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Publication numberUS1755764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1930
Filing dateNov 2, 1927
Priority dateNov 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1755764 A, US 1755764A, US-A-1755764, US1755764 A, US1755764A
InventorsBenedict Curtis C, Tullis Harley A
Original AssigneeFlach And Benedict Inc
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Posting tray
US 1755764 A
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April 22, 1930. c, c, BENEDICT ET AL 1,755,764

POSTING TRAY Filed Nov. 2; 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 April 22, 1930. Q Q BENEDICT ET AL POSTING TRAY Filed Nov. 2, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 E L I um, W7

"rt en. ons- C T mw Patented Apr. 22, 1930 v UNITEDSTATE s1 SIGNORS TO FL'ACH AND BENEDICT, INC.


,' or Los Ane'ELEs-j cArrroimiiiQ Aicoie ros'riive TRAY Application filed Noveiiiber 2, 1927. Serial no. 230,547.

This invention relates to 'ofiice furniture, and more especially to a trayffor holding sheets having' datathereon, to which access.- is frequently necessary. V Inmany'ofiices, and particularly in those, in which machine posting is done, the ac-l counting is carried out by means v of a large. number of similar sheets, "each being allotted Y to a customer or client,- and having posted v 10 thereon in columnar "form lis t s of all the debits and credits entered against each client. As an exampleof this procedure, consider; the method of handling ,ba'nk vstatements. Such statements aregenerally filed'gonedge .15 in drawers or trays,; and whenit'is" desired to make u'p'areport of the conditionoflanyi account, or to have access 'tothe data entered u'pon 'the various sheets, the operator places the selected tray near the adding-machine or 2 other machine to which he intends applying the" information gained when the desired sheet is located. Usually, the credit column; and the debit column are both positioned closely adjacent onesideof the sheet, usually the right; and it a purpose of our inven-. tion to provide altray. for such sheets having one side adapted to be opened .to permit a selected sheet tobedisplaced toone s ide of" thepthers contained in the tray, a suflicient distance to enable the operator to. observe the desired column or columns of data without I interference 1 t v Another object of, our inventlonis the pro vision of aposting tray of the above described nature,,pr-ovided witha'guideto li nlt the displacement of the sheets so as to obviate the liability offthe sheet being. inadvertently withdrawn from its proper position infrer. V spect'tothe other sheets within'thetray', the said stop'beingp ivotally mounted on the tray and operatively connected .to the movable side sojasto 'be automatically returned to its retracted positionthereby, when the side is 7 closed, with the result that the. tray may. be stored'in a space substantiallythe same as that required sign. 7 v 1 I Another -object is the provision-of a tray. provided with'a pairof sheet-retaining car-l riages one or both *ofwhichr'are movable to 3-"f3 'ofjFigure 4i Parts a u e t e ze fisu e, Fig. tie a longitudinal verticalse view of the tray and cover of Figure 3,jthe

'plane'of section beingindioated by the line i vl-.of Figure 3. I 1 95 for trays of the customary, dewherein similar reference cl-iaracters .dQSig-iir nate similar' parts throughout, theposting h 1 1 "tray of our invention comprises a casinghav ing a bo m 1,1'fr i1t 2,,hack gand sides. 4:."

securely the sheets therebet wee 1r Q the pposin a s? at Wh 1rm y-b r tioned optionally parallel toeach other so as: to clamp the sheets together throughout their entire surface or, with their upper edges further apart thanvtheir -lower edges, so that access may be had ,tjojthe data'on any sheet. while still clamped tightly in place at, its bottomedge; i r

A further object isthe' provision-of means for readilygseparating the carriages to releasejth'e' sheets so as to permit any of them to be, displaced to one side of -the, others becompletely removed therefrom,

lAnother object'i the provision of means. for retaining certain o f'the sheets, e. g.;, sheets liaving' inde-x tabs thereon, after the remainder of the sheetshave been releasd. With theforegoing and other objects in, view whichwill be made manifest in the Ifollowing detailed descriptionand specifically; pointed out in the appended claims, reference is had to the accompanying'drawings for:

