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Publication numberUS1755209 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1930
Filing dateJan 2, 1929
Priority dateJan 2, 1929
Publication numberUS 1755209 A, US 1755209A, US-A-1755209, US1755209 A, US1755209A
InventorsDanner Joseph R
Original AssigneeDanner Joseph R
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Umbrella-fastening means for bags
US 1755209 A
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A ril 22, 1930. J, Rj BANNE 1,755,209

UMBRELLA FASTENING MEANS FOR BAGS Filed Jan. 2, 1929 Patented Apr. 22,1930 1 a.; 1 3 in."nnnnnn-,,onwrnmnn, CALIFORNIA:

niuimELiA-rEAstrEiimG EANS 1 6R nAes t This invention'relatesto improvements in gWith the above andother objects'inview' I "as brackets and more particularly to means for Securing umbrellas orparasols upon the-bags of letter carriersor postmen. One of the objects of my. invention'is to provide simple, eflicient and inexpensive means designed for the purpose of attaching" in convenientma'nner an'umbrellato the lettercarriers letter bag so that-the hands of the postman may be free to distribute'and'to examine mail. q r

streets subjecting'himself and thebag to the actionof the elements; Besides-causing an- .znoyance'and damage" to the contents of the V mail bag this tends to destroy theelficien'cy of theletter carrier as he makes his rounds. My lnventlon 2x11119110 secure" an'umbrella 1n po-' sition'upon the mail bag so the covering of the umbrella will extend over the head and shoulders of the postman, sheltering him against the wind, rain, and storm, 1 and :protecting the contents of the mail bag from water. Today many postmen carry an urn brella about withthem in making calls, thus necessitating. carrying the umbrella in one "hand, leaving the other handaljone freeffjor work. r

leaving the postmans arm'free and outside of'the-ufnbrellahandle;

g Aistill further'objectpfmy invention is to 49 provide adevicewith a clamping memberfor straddling-'abag 'side'withset screws for securin'g thedevice uponthe 'bag,. andjwith a postto which the umbrella handle fits in tele T r eop ingrelation and by. whichlit islatohed. 1 4jinpositionagainst-'displacementi Itis welltknown that in'inclementfweather I as when it rains, snows or hails the letter car-- rrier'goes abouthis daily task out'in'the open latching post,

' Another object of'mv invention is to provide improved means forinstantly securing v an. umbrella. zhandle infrigid erect position: upon a mailbag, as the b'ag'is held suspended upon the shoulder ofthe postman, the urnbrella handle projecting upwardly of the bag 7 r V r V and rigidly toone side of aleather'or cam J vas bag, suchasis in ,use'by'letter carriers, 7 setfscr'ews or. like members 24::a're ta ppe d lthrea'dedlyat right angles into one a'rinf'l'l of the clamping member so thatby turning their handles or heads :25 these-screw shanks 24can 1 my invention consists in the combination, ar;

closed inthe drawings and specifications, and,

thenmore particularly pointed out inthe" apf pended claims; 1 i

Inthe drawings, wherein similar reference I "invention showing the front edge of the Figure 6 is a top plan View of my invention,

Figure 7 is a bottom plan view of my inven tion, and Figure 8 shows the device attached to the mail carriers bag. Referring to the T "rangement and detailsof'constructionidis' Figure 2-is a side elevation of Iny-invenis a verticalelevation ofmy ini drawings, which are merely illustrative of my "invention the parts of my invention are disclosed. It will beclearly seen thatthe dev vice consists of a clamping member horse--' shoe, shaped" in contour having the, parallel arms or stems 10 and '11- connected together by thebight- 12 to which is soldered as at 13 s an upwardly extending orrising' stick or post have the internal bore 21. Asa means of locking "the: clamping member frictionally be, adjustably moved in therlsp ace between arms 10 and 11 to engage the bagsideA,while I arm lOiengages the'other face of this same'bag 1 e 5.13 which is formed tubular-inside so as'to f side. Any other clamping means may be employed which can form an under support for the umbrella latching stick or post 13.

