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Publication numberUS1756033 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1930
Filing dateSep 29, 1928
Priority dateSep 29, 1928
Publication numberUS 1756033 A, US 1756033A, US-A-1756033, US1756033 A, US1756033A
InventorsNordan Monte E
Original AssigneeNordan Monte E
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Heating device
US 1756033 A
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April 29, 1930, M E. NORDAN HEATING DEVICE Filed Sept. 29, 1928 Patented Apr. .29, 1930 i xoN'rn n. Nonnen, or sr. LoUIs,.MIssoUn1 HEATING nevica lApplication: died September 29, 1928i Serial No.v 309,241.

This invention relates to heating devices of the electrically energized type and the main object is to provide a heater for attachment to an electric fan whereby the air forced from the fan will pass through an electric heating element causing a hot blast of air. Another object is to rovide such a device which is simple, dura le and efficient and readily mounted upon any type of electric an. v

With these and other objects in view the invention resides in the novel construction and arrangement of the parts as hereinafter.

set forth and claimed.

In the drawing: p Figure 1 is Va front view of the device mounted for use upon a fan.

Figure 2 is a side view thereof. Figure 3 is an enlarged section en the line 2g 3-3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a'section on the line 4-4 of Fi e 3, partially broken away.

n carryino out the invention I provide a 'conical air collector 1 having around its flared mouth 2 a plurality of spring clips 3 adapted to releasahly engage the wire conventional electric fanv. T e converged end 6 of the collector 1 isthreaded as shown at 7 for the reception of the threaded end of the tapered tubularheater casing 8. rIfhis casing 8 is lined with asbestos or some analuard 4 of a may be heatedl without setting up an objectionable draft of air. v

While I have herein' set forth a certain preferred embodiment of my invention it is understdod that Ima vary fromy the same in minor details, not eparting from the s irit of the invention and within the scope o the i ap ended claim.

claim: i In a device of the kind described, a conical air collector lformed withV relatively steep 69 walls and having a ldred mouth ada ted to receive a-:conventional electric fan', t ve convergent end of the air collector being threaded, a plurality of s ring clips around the margin of the 'Hare mouth for releasabl Y engaginglthe wire guard of the fan, a tapere tubular eater casing having its widerend` threaded for en agement with the convergent i threaded end o the air collector, theI walls of the said heater casing beingsloped at a' decidedly less degree than the walls of the air t collector, a heat resisting lining for the inner face of the casing, a dielectric coil holder, the same being spirally grooved upon its inner face, and a resistance element disposed within. the said spiral groove of the coil holder.

In testimony whereof I atlix my si ature.


ogous heat resisting or insulating material as indicated at 9 and a porcelain ater coil holder 10 is placed inside this lining 9, the

arrangement being such that by unscrewing the casin' 8 from .the collector 1 the holder 10 may' withdrawn for replacingwhen necessar l This heating coil holder 10 is prof vided with an internal s iral groove 11 for 40' the reception of the coile resistance wire 12,

the connections 13 of which are passed out through a bushing 14 in the air collector 1.

When the current is turned on the resistance wire 12 will heat that air forced.r

through the "air collector 1 and heating'element by means of the electric fan will be heated and discharged into the room. n Inthis manner a `continuous low of air passes through the device, entering as cool au' and W being expelled as warm lair so that l room

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U.S. Classification392/361, 392/383
International ClassificationF24H3/04
Cooperative ClassificationF24H3/0417
European ClassificationF24H3/04B2B