" an; illustrative embodiment of the invention,'

wherein: y l v i Figure 1 is a perspectivevi'ew of the postingtray of our invention, after the cover has been removed," thelpiv'oted side and; guide rail extended,' 'andwithaset of Idata-Qsheets clamped between thefcarriages-fl v Fig. 2"is a perspective view of Figure 1, showing the carriages in position, tolpermit access fro-the data sheets, one of observe whatever columns of data' inight be" upon its right-hand side; 1 a w a Fig. 1s a transverse verticaljsjectional'view Referring to the -which is displaced "so that the operator can and 6,.the latter of which is pivotally mount- 1 ed upon the casing as indicated at 7. A

false bottom 8 spaced from the bottom 1 is also provided in the same plane as the hinge joint 7 so that when the side 6 is turned to a horizontal position, the side 6 and the if false bottom 8" will; present a substantially unbroken'surface. Rigid with the inner face of the side 6 and adjacent each of its ends, is a bracket ,9 having anarcuate edge'll extending 'inwards and downwards from the side 6. A folding guide'rail 12 is pivotally mounted on the front 2 and back 3 of the easing, and this rail 12 is received within an arcuate slot 13 adjacent'the edge '11 ofkthe bracketsii). The proportionate arrangement (if the-parts is such that as the side 6 is ex-' tendedfihegui'cle rail 12 is-also extended by the'brackets 9, and sliding longitudinally of thes-lo'ts '13, assumes a position substantiallytiiety by the reference numeral 16, andcom} prising a rigid back plate-17, at eache'nd of which is 'a projecting flange 18 at sub stantiaIIy'QO" therewith. Pivotedto the forward lower corners of the flanges 18 is a clamp-j ing plate, 19' also provided at each end with anex'te'nding flange 21, the lower edges 22 of whichfare relieved top ermit' the clamping plate 19fto1be inclinedbackwardslag'ainst the to of the back plate 17. Meansfo'roptionally.inoving" the ,claiiiping'plate to either of its-extreme positions, are provided, and Colnprises a locking plate 23 hingedpreferably throughout its entirelength to theupper edge a s: ac t e T17 a stably ease with theback of the 'clampil'ig plate 19 by means of a rod 24 ri idly Secured to the upper edgeof the locking plate 23, but having' its ends extending therefrom to beengagejd ina pairofyertical cliann'els 26 secur d to {ch-aback 'o'f theplampingeplate 19,

get-hold for lifting the locking plate 23. f From the above, it is' understood'thatwhen theiockirigplate 2l3 is pressed downwards,-

theelaifipifig plite 19 3 ll be forced to a position substantially vertical as best shown in Figure" 1'; and when the; locki g plate 23 is lifted, the up erjedgeof the clamping plate lg wil'lj be pu l ed b ckwardsa best shown in Figures; slecond-carriage28 similar. to the carriage 16; is also" positioned within the tray. carriage 2 8 comprises a back plate plate 311p ivote'd, thereto, and s2 hinged to the back please m" s1 ingi engageias witt die bark "efth stamp ng-platter The" two carriage 28, is threadedly engaged upon the feedscrew 34 so that whenthe screw 34 is'1'o-' tated by means. of the operating handle 38, the carriage 28 ,may be slid baclm'ards or forwards, depending upon the direction of rotation of the feed screw 34..

