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Publication numberUS1756048 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1930
Filing dateJul 2, 1927
Priority dateJul 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1756048 A, US 1756048A, US-A-1756048, US1756048 A, US1756048A
InventorsTheophilus G Williams
Original AssigneeTheophilus G Williams
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Lady's novelty hand bag
US 1756048 A
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April 29, 1930. T. e. WILLIAMS 4 LADYS NOVELTY HAND BAG 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 2, 1927 uu-uamu vwentoz I T 6. I Vz/im ms" 351 711k um/nu;

April 29, 1930. T. G. WILLIAMS LADYS NOVELTY HAND BAG Fiiedqul 2, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Elwuemtoz I M j/a QTWS' Patented Apr. 29, 1930 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LADYS NOVELTY HAND BAG Application filed July 2, 1927. Serial No. 203,100. g

This invention relates to ladies handbags,

and it is an object of the invention to provide a novelty bag of'this character embodying ashape in the form of or to simulate a bird having a stufied body portion and head and feet connected with the body whereby the center of gravity of the shape will be in a direction toward the feet, and the feet arranged to stand and support the shape on the feet in an upright position, the'body having a'hollow therein to form an article carrying pocket arranged whereby articles placed therein will assume a position within the shape adjacent the connection of the feet therew-ith,said pocket havingan access thereto through an opening in the form arranged with'releasable closure means.

A further-object of the invention relates to novelty bags of this character having a .20 pneumatic or'collapsible and expansible air chamber arranged with a port for the inlet and outlet of air and having an air operated noise making device, such as a whistle, connected with said port, adapted to be operated by the air expelled from and drawn into the pneumatic by pressure applied to the exterior.

Other objects and advantages will hereinafter appear. 7 v In the drawings accompanying and forming-a part of this specification I have shown an embodiment of my invention wherein Figure 1 is aside elevation of my improved novelty hand bag.

* 'Figure 2 is a front elevation.

$.3 Figure 3 is a rear elevation.

Figure 4: is a cross sectional view taken on the line H of Figure 2 looking in the direction of the arrow to show the arrangement of the article carrying pocket within the shape or figure; and

Figure 5 is a sectional view to show the arrangement of a pneumatic or collapsible and I *expansible air chamber within the shape having an air device connected thereto and to be operated by the expelling of air from, and

, the drawing of air into the pneumatic by the collapsing and expanding of the pneumatic. -In carrying out the invention I provide a figure or shape in the form of a bird arranged to simulate a penguin, and comprising a body portion 6 and a head 7 constructed of fabric or any other suitable material, and stuffed or filled with excelsior or other material. Two pairs of superposed disks 8 and 9 are secured to the outer surface of the material of the head, as by stitching or an adhesive, to simulate eyes, and a beak 10 elongated and slightly of curved or convex form and distorted to extend from the head toward one side when viewed from the front as shown in Figure 2. The body is arranged with laterally and oppositely extending wing like projections 11 substantially of the form shown made of the same material as the body and attached to the body, as by stitching, the wing material being engaged upon a supporting frame 12 to permit of the wings to have movement laterally of the body but preventing movement of the wings in a direction longitudinally of the body whereby said wings are adapted to serve as hand grips to carry the bag. This frame is formed of wire bent upon itself intermediate the ends to conform to the wing shape with the opposite ends extended into the stuffing of the body to extend longitudinally thereof. A pair of feet 13 are connected with the body by rigid leg portions 14 in such position that the center of gravity of the bag will be in a direction toward the feet. The

feet are of plantegrade form, as shown, whereby the bag may stand and be supported upon the feet in an upright position.

A hollow, as shown at 15 in dotted lines in Figure 1, is arranged within the stuffing of the body, said'hollow constituting the article receiving and carrying pocket of the baghaving an access thereto through an opening in the bodyv in the region of the upper portion or adjacent the juncture of the body with the head and arranged with releasable closure position in the bottom thereof adjacent such connection and thus assuming a position of center of gravity of the bag whenit isstoo'd upon the feet and thus preventing the same from falling over.

