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Publication numberUS1754054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1930
Filing dateJun 25, 1927
Priority dateJun 25, 1927
Publication numberUS 1754054 A, US 1754054A, US-A-1754054, US1754054 A, US1754054A
InventorsJames Selva
Original AssigneeJames Selva
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Toe-dancing shoe
US 1754054 A
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April 8, 1930. J. SELVA TOE DANCING- SHOE Filed June 25. 1927 R .m m mv elva ATTORNEY WITNESSES Patented Apr. 8, 1930 JAMES SELVA, F NEW YORK, N, Y.

TOE-DANCING SHOE Application filed June 25,

This invention relates to a shoe or ballet slipper, such as is worn by a toe dancer.

A shoe or slipper of the indicated charac ter hitherto produced includes a drawstring l; which extends through a tunnel formed on the top edge of the upper. ln time, the drawstring breaks and has to be replaced. Fur thermore, the draw-string is not alone adequate to retain the shoe or slipperon the to foot, but requires the use of ribbons which are secured to the upper, andare wrapped about the leg of the dancer. This procedure takes time, and the provision of the ribbons adds to the costs. This type of shoe or slipto per puckers at the sides, presenting an unshapely appearance, and a bad fit.

Some of the objects of the present invention are: to provide a shoe or slipper oi the indicated character with improved means which overcomes the above mentioned disadvantages; to provide an improved means for a slipper of the indicated character which effectively retains the slipper on the foot of the dancer while executing the dance steps;

to provide a slipper of the indicated character With a sandal type of upper so that the slipper will be comparatively light in weight, which will not pucker at each side, and which Will obviate the use oi ribbons; and to provide a toe dancing shoe or slipper with means embodied by the upper thereof so constructed and arranged as to yield to allow the foot to be inserted into the shoe or slipper, and having a normal tendency to draw the portions of the upper in hugging engagement with the foot, without necessitating any subsequent manipulations of the shoe or slipper.

The nature of the invention and its distinguishing features and advantages will appear when the following specification is read in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which Figure 1 is a view of a toe dancing shoe or slipper embodying the present invention r applied to a foot.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the shoe or slipper with portions broken away, and other portions being shown in section to more clearly illustrate certain features of the in ventioni Serial No. 201,379.

he shoe or slipper of the present invention, as stated, 1s one used by a toe dancer and will include a comparatively stiff arouately shaped outsole 10 and insole 11 laid upon the outsole 10. To these soles 10 and 11 are secured the sections of the upper, there being a toe section 12 and a heel section 13. The toe section 12 is adapted to support the foot for executing the dance steps when the shoe or slipper on the foot is in the toe position. The said toe section may be of any preferred construction. Unlike the common type of toe dancing shoe or slipper, the sections 12 and 13 which constitute the foot covering means are separate one from the other. The said sections 12 and 13 are attached to the soles 10 and 11. The sections 12 and 13 being separate from each other provide intervening spaces 14 respectively at opposite sides. The marginal edges of the unattached portions of the sections 12 and 13 have secured thereto a suitable binding material 15.

In order to set up a retaining action between the sections 12 and 13 so that they mutually combine toproduce a hugging effect of the portions constituting the said sections 12 and 13 on the foot, there is provided means presently to be described. A tongue or strap 16 is provided and has a loop 17 at one end. The other end of the tongue or strap 16 is widened to some extent and is attached to the vamp of the toe section 12 as at 18 by lines of stitching, and extends rearwardly so as to be disposed over the instep of the foot. A suitable conformable and elastic strap or band 19 is provided, and has the opposite ends thereof respectively attached as at 20 to side portions of the heel section 13, so as to be coincidental with V the top edge of the heel section 13. In the present instance the strap or bend 19 has secured thereto a ruffle 21 which gives the desired effect and adds to the artistic appear ance of the shoe or slipper. Both the rufile 5 21 and the strap or band 19 extends through the loop 1? on the tongue or strap 16.

From the foregoing, it will be obvious that the shoe or slipper described hereinabove has an, upper fashioned after the type of a'sandal; m9

that it is cut away at each side to readily v accommodate portions of the foot without any bulging portions at the sides respectively; that the tongue 16 and band 19 constitute a means which will yield readily to allow the foot to be inserted into the shoe or slipper, and which serves to set up a mutual coaction between the toe section 12 and the heel section 13 to cause these sections to properly hug the foot because one section will be drawn toward the other; that the pulling force exerted will be applied to the vamp of the toe section at the top, while a pulling force will be exerted along the upper edge of the heel section to hold the toe section 12 on the toes, and the heel section 13 on the heel of the foot; and that by attaching one end of the tongue or strap 16 to the vamp, that the vamp will be reinforced against bursting.

I claim:

A toe dancing shoe having a relatively stiff sole structure, a relatively stifi toe section on the sole structure and projecting beyond the same which serves to support the dancers foot, a heel section on the sole structure separate from the toe section, a tongue extending rearwardly from the vamp of the toe section, and an elastic strap whose opposite ends are connected respectively with the opposite side portions of the heel section, said tongue being connected with said elastic strap.


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