-It-is thus seen that a plurality of data 7 sheets 41 may be placed between the carriages 16 and; 2s; and then, rotating the feed screw 34 in theproper direction, the carriage 28 advanced to securely clamp the'data sheets 41 in position. Now, if it 'be' desiredto have access to any ofthe data sheets 41, the operator has but to lift the locking plates and 32, swinging the clamping plates 19 and 31 respectively, backwards upon their pivotal mounting, permitting access to the data sheets 41 but stillretfaining' them in position because of their being securely clamped at the bottom. 'If'it be desired to have access to columns of data uponlthe side of any of the sheets 41 adjacent the folding side 6, the operator has but to extend the side 6 as previously described, pulling the guide rail 12 into operating position. Now, by turning the feed screw 34 a small amount, the carriage 28 can be receded, releasing the data sheets 41 and permitting any of them to be displaced from the rest, either bysliding until stopped by the guide rail 12, or by complete removal from the posting tray. V

'Frequently, it is desirable to have interspersed-among the data sheets 41, a set of sheets provided with al'phabetizedorother index tabs 42. Of course, the occasion for removing these sheetsfrom the tray will not arise as frequently as in the case of the other sheets 41. Forthis reason, the index sheets having the tabs 42, are also provided with a retaining tab 43 indicated in dotted lines in Figure 3. Each of these tabs 43 is provided with an aperture 44 to receive a locking rod 46 threaded to the front 2 of the casing and extending parallel to, and adjacent the feedingscrew' 34. When the occasion does arise for the removal of the index sheets, the locking rod 46 may be withdrawn, releasing-all of theindex sheets.

When the postingv tray is not desired for use, the clamping'plates 19 and'31 should be locked vertically, and the data sheets 41 securely clamped; then,with the side 6 folded back out of: the way, the top 47 placed in position over the tray and its contents; The top 47 ispreferably provided at its opposite sides with a, shoulder 48 to seat upon the top or the depend flan e 49 extending'dowm wards therefrom to provide adust-proof seal between the tray andits tops/7.

'It \v'ill be understoodthatvarious changes in the details of construction may be made without departing from-thespirit or scope of the invention as, defined the appended claims. i 7 W 6 w; a I a 1. In a posting tray, a cas ng comprlsing a bottom, a. talse bottom and sides, one of said sides beingpiv oted in theplane of the false bottom, a pair of brackets on -said pivoted side, affolding guide rail pivotally mounted on said casing. and engaged by sa-idi brao'kets,

said guide railbeing'adapted to retain the folding side wheneiitendedin the same plane as the false bottom, .a pair ofopposed car riageswithin the tray, each ca-rriageicomprismg a back, a sheet-retammg ,plate pivotally connected at its lower edge tosald back,.and

locking plate pivotedto the and in; slid ng engagement wlthsaid sheet-retainmg i plate, Wherebythe sheet-retaining plate may optionally: be locked in vertical position or permitted to slant from the other carriage, one Of said cariaagesbemg fixedin the frontof the tray, and the other oii said carriages' being mounted for novement'longig tudinallyot' the tray, a feed screwmounted for-rotation between said bottom and false bottom, a. nut carried by said movable'ear-T ij'iage within a slot inf-thetalse bottom and.

threadedlylen'gaged with said feed screw,

side, a i'folding guide rail pivotally mounted on said lcasingand engaged bysaid brackets,

said guide] rail being adapted to retain'the folding'side when extended in these-me plane as the false bottom, a pair of opposed car riages W thin the tray, each carriage comprising a back, a sheet-retaining plate pivotallyv ,connectedpat itslower edge-to said back, and a locking plate pivoted to-the back and in sliding engagement vvith said sheet-retaining plate, whereby the sheet-retaining plate may optionally.beflocked in vertical position or permitted to'slant away from'the other carv riage, one "of said carriagesbeing fixed in the I front of-rthe tray, and the other of said carriages being mounted for move'inent longi tudinally of thetray, a feed screw mountedtor 'rota'tion between said bottom and talse bottom, a nut carried by said movable riage Within aslot in'the false bottom and thisadsaiy" engaged 'v vith said feta) screw,

means for rotatingsaid screma tab-engaging "rod removably secured to said tray adjacent said feedscrew, and a cover for said tray.