It will be understod that the umbrella or parasol to be used in conjunction with the post 13 will be of such a form that the lower terminal of its handle will be tubular as at 16 so that thistubular handle may be fitted in telescopic fashion and relation upon the stick or post 13 and pushed down as far as it will go. At the lower end'of this tubular handle16 is formed a slit or slot 17, and at its upper end there is snugly titted the rod 15 leading to the umbrella frame is well inner surface of post 13 as at 22, it is to be noted that the spring arm will have its inner- 1 most 611d rigidly securedin the slit formed umbrella handle terminal 16.

in the handle post so that it maybe tree to be flexed and offset so as to overlie the .d1a= metr cally oppos te surface of the post '18 internally thereof in a straight line, the

lowermost end of this sear spring arm carrying the usual latching finger piece 19 which normally, as shown in Figure '3, projects thrn slot 118 of post 13,, into slot 1'? of Hence the act of lowering the sleeve or handleterminal 16 in telescopic relation upon the post 13, at the proper pointthe latching linger piece 19 will be pressed in or retracted into concealed relation in post 1'3as 'it-is obvious that the lower edgeof terminal :16 riding upon thebeveled edge of piece, 19 will force 1t inwardly ofslot l8 as soon as theslot '17 is reached, the finger piece will snap ante;

matically outwardly again thus the terminal 16 i movabl po tion u on hi post 13, By pressing baa; this linger piece until it again lies concealed in. post 13 as shown in Figure 1, the umbrella handle can be removed from the post- 13.

In practice, after the postman shall have strapped the in proper position upon his body, the clamping device can be secured to the side A of bag B until it-hangs erect with postlffi pointing upwar y. Then the umbrella is taken and its tubular handle lavished upon post 13in themanncr described,

, rain nuisance. I cover all changes ing C over the head of the postman protecting him and the contents of his mail bag from falling within the purview of the app ded claims;

llV hat I desire to protect 1 tion .on is 1. A ybag attachment for a 'parasol handle cons stingof a bifurcated clanipz-idapted to straddles side of the means en said clamp for l olding'said clamp against displacementirom the and meansccarried seek protecby the upper end of said clamp for releasably locking a-parasol'handle upon said clamp.

2. A device as described consisting of a between itself; and the other arm of the clamping member, a post rising from thetop of this clam ing member, and a resilient dis-' placeablela ch "carried in the post whereby to secure; e vablenosit thereupon a P asol handle. 7 p v y 4. A device as described consisting of a bi; furcated"clamping-member, a post extending fromthe upper end thereof, set screws tapped into one arm ofthe clamping =menrbenand movable inathedirection ofthe other arm,and umbrella supporting means carried lay-said clamping member. V a 1 5. A" device as described consisting of a clamping member formed with parallel arms, set screws tapped into one arm -'thereof at right angles to the latter, a post rising fnom" the clamping member," an umbrella latch mounted yield-ably said post whereby to Secure relation-ably upon the post an umbrella handle, 7

6. A' device as Idescri bedconsisting of a post,- an'umbrella handle securing means on said p.ost, -ann nder support forsaid post having downwardly aextendingvparallel, arms, and means ic'arried by one armifor clamping the other arm. upon-the side'of a ilexible bag;

' 7. In ,Icombination a clamping member having frictional adjnsting'means forlattaehing said member upon a bag, a post on said clamping member; having a slot a spring arm in said slot of the post carrying'a latch? 7 ing part normally held, under theresiliency of the arm externally of 'sai'dfslot -and means holding said spring arm'in'secured' position inthepost. V V 8. A device asdescribedconsistingofrneans adapted tojclampopposing sidesof one face V of a bagja post extend-ingnpward'ly from wh ch properly supportsthe-mnbrella cover:

retracted'into-the post. 1

9. A device as descri'bed consistiin gof a post having means adapted to clamp removably upon one side of a bag, a handle fprmed with a tubular terminal telescoped upon said post, and formed with a-.-slot," aI- d ia' retra'etable resilient latch extendingthru thefside ofthe postand snappingautomatically into the slot of thejnmbnellahandle terminal to secure the handle upon the pot r'em otably. I

10. A device as described consisting of a his hand this f ourth dayof December, 1928. I


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