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Publication numberUS1757174 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1930
Filing dateMar 15, 1929
Priority dateMar 15, 1929
Publication numberUS 1757174 A, US 1757174A, US-A-1757174, US1757174 A, US1757174A
InventorsDouglas Homer C
Original AssigneeDouglas Homer C
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US 1757174 A
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H. C. DOUGLAS May 6, 1930.

VESSEL Eiled March 15, 1929 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 Attorney y 1930- H. c. DOUGLAS 1,757,174

Filed March 15, 1929 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Lg H01 C 2307M; j

' 92M I! v O y 6, 1930- H. c; DOUGLAS 1,757,174

VESSEL Filed March 15 illlit ll i I 1 inl||| w 'l u wm h l l u M l l IIIHIHIIIHHIIIIIH l l l l lli lm UHHLMD WH UN m\ J I II II |..||l\\. l.l|v| .l.| :III ii Hwwwaw 6 nu l w HI HHH llrli I m l!\ I s hmwr ln nun S I IM.....1....|I

Attorney VESSEL 4 Sheets-Sheet Filed March 15, 1929 1 ll Ill 1: J U l t lW l llliliIlltilli im .llrllalll l|||||||il|l|1|ll||i||l W :1 I l 1 l 'HM |H 0 HUN nF L .:I.. 1 2 i I h -NH WI .HH 6 1.1 1.. i M, -IIIIII |l|||||| |..l|||l I ||||I e |1||| I lm vmu lllli illll m Ir -Nm. l i lm MHWI I H w -Iil -|l||,|!..;|l||| I UH .H wu Q I}.

A iiorney Patented May 6, 1930 UNITED i STATES HOMER c. DOUGLAS, onL'IBERAn A'nsAs vEssnL 1" Application filed March 1 5, 1929. Serial No 347,297.

The present invention relates to improvements 1n seagolng vessels, and an lmportant ob ect of the invention is to increase the speed by reducing resistance, to increase the efficien-- cy in handling by permitting the vessel to turn within its own length and to be slid water line pontoons, a cabin pontoon, and power pontoons.

Another very important object of the in vention resides in the provision of water type tubular members for interconnecting the pontoon. Y

A still further very import-ant object of the invention resides in the provision of a vessel of this nature which is strong and durable, thoroughly efficient and reliable for the purpose intended.

With the above and numerous other objects in view as will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in certain novel features of construction, and in the combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a'vessel embodying the features of my invention; Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof; Figure 3 is a ragmentary longitudinal section, and

Figure at is a vertical transvers section. Referring to the drawing in de ail it will particularly in I These pontoons maybedivided PATENT: oFFIC I be seen that the numeral 5 denotes cabin P toon which is pointed atit-s ends. and has a keel 6 on its bottom. Lifeboats 7 aremounted on this pontoon. At the frontend of the pontoon are windows 8. Numerals 9 denote a palr of waterline pontoons having pointed ends. i.

. 'ljhese pontoons 9'are disposed below and one to each side ofthe pontoon 5. Arcuate tubeslO connect the pontoon 5 with the pontoons 9. :Numerals 11 denote a pair of power pontoons one below each pontoon 9 and connected therewith'by vertical tubes 12. Ladders or Stairways are provided in the pontoons 5, 9 and 11 and in the passagewaytubes. 7

access to any of the pontoons. 1

Braces 16 are provided between the arcuate tubeslO and arcuate bracesv 17 are provided between the pontoons 9 passing over the top of the pontoon 5. Propellers 18are provided at the pointed ends ofthe pontoons 11 and are'operated by suitable engines 19 mounted in the pontoons 11.

10 and 12 so that the crew may, easily have so as to F provide storage chambers 20 for gasoline 7 andtthe like. Rudders 21 are providedon therear side of the tubes 12 being hingedly mounted as is indicated at 22 and operable by, suitable means 23 preferably from the front end of the passenger pontoon-5. By the proper manipulation of these rudders in connection with the propeller it will be seen that the vesselmay be moved sideways,--may be turned in its own length and maybe ma- 2;:

neuvered forwardly or rearwardly at great speed because of the limited orminimum re-: sistance afforded. Furthermore it will be seen that the structure may be used to advantage for salvage work and great" Weight may be lifted. Just way of'eziample Ihave indicated a sub marine at 30 being hoisted by suitable cable means31. This structure may be used as an aeroplane carrier and for other suitable purposes. v s

Hatch covers 34: are preferably provided on the pontoons 9 and 11. It is thought that the construction, utility and advantages of this invention will now be quite apparent to those skilled in this art without a'more detailed description thereof.

In the present embodiment of the invention I have disclosed a structure particularly adapted for carrying passengersand freight. Bridges 36 are mounted forwardly and=rearwardl-y-ofthe structure. Obviously changes in the details of construction and in combination and arrangement ofparts may be resorted for adapting thevess'el'to difif'efitde bers connecting the water line pontoons with the power pontoons, all of said pontoons hav 7 sired purposes without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention as hereinafter claimed or sacrificing any of its advantages.

Having thus described my invention, what Iclainrasnewis: i

1. A vessel of the described incl ding 7 a central ponteon, a paint water line perwerisene to each side of and ease the Geri teipontoon, arm-rate tubes" interconnecting the waterline pontoon withthe center pentoon, a pair of power pontoons one belowje'ach water'liuepontoomaiid verticaltubularinemhers eoimeeting'the water line pontoons with the power pontoons i 7 Ave-Sal or theclass described including a central pontoon, a pair of water linepen teens one re 'ea'chsicleofancl Belowthe can;

tei" ontoon, arc'uate tubes interconnecting I the water liliepofitbon with't-he eente'rporrterm, a pair of power poiiteens one below each water line pontoon, and vertical tubular members connecting the waterline pontoons V with the power ontoons, all ofsaidpontooiis having pointed ends, ropeller means; at the ends 'ofthe'power pontoon, and motive power means located in'th power pontoons operativelyconneeti-n'gw-ith the propeller means;

3. A vessel of the class-described includin a central pontoon, a pair of waterline mrteens-one to each side arena below the-tea,

ter pontoon, arcuate turtles i tercmne ting the water line ontoon with the center pen- 7 won, a pair or power pontoons one below each water liile pontoon, and -vertrc'ai tubular m rit her-s enneeting-tlie waterline pontoonswith the power "pontoons, ll ofs'aidponteoiis hav iil pointed ends, propeller means the eerie eths ower panama, afi'd motive power means "located in thepewerpomoons opera ti-vely connecting. with the propeller means,-

rudders hinged-1y mounted on the Veitieal tube at the rear side thereof:

4= A V'ess'el'of the oIa-described including acentralpontoon, a pair of water linepen= toons one to each side of and below the center pontoon, arcuate, tubes interconfleeting. the wet line pontoons walrus center e man, a 15" ofjpower pontoons oneb lew ch was terhfiepofitoofi', vertical tubular meni-

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U.S. Classification114/61.13
International ClassificationB63B1/00, B63B1/10
Cooperative ClassificationB63B1/107
European ClassificationB63B1/10C