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Publication numberUS1757461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1930
Filing dateApr 30, 1926
Priority dateApr 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1757461 A, US 1757461A, US-A-1757461, US1757461 A, US1757461A
InventorsLosey North H
Original AssigneeLosey North H
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Vacuum cleaner
US 1757461 A
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Filed April 50, 1926 INVENTOR. A oRz-H M Losix BY C 664 ATTORNEY.

lllnmmwllll l/ Patented M... 6,1930



a circumferential series of freely rotatable beater rollers, also preferablyarranged in a helical series, adapted to beat the floor coverings so as efiectively to loosen the dirt therein.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device for combing the ravelings and the like out of the-brush, whereby the suction can carry them to the usual receiver. The foregoing and other objects are obtained by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings. It is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the specific form thereof shown and described herein.

f Of the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a sectional plan, partly broken away, through a cleaner nozzle embodying the invention; I t

Figure 2 is a section on line 22 of Figure .1; and

' Figure 3 thereof.

Referring to the drawings, 10 represents the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner embodying the invention. J ournaled inthe nozzle so as to operate in the inlet 11 thereof are drums 12, 12 which may be driven in any suitable manner, for example, by the central drive shown herein including a belt 13 trained over a central pulley 14 connected to the drums.

The drive belt 13 may be driven from the shaft 24 by a pulley 25 thereon, shaft 24 being, for example, an extension from the rotor of the suction fan (not shown).

Drums 12 have helical undercut or dovetail slots 15, 15 therein, each adapted to receive a flexible brush 16 which may include a flexible vulcanized rubber base 16 in which the bristles are set, the base being shaped to 50 be fitted in a slot 15 by sliding it endwise is a detail section on line 3-3 1926. Serial No. 105,780.

therein, the outer end of each slot in the present form of the invention being open but being adapted to be closed as by a pivoted clip 17 arranged to swing across the open end of the slot.

The drum 12 also has freely journaled in the periphery thereof a helical series of beater rollers 18, 18 adapted eifectively to beat a floor covering without destroying the same.

The floor covering to be cleaned isprefero0 ably first subjected to the brushing and beating actions and then to the suctlon action. Accordingly the suction is concentrated at the rear end of the inlet 11 by means of baflle 19, extending downwardly from the top Wall 05 of the nozzle to adjacent the lower wall to provide a comparatively small suction opening as at 20. An arc-shaped plate indicated at 21 may be secured in the nozzle to provide a housing for the rotating drum 12 and to brace the bafile 19.

'The brush 16 will effectively pick up lint ravelings and the like, but it has been foun that the suction does not thoroughly clean the brush of the lint and ravelings. To the end, therefore, that the brush will be kept clean at all times, combing devices 22, 22, are mounted on the lower end of the bafile 19, these devices being formed with teeth 23, 23 adapted to project into the outer portion of so the brushes 16 but to clear the beater rollers 18. Since the combing action of the teeth 23 takes place adjacent the restricted inlet 20, the suction current picks up the lint, ravelings and the like combed from the brushes.

The operation of the above-described mechanism will be understood from the foregoing. Briefly stated, it consists in connecting the cleaner to a source of power and moving the cleaner over the surface to be cleaned. The heaters 18 thoroughly loosen the dirt, the brushes 16 further loosen the dirt and pick up the lint and ravelings, the combs 22 remove the lint and ravelings from the brushes and the strong suction current at 20 conveys the dirt, lint, ravelings, etc. to the receiver (not shown).

Modifications of the invention may be resorted to without departing from the spirit thereof or the scope of the appended claim.

I wall a constricted suction inlet adjacent the rear of the opening, and a comb carried by said element adjacent the inlet arran ed to What is claimed is:

A'vacuum cleaner comprisin a nozzlehaving an opening in the bottom t ereof, a hori-' zontal drum rotating in the o ening, a helical brush on the periphery of t e drum, a helical series of freely rotatable beater rollers in the periphery of the drum, the brush and rollers being operable by the drum to contact with the surface over which the cleaner is operated, said brush extending radially beyond said rollers an element arranged in the nozzle to provide with the adjacent nozzle engage in the outer portion of the bru and to clear the beater elements. f


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U.S. Classification15/366, 15/48, 15/386, 15/391
International ClassificationA47L9/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47L9/04
European ClassificationA47L9/04