision is made for the proper locating of the finish plate relative to an improperly located receptacle.

I claim:

l. The combination of a receptacle, a finish plate, a contact device, carried by the finish plate, a substantially fiat mounting enclosed by the receptacle and having an opening therethrough adapted to accommodate the Contact device, and means including said mounting, and holding means assoclated therewith, for selectively locating the nish plate in variable angular relation to any Wall of the receptacle.

2. In an outlet box of the class described, a receptacle, a substantially flat mounting for a finish plate, means for securing the finish plate directly to the mounting and means disposed interiorly of the receptacle for detachably securing the mounting Within the receptable in selective positions relative thereto.

3. In an outlet box, a receptacle having an integral inturned lug intermediate a side wall and constituting an inwardly projecting screw seat, a detachable mounting enclosed by the receptacle and having a slot and screw seats therein, a holding member for extension through said slot and screw seat of 1the receptable, a ush plate having openings adapted to register With the screw seats of the mounting, a holding member for extension through thedush plate and screw seat of the mounting for securing the plate to said mounting.

d. lin an outlet box of the classn described, a receptacle having inwardly projecting ele- .,ments provided vvith'screw seats, a substanially Hai', mounting enclosed by the receptacle and having slots, each adapted io register, in part, with a screvv seat, screws for extension ihrough said seats and slots, a iinish plate, a Contact device carried by the plaie, independently of the mounting, and Vmeans for securingothe plate to said mounting.

5.. In an outlet boi, a receptacle having invvardly projecting members including screwL Seats, a substantially dat mounting adapted io be positioned at adjusted angles, ai, a substaniial depth Within the receptacle and hav ing slots, screws Within the receptacle for eX- iension through said seats and slots, a iinish plaie, securing screws therefor, and means, including said mounting and screws, for securing the plane to said mounting, in adjusttable angular relation to any Wall of said receptacle..Y

6., The combination of a hush type recepiacle, a huish plate, a Contact device carried by the huish plate, and means, including a mounting enclosed by the receptacle, whereby Jdie finish plaie may be angularly and distantly adjusted relative to the sides and back of the receptacle, after the receptacle is em.

bedded in a Wall.


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U.S. Classification174/53, 220/3.7
International ClassificationH02G3/14
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European ClassificationH02G3/14