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Publication numberUS1756760 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 29, 1930
Filing dateJun 3, 1926
Priority dateJun 9, 1925
Also published asDE461100C
Publication numberUS 1756760 A, US 1756760A, US-A-1756760, US1756760 A, US1756760A
InventorsOtto Reich
Original AssigneeOtto Reich
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Ash tray or smoker's stand
US 1756760 A
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April 29, 1930. o. RE ICH 1,756,760

ASH TRAY on SMOKER'S [STAND Filed June 3, 1926- Patented Apr. 29, 1930 o'r'ro 3111011, or VIENNA, AUSTRIA as]: TRAY on smoms swam) Application filed June 8, 1926, Serial No. 118,489, and in Austria June 9, 1825.

This invention relates to an improved ashtray or smokers stand and has for its object to prevent thesmoke of burning cigaretteends, cigar-ends or burning tobacco, which are dropped into the said tray or stand, to escape into the open.

- v opening for dropping-in the burning endsof .vention is illustrated in According to the present invention, the ash-tray or smokers stand comprises a receptacle closed at all sides and into which extends a tubular member through which are dropped the burning dbris,'the walls of the said member-and the walls of the'receptacle forming a jacket which is closed at the top, and a baflie-plate disposed underneath the said tubular member for removing the dbris, dropped into the tray or stand, out of the ran e of the said member, so that the rising smo ke is collected in the said'jacket;

One mode of carrying out the present inpart-sectional.elevation on the accompanying drawing.

The receptacle, whichis completely closed, consists of two hood-shaped members 1 and 2, pushed into each other, the top wall of the member 1 being furnished with a flanged cigars or cigarettes or burning tobafcco.- A tubular member of substantially uniform cross section 3 is secured to the flange surrounding the said opening and extends into the interior of the receptacle. A jacket is formed in this manner around the tubular member 3, which is bounded by the outer wall of the latter and by the inner wall of the member 1 of the receptacle.

A conically-shaped baflle member 4 is arranged underneath the bottom end of the tubular member. 3 and serves for laterally deflecting or removing the burning debris,

dropped into the receptacle, out of the range of the passage of the tubular member 3, so that the said dbris are collected in the receptacle at a place, which lies underneath the jacket bounded by the member 3 and the inner wall of the member 1. Thus the smoke,

rising vertically from the burning dbris, is collected in the said jacket and cannot escape into the open by Way of the tubular mem- It will be noted that the conical bafile shaped base member 4 terminates at its highest point at a point below, or on a level with the lower mouth of the tubular member 3. This construction prevents the clogging of the receptacle which would occur if this cone 55 shaped member projected into the tubular member. It will also be noted that the relative position of the tubular member and conical base is such that the vertical projection of the tu- 80 bular member falls upon,the inclined surface of the base, so that it will be impossible for smoky matter introduced into the receptacle to fall directly beneath the mouth of the tubular member and allow smo therethrough.

The jacket is of such size, that the accumulated smoke is cooled and condensed.- Depressions 5 in the top wall of the receptacle serve for depositing cigars and the like. I

The present invention is, of colirse, not limited to the illustrated embodiment. For instance the tubular member for the insertion of the burning debris may be disposed at any desired place of the receptacle, for instance 7t laterally. The deflecting or bafile member may be formed by any conveniently shaped baflle plate or by a number of suchplates, which are displaced with respect to one an other. The baflie plates may be formed either v81. by suitably shaping the walls of the receptacle or by a separate baiile member disposed in the ash-tray.

l claim-- tion approximately in the center having a hole approximately in thecenter 9Q e to escape a In an ash tray, a bowl, an upward" r'ojece 8 5" O i Pt'.

2 I a insane thereof, a substantially cylindrical tube attachedto said cover and articulated with said hole, said cylindrical tube extending substantially vertically downward into close proximity with said projection in the bottom of said bowl, said cylindrical tube being of such div mansions that a cylindrical projection of said tube strikes the downwardly flaring sides of said projection in the bottom of said bowl.

In testimony whereof I aifix my signature.


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U.S. Classification131/231, 220/4.21
International ClassificationA24F19/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F19/0078
European ClassificationA24F19/00T