.Topause the figure orish'ape to emit a noise upon mpressing pressure being applied thereto, which noise "may be a whistle or the cry of -a fb l-Id, a pneumatic or collapsible and ex- :pansible'air chamber is arrangedat a suitable point inthe figure. In the presentinstaaice thisipneumatic being arranged in the juncture ofthe' head with the bodyyas shown its atifit) ini Eigur'e 5, and comprises bellows form or :p'neumatic of usual construction having a port 'for the inlet and outlet --of air through "tubular portion, as at 21, which tubular portion may also serve to Fposition the l pneumaitic *by securing the same to the coveringfof the body, a whistle 22 being-interposed in 'the connection of the tubular nrenib'erfil with theipneumatic. This whistle "is of the-form TBTHlZJOQlYIlHg oppositely dished and connected :inet'allic "plates having a cen- "trahopen'ing. lit will be obvious that when =pressureis appliedto the'figure at opposite sides or "one side of the pneumatic the air will :befenpelled 'itlIGTGflOHl and the passage ofthe rair throughthe whistle will cause it' to be sounded, and that the-saaneresult will be produced when airis drawn into the pneumaticp V as a 7 means toifacilitate the actuation of the bellows there is provided a strip of rigid materiahbent to angularshape'with one angle portion '23 inserted i'int'o the beak 1 0 while the other endi2tex tendsinto the b'ody'at'the juncture thereof with "the head, 'the bend of thestrip being'at"the'juncture of the beak with the head and body. The 'end 241s preferably adapted to *theqpneumatic. This" meo tal'li'c strip also serves to'reinforceandstiifen the' beak-" 'vhereby it is adapted to serve'as a hand grip to ca'rry the bag, or in carrying the "bag the beak may be engaged over the arm I o f'theaiseran'dsupported from the 'armwith the body portion "confined between the arm andbodyof'the"user.

Thebag may alsobe lprovided'wit'h apocket "on the eiiterior'for the carrying of "a handkerchief, ch an'ge purse or the like, this pocket in the' present instance being arranged at the frontof the body p'ortion, as shown at 25, with a "handkerchief tudked "therein.

While have illustrated and described one construction and arrangement of my improved novelty bag it will be obvious that changes may be made in construction and arrangement of parts and come within the scope of the invention. 7

Having thus described my invention I claim: I a i y Asanarticl'e of manufacture, a handbag in simulation of an image embodying a body portion, head and feet, the body being stuifed to acid rigidity thereto and the feet arranged of plantegrade form and adapted to support the image in upright position, and the body havinga hollow within the stuffing with an accessopening thereto arranged with releasable closure meansp r 2. Ahand'bag as clai-mediin claim 1,, wherei-nfithe accessopen-ing to Fth'e pocket is at the upper portion of the body portion'adjacent the juncturethereof with the :head, and the po'cket' extends in'to thebody portion with the bottom thereof adjacent the connect-ion ofthe feet with the body ,jportionwhereby articles 'p-laced'in the pocket will-assume a position in the bottom of thef pocket adjacent the connectionof the feet with the body -p'ortion.

' 3. A hand'bag as claimed inclaim 1, wherein the "head is arranged with n beak 'of clon- 'gated and partially convex form and :arranged with a-reinforcement within the same whereby the beak :is adapted to serve as hand grip to carry the bag; o and be engaged upon and supportthe'b-a' g from thearm of the user with the body portion confined between the arm :and bodyof the =user.

4:. In a novelty hand. bagfin simulationof an image embodying a body portion, head and feet, apneuniatic within the body having an air inlet'an'd outlet port arranged with whistle operated. by theexpelling and draw-- ing *of air into the pneumatic {by the collapsing and expanding thereof, and the head having 1a 'beak having a "rigid :m'ember of 1 portion.

'5. In a bag as claimed in claim 1, wherein the body portion is arranged with proj eeting simulating wings having reinforcing means therein :tojpermit of movement of the wings laterally of the body and to I hold the wings -a'gainst movement in a direction longitudinally of the body wherebythe wings' are "adapted torserve as handgrips to carry the bag 7 b. l V 6. :In a bag asclannedinclaun1,;wheren1 the body portion isarranged with projecting simulating'wings having reinforcing .irie'ans therein to permit of movement of the wings "angle shape arranged with one ,part extend- 1 laterally of the body and to hold the Wings against movement in a. direction longitudinally of the body whereby the wings are adapted to serve as hand grips to carry the bag, said Wing reinforcing means comprising a Wire folded upon itself and arranged at the fold to conform to and be engaged Within the Wings and the ends anchored in the body portion.

Signed at the city of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, this 1st day of July, 1927.


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International ClassificationA45C3/06
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