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Publication numberUS1753663 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1930
Filing dateMay 14, 1928
Priority dateMay 14, 1928
Publication numberUS 1753663 A, US 1753663A, US-A-1753663, US1753663 A, US1753663A
InventorsRobert Miller
Original AssigneeRobert Miller
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Display and merchandising system
US 1753663 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed May 14, 1928 IN VEN TOR. Merit Miller. M p/2&


April 8, 1930- w v MILLER 1,753,663

DISPLAY AND MERGHANDISING SYSTEM Filed May 14', 1928 2 Sheet-Sheec 2 a v INVENTOR.


Patented Apr. 8, 1931] -:U I EDES ATE ,no En'r MILLER, tor BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ra'rl-zrw OFFIC ISPLAY u MERcnANnIsING my:

Application filed May 14,

' This invention relates to a display cabinet and has for its primary object the construc- "tion of a cabinet that will more effectively.

and artistically support and display merchandise, particularly greeting cards, while at the same time fully protecting the articles of merchandise against damage.

An object of the invention is the novel man ner of supporting the actualarticles of the 1 merchandise in selective groups so-that an article possessing certain characteristics can be immediately considered by a prospective purchaser without the necessity ofconsidering all the articles on display.

Another object of the invention is the incorporation in a display cabinet of a plurality of display panels having a novel relation to a' plurality of display cards. and title cards which are so related as to group the display cards into various groups and to be used in conjunction with the advertising panels to stimulate a desire on the part of the prospective purchaser to inspect the various articles on display. 7

Besides the above, my invention is distinguished in a novel arrangement and co-rela-" tion of component parts of the cabinet Whereby sale of greeting cards may be facilitated and the card condition.

A feature of the invention is the .novel structural details of the cabinet or receptacle whereby the groups of cards, may be support- T ed at a proper inclination to be readily viewed and observed in conjunction With advertising panels for the conveying of proper informa-' tion to the purchaser.

With these and other objects in view, the inventionwill be better understood from the following detailed description taken in 'con-' purchased obtained in perfect nection with the accompanying drawings," wherein,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the cabinet,

Figure 2 is a longitudinal view of the same, Figure 3 is an enlarged longitudinal sec-' tional view,

Figure 4 is'a detail sectional view 011 the line 4-4 of Figure 3,

1928. Serial No. 277,703.

j Figure 5'is a display cards,

Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view. of one perspective view of one of the c of the sidewallsofthe cabinet.

1 fAgain. referring to the drawings illustrati' 56 ing one 'of the many constructions of my invention, it will be noted that my invention 5 which in turnar'e effectively secured to' the bottomplate 6. Thisbottom'plate 6fwhich is formed of sheet metalis bent to provide anlincl ned bottom section 7 a front vertical wall 8 and a rear inclined wall 9, the latter terminating in ahorizontally disposed shelf 10. 'Up-- rising from the shelf 10 is a bracket 11including guide'flanges 12, slidably receiving one of the heretofore mentioned display panels 3 and a glass 7 plate 13 covering the display panel for protecting the same and addingto the ornamentation thereof. Arranged contiguous to the frontwall 8 are guide flanges 14 slidably receivingthe display panel 3' and a glass plate 15 'arrange'd in parallel-relation with" the display panel to protect the same," and'allow'full vision thereof. I r I With this construction, it will be appreciata ed that the display panels areremovably arranged in place sothat they may vbe changed from time totime if desirable. ""I .wish it understood that the'panels maycarry suitable advertising matter 'or may carry proper instructions or may carry both or may be 'designed to stimulate interest on the part of the.

observer. Supported upon the bottom plate 6 are the display cards 2 directly to which are attached the actual articles of merchandise illustrated in this particular instance as greeting cards 17. These'greeting cards fhave associated therewith identifying slips 18 carrya key number 19 and a price notation 20.

t is Well known that greeting cards are used for various purposes and to enable a quicker selection of a desired card I'have illustrated a plurality of title or index cards 20 intermingling With the display cards to selectively group the same and these title cards 20 are provided with index or title tabs 21 projecting above allot the cards so as to be readily viewed by an observer. As these index cards 21 carry the proper information, it Would be appreciated that a prospective pur chaser may immediately select the proper title card for separating the display, cards to .ob-

tain ready access to a particular group of cards. g I 7 1, I

From the foregolng description taken in connection with the accompanying. drawings, it Will be appreciated that I have-designed a novel construction ofdispla-y cabinet-that maybe placed upon a display counter ortable i i to efiectively dis-play merchandise to .stimulate interest on the part of the observer. and

when such interest has been stimulated faciliv tates the obtainmentyof the particular nier- I chandise desired. This isaccomplished by the receptacle at-an i play panelssupporteddirectly by the receptacleat a predetermined angular relation to the said front and rear Walls of said bottom plate. 7 1 v 2. Aidisp'lay cabinet comprising areceptacle, a bottomplate supported Within the receptacle and 'including a vertical front Wall, a horizontally inclining bottom Wall and a vertically inclining rear Wall, a display panel v olely supported bye-said receptacle in direct angular alignment with-saidrearwall, and a second display panel supported directly :by incline to said front Wall. I ROBERT, MILLER.

providing aplurality ofdisplay cards selectively grouped-by aplurality oftile cards and ,i r

arranged at the'proper inclination and position in a novel construction of receptacle, the a lattercarrying display or advertising panels at appropriate positions foreither creating interest in the data or to co-relate data carried thereby with the data carried by the; dis i P y -l S r the conveyance pi -full formation tothe observer. It-will also be appreciated. that byutilizing key slips With cha-ndise, the salesman is immediately given I wish to call particular attention to on display are fully protected against damagainst accidental displaceage and held It is of various other articles of merchandise, may be displayed upon the display cards and besides various types of advertising panels may be utilized in conjunction With the various cards for accomplishing other results, andJtherefore I do notdesire to be limited in protection in anymanner Whatsoever,-except as set forth il 12 6 following claims. I

the display cards one for eacharticle ofmer- Y P the i fact that the co-relation of thetitle cards and. display cards is such that the greetingcards' course to be understood that the structural details of the cabinet or-receptacle "may be changed in various Ways without department from the spirit of the invention and

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