-: 3, In a posting tray, a casing comprisinga bottom,'-a false bottom and sides, oneof said sides being pivoted in the, plane ofthe Ffals'e bottom, a pairofbracketson said pivoted Side, a folding guide rail. pivo-tallyimounted on said casing andengagedby said brackets,

said vguide rail being adapted to retain the folding side \vhe11 eXtended in thefsameplane as the false bottom, apair of opposed-carriages within the tray,each-carriage coms prising aback, a'sheet-retaining plate pivotally, connectedat lts'lower edgeto said back 1 anda lockingplate pivoted; to theback and in sliding engagement with said sheet-retaining plate, whereby the sheet-retainingplateoptionally be locked in vertical position 7 orpermitted to slant "away from the other carriage, one. of said c arriages being. fixed in the front of the tray, and the. {other ,of said carriages beingmounted for movement longitudinally. of the-,tray, a feedserewmounted for rotation bet-Ween said bottom andfalse bottom, alnut carried by said movable carl iage; ithin. a slot in 1 the false bot-tom :and-

threadedly engaged with said {ieed screw,- means forhrotatingisaid screw, and atab-engaging vrod removably secured ,to said tray H .I'; 14. .In ta posting. tray, a casing-comprising bottom, a false bottom and ;s 1des,i one of SZUCl SlClQS being plvotedinthe planeof the adjacent said-teed screw.

ta-lse bottom, apair ofbrackets'onisaid pivs oted side, a folding guide; rail pivotally .mountedon said casing and enga'ge'dby said:

bracketspsaid guide rail being adapted-to re tainthe folding side when extended in "the! ame. p a e asthe se, b t o a M ro- P-fii posed carriages Within .thefltray eacheare:,

riage comprising a rback ya;sheet-retaining plate nvotally connected at sits lower edge to said back,anda'lmking plate pivoted to the hack and in sliding engagement with said sheet-retaining plate, whereby {the ,sheet- 'e-fl taining' plate mayoptionally belooked in, vertical position or permitted to slant away item the other carriage, one of said ca 'riag es being fixed in thejfrontvof thetray,and'the other. of said .carriagesbeing mounted for.' movement longitudinally of the tray, a feed screw mounted tor rotationbetween said bot; ton and false botto m mt carried bysaid; movablecarriagewithin a slot inthe false botto n and threadedly engaged with said teed screw, screw.

, 5. In a posting tray, casingicomprising a bottom, a talsebottonnand sides, oiiefof, said sidesbeing pivoted-in the plane of the false bottom, a pair of brackets on saiclfpiv oted' 'side, ja folding guide-iiail pivotally mounted on said casing and engagedby sajid and means for ,i otating said brackets, said gidde 'ailbeingjadaptedi re;

n the fe t n de. Wheel; sense th same plane as the false bottom, a-pair of op posed carriageswithin the tray, each carr ages compris ng a back, a sheet-retaining plate'pivotallyconnected at its lower edgeto s'aid baelg and a locking plate pivoted to the backiand n sliding engagement with said sheetretaining plate, whereby the sheet-retaining plate 'inay optionally be locked in vei tic'alposition or permitted to slant away from the other carriage, one of said carriages I beingfixed in the front of the tray,and the retain thefoldin'g side when extended in the talsel' ottom, apair of brackets on saidpivoted side. afolding guide rail pivotally mounted on said casing and engaged bysaid brackets, said guide rail beingadapted to same plane as the false bottom,a pair of opposedcai'riages within the' tray, each cari'iageconip'rising a back, a sheet-retaining platepivotallyconnected at its lower edge to said back, and a locking plate 'pivotedto the back andin sliding engagement with said sheet-retaining'plate, whereby the sheetsretaining plate may-optionally be locked in vertieal position or permitted to slant away from the othercarriageyone of said carriages being fixed in the front of the tray, the other of said carriages being mounted for novement longitudinally of the tray, and means for rn o ving said last-mentioned carriage.

