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Publication numberUS1757060 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1930
Filing dateAug 1, 1927
Priority dateAug 1, 1927
Publication numberUS 1757060 A, US 1757060A, US-A-1757060, US1757060 A, US1757060A
InventorsAlbert Rieth
Original AssigneeAlbert Rieth
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Massaging device
US 1757060 A
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May 6, 1930. A. RIETH 1,757,060

MASSAGINGDEVICE Fld Aug. l, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet. 2


Patented May 6, 193()Y .l 'il l y UNITED STATES PATENT'oFFlcE-f ALBERT RIETH, F PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND i/uissiicrmcry kDEVICE Application filed August 1, 1927. Serial No; 209,827.

massaged, as well as the usual rubbing action l 1,5 of the roller.

A further object of my inventionvis to pro` vide, I believe, for the first time a massaging roller flexible substantially throughout the length thereof, so that it may iex to be adjacent to the human member being massaged substantially throughout the length thereof, thereby insuring maximum contactof the roller with the surface being massaged.

A further object of my invention is to provide novel means for mounting massaging rollers in devices of this description.

Further objects of the invention are to provide a massaging device simple in construction and efficient in its action.

These and such other objects of my invention as may hereinafter appear will be best understood from a description of the accompanying drawings which illustrate embodi- A ments thereof.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a plan View of a massaging device constructed in accordance with the principles of my invention .closed in unused position.

Fig. 2 is a plan view thereof with the rollers,

and gripping means therefor expanded around a human member, showing how in use the device may be manually compressed to exert a radial pressing action as wellas a rubbing action on the member being'masr saged.'

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary side elevation par# tially shown in section of an individual roller with its preferred type of mounting means.

Fig. 4 is an end view taken along the line a-i of rig. a

Fig. 5 ,is a fragmentary view of a modified form of my invention wherein `each handle section thereof carries aplurality of rollers.

In the drawings, `wherein like characters of reference indicate like parts throughout, 10 generally indicates my improved massagingdevice. 12 indicates suitable massaging Y rollers.` While any type of massaging roller -may bei employed, having the usual massaging protuberances 14 thereon,"I4 preferably employ a massaging r-oller flexible vsubstantially throughout its length to permita maxi-v mum amount of contact against the periphery of the usual, curved surface being massaged; As'massaging rollers are so well known in the art and as any of the well known types of Vmassaging protuberances may be employed, in Athe claims I merely refer to these elements 12, as massagingV rollers.

As shown in Fig. 2, I provide handles or gripping means 16 adapted to compress the rollers radially .inwardly lon `opposite-sides of the humanV member being Vmassage'd. While the preferred embodiment of'myinvention is constructed of a size to normally massage a usual human arm or leg, it isob-y vious that it may be constructed of a size to fit around the torso or any'other human member. The gripping`V means 16 in my preferred embodiment comprises the handlel sections 18, having their outer ends suitably pivoted together as at 20and having mounting means- 22 for the 'rollers at their inner ends. While any suitable'type of an axle or other mounting means may be employed for mounting said rollers on the handles thereof, I preferably employ the novel mountingimeans about to be described. A's more clearly shown in Fig. 3, I preferablyconstruct said massaging rollers 12 hollow and I insert in each hollowend thereof a ball bearing race 24, which may, if desired, be suitably clamped or otherwise attached withinthe hollow end 26 thereof and I mount within said ball'bearing race the innerend 28` of a trunnion 30 adapted to have the outer end k32 thereof vproject, through a suitable mounting hole 34 in the inner end of the han'dle 18 and be fixedly secured thereto by the nut 36.y As showniin Fig. 3, the ball bearing race 24 withV attached trunhuman member 5() desired to be massagedV ,and thehandle sections 18 compressed together by means of thel1andsf52 functioning onthe handles on opposite ends of my 'device. The device may then be-rolled as usual over the surface of the member desired to be massaged and it is apparent that I have'secured a radially compressing action', ras Well asthe usual rubbing. action, thereby greatly stimulating the circulation `ofthe' blood' and v vhaving other beneficial effects upon the per- Y sonl bei-ng massaged. kAs stated, as the improved type of roller, which Iy preferably employ,v is flexible substantially dthroughout its lengthJ it readily -bendsfas-shownv in Fig. 2 toprovide optimum-amount of contact with the-surface-being massaged.

It is understood that my",V invention is not` limitedtothe-speoific embodiment shown and that various deviations may be made therefrom Without departing from the spirit and scope-of the appended claims.

WhatI claim is: v; f Y n 1.A massaging device comprising `cylinbers, a massaging rubber roller of general cylindrical shape flexible substantially throughout the length thereof and having massaging protuberances on the outer periphery thereof and of a length capable of partially encompassing said human member and handle means attached to each end thereof for applyin'g the same to said human member.

In testimony whereof I afix-my signature.


drical flexible massaging' meansand hand-les' for` each end thereof, each comprising two members hinged together at their-,outer ends and havingv mounting lmeans for the `ends of the massaging means at their inner ends? l 2. ,A massagmgjdevice comprising'aplurality of flexible massagingli-'ollers and handles foreach end -thereof,`ea'ch comprising ltwo members hinged together at their outer'ends and ha-ving mounting -means for thefends ofthe rollers at their inner ends.

3;,A massaging device comprising tivo flexible massaging rollers, .ftrunnions therefor at each end thereof andlhandles foreach end thereof each comprising' two members hinged together at their outer-ends and having mounting means yfor said trunnions at their inner ends.

4. In a massagingdevice,fa rubber hollow*- roller of .flexible material, 'having massaging protuberances on theouter periphery thereof, Val ball bearing race mounted Within-each hollovs7 'end thereofiandy a trunnionprojecting outwardly from each-ball bearing race adapted'to be fixedly secured lto a handle to permit revolution of said* roller onsaid races.

5. In a massaging-f device for human memlil 0

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U.S. Classification601/125, 601/133
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European ClassificationA61H15/00C