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Publication numberUS1756290 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1930
Filing dateApr 2, 1928
Priority dateApr 2, 1928
Publication numberUS 1756290 A, US 1756290A, US-A-1756290, US1756290 A, US1756290A
InventorsHibner Charles G
Original AssigneeHibner Charles G
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Combination sink and garbage receptacle
US 1756290 A
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a o b l n o 0 u an IOOOQOOUOO noouooooo cqrunon Qaxszza 6. firs/viz wfimlw ATTORNEY Patented Apr. 29, 1930p I r v v 1,756,29

N TE 5 5 'cnannnsc. nrnnnagor' nos Anentns-cALIronnIA COMBINATION sink AnnGAnBAe nncEP'rAo n" Application filed aprnjz, 192 8 fSeria1 No. 266,468, r r

. My invention relates to; combination sink Fig. 6 is a sectional view onan enlarged scale and garbage receptacles and the objects of through6 6 of Fig. 2 showing the ring conmy invention are: First, toprovide a' comnection with the door ;--Fig. 7 is a sectional bination-sink and garbage receptacle where, View through 7- '?"of Fig: 6; and Fig. '8 is by anything thrown into the sink may-be a fragmentary sectional view showing the 55 readily and easily washed into a receptacle in connection of the "rec eptacleandreceptacle thesink'for receiving the garbage; second, tocasing with the sink in a slightly modified provide an apparatus of this class in which form. v

the garbage may be washed or moved into Similar characters of reference refer to '10 the receptacle without picking it up withthe similar parts and portions throughout the 60 hands; third, to provide an apparatus of this several views of the drawings. I class'which may be'easily flushed and cleaned The main sink portion 1, garbage recepjwithout' using the hands for suchpurpose; tacle pocket portion 2, garbage receptacle 3, fourth, to provide an apparatus of this class garbage receptacle covers, handle 5 and in which the garbage andother materials in screen'6 constitute the principal parts and 65 the sink will allbe washed into a garbage portions of my combination sink and garbage receptacle so positioned in the sink as to receptacle. p v readily receive all of said substances andbe The sink portion 1 is of the ordinary or drained through the regular drainage from conventional type of sink. exceptthat'at' the o the sink; fifth, to provide an apparatus of drainage outlet which is the lowest portion in 7 this class in which the garbage receptacle is the sink, there is provided a relatively large positioned below the lower face of the sink downwardly extending pocket portion 2' so that the sink is always open and clear for which maybe round, square, or other shape regular use; sixth to provide an apparatus if desired, of suitable depth and size to reof this class in which the garbage receptacle ceive a suitable sized garbage receptacle, it may be readily removed from the sink and being'preferred to make this integral with emptied and easily replaced; and seventh, to the sink, as shown in Figs. 1 to 7 of the draw i provide an apparatus of this class which is ing's. At its lower side it is provided with very simple and economical of construction, "an inwardlyand downward curved bottom efficient in its action, durable and which will portion 2 and witha downwardly extending not readily deteriorate or get out of order. neck portion 2 whichis of the proper size With these and other objects in view as 'to receive the standard nut N of the standard will appear hereinafter, my invention 0011- waste line W from the sink. In the upper sists of certain novel features of construction, portion of the neck is mounted a screen or combination and arrangement of parts and drain 6 which is adapted to"prevent coarse detail and particularly setforth in the apging the trap; pended claims, reference being had to the ac- In the bottom of the sink around theopencompanying drawings and to the characters ing formed by the pocket member 2 is an anportions as will behereinafter described in particles passing into the waste line and dog of reference thereon which form a part of this nular shallow recess 1"? in which is mounted 9 application in which the flange portion 3 of the garbage receptacle 1 Figure 1 is a-top'plan view of a sink and 3 whichserves as a support for said receptacle. garbage receptacle with the receptacle there- It is provided with a row of perforations 3 in; Fig. 2 is a sectional view on an enlarged just inside of the inner side of the wall of the scale through 22 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a secfpocketmember-Q, thus providing means for tional view through 33 of Fig. 2; Fig. l draining water fro m the sink into the pocket.

is arfragmentary top or plan view on an en- This portion 3 is offset at 3 a short distance larged scale of the door and casing portion froma shoulder adapted to receive the annuover the garbagereceptacle; Fig. 5 is a seclar cover member i which is hinged thereon at tional View thereof through 55 of Fig. a; by means of hingese at one side, shown loests CIR mg, cleaning and the like.

in Fig. 4 of the drawings, and provided at its Opposite side with a loop portion 4 in which is mounted a ring 4 which is adapted to be engaged by the finger for raising the cover a. This cover 4 is provided with a plurality of- The receptacle 3, 'it will be noted, extends downwardly into'the pocket 2 and is spaced fromthe inner wall thereof some distance,

as shown, so that the main drainage from the sink is through the perforations 3? and garbage receptacle 3. This garbage receptacle 3 is provided with perforations 3 at the lower side to permit water to drain from the garbage in said receptacle. It is provided on its inner side wit-ha handle member 5 which is adapted to facilitate the removal of the receptacle from the pocket for empty- It will be here noted that the garbage receptacle 8 is providedjon its outer side with a plurality of separator members 3, as shown best inFig. 36f the draw1ngs, for supporting the member3 n its relative spaced relatlon with the pocket 2.

In the modified form of structure shown in Fig. 8 of the drawings, the garbage receptacle throughout is thesame as that shown in the other figures of the drawings. The garbage receptacle pocket, however, is not integral with the sink but is separate therefrom and is supported in the sink by means of a bushing 7 mounted in an openingin the sink in the sameposition as the pocket'2 and provided with a gasket 8 and nut 9for clamping and securing the member to thesink. The

pocket member is designated 10 and is provided with calking llbetweenits edge and the shoulder 12 in the sink. It being noted that around the opening is provided an offset flanged portion 13 for supporting the bushing 7 and this pocket 10, thus providing a tight joint and permitting the positioning of this pocketseparately in the sink.

7 Though I have shown and described aparticular construction, combination and arrangement'of parts and portions and a certain modification thereof, I do not wish to be limited to this particular construction, combina .tionand arrangement nor to the modification but desire to include in the scope of my invention the construction, combination and arrangement substantially as set forth in the appended claims. 7

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:' 1 f f '1. In a combination sink and garbage receptacle, a sinkv member with a pocket extending downwardlyifrom the bottom side of said sink memberand provided with an outlet orifice adapted for connection with T the sink drainage, a garbage receptacle positioned in said pocket and supported at its upper side on the bottom of the sink, a perforate lid for said receptacle, and a flange on the upper side of said receptacle for supporting the same and provided with perforations in said flange outside of the wall of said receptacle.

2. In a combination sink and garbage receptacle, a sink member, a pocket member mounted on the bottom thereof and extending downwardly therefrom and provided 7 'with an outlet orifice at its lower side, a down between the walls of the pocket 2 and between the walls of said receptacle.

8. In a device of the class described, the

combination with a sink, of a pocket'member secured to the bottom of said sink and extending downwardly therefrom provided with a drainage outlet at its lower side, a perforate garbage receptacle positioned therein and spaced from the walls thereof, means for spacing and holdin said receptacle in spaced relation with said pocket, and means for suspending said receptacle in said pocket pro- 9 vided with perforations between the wall of said pocket andthe wall of said receptacle. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at Los Angeles, California, this 26th day of March, 1928.


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International ClassificationE03C1/264, E03C1/26
Cooperative ClassificationE03C1/264
European ClassificationE03C1/264