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Publication numberUS1755746 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1930
Filing dateJan 13, 1927
Priority dateDec 2, 1926
Publication numberUS 1755746 A, US 1755746A, US-A-1755746, US1755746 A, US1755746A
InventorsAltitolo Perrera
Original AssigneeAltitolo Perrera
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Pocket lighter
US 1755746 A
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A ril 22, 1930. A. PERRERA 1,755,746

POCKET LIGHTER Filed Jan 15, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet l A PERRERA POCKET LIGHTER A April 22, I930.

2 Sheets sheet 2 Filed Jan 13, 192'? f UUUUUDUU:

i 71mg. 10.

i Patented Apr. 22, 1930 UNITED STATES n'rrrono rnannnn. on 2431s,. unencu- Application filed January 13, 1927, Serial m). '180,'Q 07 andin France December 2, 1926.

This invention relates to a pocket or pyrophoric lighter designed to light a wick, that is adapted to be used as desired. either inside a building or outside, in other words under cover or in the open air.

With this object in View, the lighter comprises essentially a perforated sheath for protecting the flame which is adapted to bemoved vertically and may be lowered when; the instrument is to be lighted in a sheltered place or raised around the flame to protect it when the lighting is eflectedin theopen air.

In order that the invention maybe clearly '15 understood. it will now be described with reference to the accompanying drawing which shows several constructional embodi-' -mentsthereof and in which Fig; 1 .is -an"'elevation of the lighter, closed.

Fig. 2 shows the lighter in elevation for use when sheltered.

Fig. :3 showsthe lighter in elevation the flame protecting device being raised as used when exposed'tothe wind. f-Fig.4 is]a".verticalsection on line CC, i 6, :l Fig. "5 shows the lighter closed in plan. Fig. ;6-is aplan of the lighter open.

- Fig. 7 is'a horizontal sectlon on line A--A,

7 Figs. 9,10 and llare detail views showing Figs.

2,13 and'fia show structure of the axisof thestriker; 14 isfa section on the body a is provided with a hinged cover 6 Fig. 11 is a sectional View on line D-D,

3 ,-1Th-topportion of the container a is providdlwith the usual holder m from which protrudes the wick, this being in contact with the" spongy matter retained as usual in the .contai-ner;,'thejbottom portion of the containerfa-isclosed by a plug d adapted to be .jscrewedflon and off and serves for the in- 7 so u i 3 The body portion a is provided with a susjple'mentary casing. a on theinterior exten ing from its top portion to the point e, leavtrodiiction'of the fuel into the lighter.

ing between it and the walla a space in which may belodg'ed a flame protecting sheath f fmovable vertically which may be caused to protrude outside for lighting when exposed to the wind, or-v drawn inside for use when sheltered, by means of a button 9 adapted to slide in a slot h.- V The flame protecting sheath 7 is perforated with small holes 2' enabling a suitable su ply of fresh air for feeding the flame to ave access to it without any risk of extinguishing same; the sheath is also provided with 75 an opening or window 7' which allows a spark produced by the friction of the striker upon a pyrophoricj stone'l' toignite the wick protruding from the holder m.

At the side of the body of the lighter is fixed by anyjsuitable means a small tube a, provided at its lower end with afeed screw 0 which, pushesupwards against a spring 7) which in its turn presses against the pyrophoric stone Z so that it is kept constantly in contact with thestriker is rotatable upon a spindle'g; a spare .pyro horic stone may be contained at 3 (Fig. 4) etwee'n the screw 0 and the springp.

The head of the screw 0 may be hollow as shown in Figs. 9, l0 and 11 and be formed in two parts 0 ,0 the onescrewing on to the other, this allowing of inserting a spare stone in the space 0 thus formed.

In order to facilitate, replacement of the striker in when worn the spindle may be made as shown in Figs. 12 to 14 by tting the screws 9 one in the other.

In the modification shown in Figs. 15, 16v

and 17, the body a is made integral with the W3 tube at containing the stone and on the other part with a symmetrical portion a provided with 'a. recess n to contain a provision of .order to cover over both the Wick and the striker or the wick only, and lastly that the flame protecting tube may be indifierently laced inside or outside the body of the ighter;

Although for the purpose of more fully disclosing my invention I have illustrated in the drawing accompanying and forming a part of this specification several specific embodiments'of m said invention, it will be understood that do not limit myself to the particular constructions herein disclosed inasmuch as many modifications may be made therein without departing from the principle of my invention.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is 1. A pocket lighter, comprising a body, a supplementary casing therein connected at its lower end to the inner body wall and s aced therefrom and connected to the inner wall sheath at will.

from the body, a flame protecting s eath slidable in the space between the body and supplementary casing, a wick holder in the top of the casing, and means to operate the 2. A pocket lighter comprisin a body, a

supplementary casing secured in the body and spaced therefrom, a flame protecting sheath slidable between the casing and body, a wick support in the top of said casing, said body having a slot therein and a button sliding in the slotand connected to the sheath, whereby said sheath is operable at the will of the user.

3. A pocket lighter, comprising a body, a supplementary casing in the body, spaced of the body between the ends of the latter, said body having a slot longitudinal thereof above the point of connection between the body and casing, a wick support in the top of the casing, a pyrophoric device in i iting position to the wick holder, a per orated 5. A pocket lighter comprising a body, a wick support on top of the body and a cover for the wick, articulated to the body, in combination with a pair of spaced walls in the body and a perforated flame protector slidable between the walls to surround the wick support, said support independent of any movements of the cover and slidable at will to variable heights around the support.

6. A pocket lighter comprising a body, a wick support on the body and a cover for the wick articulated to the body; in combination with a flame protector independent of the cover and mounted in the body, a slot in said body and a button connected to the protector through the slot, said protector movable at will to a variable extent by the button when the cover is raised.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name.


shield in the space between the body and casing, and a button passing through the slot and connected to the sheath, said sheath havin a window positionable between the wick ho der and ignition device.

4. A pocket lighter comprising a body, a

. wick support therefor and a cover articulated to the body, in combination with a perforated fla'me protecting sheath independent of the movement of the cover and slidable at will variable extent.

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U.S. Classification431/151, 431/277
International ClassificationF23Q2/06, F23Q2/00
Cooperative ClassificationF23Q2/06
European ClassificationF23Q2/06