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Publication numberUS1755161 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1930
Filing dateJan 27, 1928
Priority dateJan 27, 1928
Publication numberUS 1755161 A, US 1755161A, US-A-1755161, US1755161 A, US1755161A
InventorsWeimer Roy B
Original AssigneeMiller Rubber Co
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US 1755161 A
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April 15, 1930. R. B. WEIMER 1,755,161


Filed Jan! 27, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Inaeniar:

Rqy B. Mina/er,- f WWW w I fl April .15, 1930. R. B. WEIMER Q 1,755,161

Filed Jan. 27, 1928 I 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 In uenl'ar:

Roy B. T Vimer,

/%m WWW Ai'gys.

Patented Ap ROY IB. .wEIivrnIa-or AKRON,


Application filed January 27, 1928. fSeria1 No. 249,890. i I i This invention .relatesto improvements in childrens toys of the type body of inflatable elastic material such as rubber capable of inflation, and aims to provide a simple and inexpensive article where- 'in such inflatable body is combined with a rigid structure of sheet/"material Capable of forming, with the inflatable article, a novel and amusing formof toy: which maybe em-- bodied in various interestingforms.

Theinventionincludes the novel construe-- ti-on hereinafter described and defined. by the appended claims.

In the accompanyin drawings two embodiments of the inventlon are shown byway of example but itwill be readily appreciated that both the enclosing orframe structure and the inflatable body could be modified in many ways according to the type of toy desired. I On these drawlngsz' Fig. 1, 1s a slde view Fig.2, is a vertical section. I

Fig. 3, is a plan view of the blank from which the cardboard structure is made.

Fig. 4 is a plan of the rubberanimal before doubling over.

ture'of relatively rigid material such as cardboard of substantially'boX-like form, capable of being made from a single blank such as shown in Figure 3 ,cut to the proper-"shape and scored, to permit folding into box-like form. 2, designates a body of inflatable material suchas elastic sheet rubber commonly I used for making inflatable toys, which in this instance is shown in the form of a toy animal having the appearanceof a dog (though of course it could be made to simulate any other animal) being provided with customary *means for inflation at onepoint as for exembodying a 7 drawing showing the inventlon embodled 1n a toyanimal. 1

tively thin walls ampl'e at the 'e xtremity of oneofthe legs as indicated atlQP. l i

onr nssrenon or ONE-HALF Tor-HE MILLER RUBBER COMPANY, or AKRON, 01110 p r The cardboard structure isprovided 'with v openings through which the head, tail'and legs project, the said parts being readily in se'rt-ible through these openings before the body is inflated." When soinserted and with the parts of the structure folded tolp'roper position-and secured, as by pas'tingtogether I the marginal edges 2* and 2 andinterlocking the parts 2 and 2? by the tongue and slotrconneotions Z ande inflation of the/body 1 will cause expansion thereof, onvboth sides of the respective openings, producing an inter-lock- 7 ing connection between the body and cardboard-structure. I I

In the form shown in Figs. 5 to 9 inclusive,

the toy takes the form of an airship provided with a cardboard structure 3, whi ch forms the main body thereof, '(wings, etc.) and 4: the inflatable body which projects at front and rear thereof, through openings 3 and 3*,

andis preferably of sust'antially cigar shape.

At one end is located a cardboard piece out to simulate a propeller as indicated at 5 and having anopening through'which the come sponding contracted end of the body is inserted and with which is it interlockedby expansion. V V p a At the other end is provided a-cardboard article 6, to simulate a'rudder member or analogousdevice, which comprisesa single sheet having parts bent at an angle to each other, and each provided with openings through which said opposite endof the body projects.

A toy as above describedpresents. a very amusing appearance, is capable of being very economically manufactured, and can be packed flat for shipment. The several parts can be readily printed or colored to give any desired effects. v

Having thus described of thin stiff cardboard or the like relatively stiff, nonyielding materialv folded to forma box-like structure providing an enclosed space, saidb'oX-like structurehaving rela-, disposed in different planes the invention, what is clalmed as new 1s:

1. A childs toy comprising a single sheet o v V and provided with openings punched through the Walls, and a body of inflatable expansible material disposed within the enclosed space and having parts projecting. through said 5 openings substantially perpendicularly with respect to said walls and interlocked therewith, by the expansion of said body on either side of the relatively sharp edges presented by the walls at said openings to a diameter or width exceeding the diameter or width of said openings.

2. A childs toy comprising a box-like structure of relatively thin stiff inextensible sheet material having openings punched through its bottom and through its two end walls, and an expansible qua'druped figure oi expansible material having a :body portion within said structure, and head, leg, and tail forming portions extending through said openings and expanded on either side of the relatively sharp edges presented by the walls. at said openings to a diameter or width exceeding the diameter or width of the openings to provide an interlocking connection therewith. '1 r In testimony whereof I afiix my signature. ROY B. WEIMER.

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U.S. Classification446/223, 446/225
International ClassificationA63H27/10, A63H27/00
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