7511i a posting trayg a casingcomprising a bottom and sides, one of, said sides being pivoteditlieiieto adjacentthe bot-torn, a pair offhraekets on-Isaid pivoted side, 'a i'olding gu'iderail pivotallyf monntod on said casing engaged by said brackets, said guide frail beingfadapted to'retain' the, folding side whcmentended inithe same planeas the beta of ppoeea carriages Within the each carriage comprising aback, asheet- Ypivotally connected at its die to said'baek, and a; locking plate i pivoted to the hack 'an'din'sliding engageaid laees ase and thread d,

- d'fee scremn eans'forrotat iilli an" heeeem a -i e- W -byzthesheetrretaining plate may optionally e leak d s ti a Positi n-e pe i to slant away-from the other carriage, one

.lages d forlmoveinent longitudinally of the I 7 a eed;screw niounted for rotat en ad h o nofi the tray, a nut carried B111 v si s' fise inihe fr ntef the: tray, the other of sa d carriages being" ing said feed screw to effect movement of said last-mentioned carriage, and a tab-engaging rod removably secured to said tray adjacent said'feed screw. i

8. In a posting tray, a casing comprising a bottom and sidesfone of said sides being pivoted thereto adjacent the bottom, a pair of brackets on, said pivoted side, a folding guide rail pivotally mounted on saidcasing and engaged by said "brackets, said guide rail being adapted to retain the folding side when extended i'nrthe same plane as: the false bottom, a pair of opposed carriages within the tray, each carriage comprising aback,. a sheet-retainingplate pivotally connected at its lower edge to'said'back, and allocking plate pivoted to theba'ck and. in sliding eni gagement' with said sheeti etaining plate, whereby the sheet retai'ning plate may optionally'be locked invertic'al position or permitted to slant away from theother carriage, one of saidca'rriages being fixed in the ,front the tray, the other of said carriages being mounted for movement longitudinally of the tray i mentioned carriage, V

9. In a posting tray, a casing, a pair of carriages therein, each comprising a back plate having ofiset portions, a sheet-retaining plate pivoted adjacent its lower edge to said offset portions, and a locking plate rpivoted to one ofsaid plates and insliding engagement with the othe'rof said plates, saidr'locking' plates being adapted to optionally look their associated sheet-retaining plates in parallelism with each other, or to release the sheet-re taining plates for movement away from each other about their respective pivotal mountings, one of said carriages being fixed within .the-casing'and the other of said vcarriages being' mounted for movement longitudinally of the casing, a feed screw mounted for rotafltionwithin the casing, a nut on said movable carriage threade'dly engaged with said feed screw, and means for rotating said screw to effectinoveinent of said last-mentioned carriage;

10. In a posting tray, a pair of carriages,

each comprising a back plate havingoli'set portions, sheet-retainingplate pivoted ad-' ja-cent its'lower-e-dge to saidofiset portions, and a locking plate pivoted 'to one of said plates and in sliding engagement with the other of said plates, said locking plates being adapted toopti-onally lock saidlsheet-yretaining plates inparallelrelationship to each other or, to" r lease the hee -retaining pla es. r m e e t f om ea h othe bout their respective pivotal mountings.

l- Ina P s ey a as ng a-z a ri e 1nonnt ed forlongitudmal movement within said cas ng and comprising a back plate having ofis'et portionsja sheet-retaining plate pibted adjacentitsloweredgefto said Qfiset portions lacking platefpivoted' to one and'means vfor Inpving said lastriage.

of said plates andin sliding enga gement with the other of said plates, said locking plate being adapted to optionallylock said sheetretaining plate in perpendicularity with the bottom of said casing 01' to release it to allow it to be moved to a position in oblique re1ationship thereto, a nut carried by said 'carriage, a feed screw in threaded engagement with said nut and mounted for rotation Within said casing, and means for-rotating said feed screw to effect movement of said car-' In testnn-ony whereof We have signed our 7 \names to this speclficatlon.



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