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Publication numberUS1757475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1930
Filing dateOct 31, 1928
Priority dateOct 31, 1928
Publication numberUS 1757475 A, US 1757475A, US-A-1757475, US1757475 A, US1757475A
InventorsSeely F Pratt
Original AssigneeUnion Tool Chest Company Inc
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US 1757475 A
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5. F. PRATT May 6, 1930.



The present invention relates to trays and more particularly to the type provided with a handle. An object of this invention is to provide a construction in which the handle is fi'supported by a partition of the tray in such a manner that it may be collapsed so as not to interfere with the tray being placed in a suitable receptacle, while at the same time, the handle may be readily gripped while in a collapsed position to lift the tray from the reception houses the handle, while the latter is in collapsed position, and at the same time positions the grip portion of the handle so that the latter may be readily grasped by the hand.

' To these and other ends, the invention consists of certain parts and combinations of parts, all of which will be hereinafter described; the novel features of which'will be pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a tray embodying this invention Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view showin the handle in raised position;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view showing the handle in collapsed position on the line 3-3, Fig. 1; and

Fig. 4 is a view illustrating the method by which the handle is attached to the tray. 7

V The tray illustrated in this invention is designed for use in tool chests or otherreceptacles and has side walls 1, end walls 2 and a central partition formed, in this instance, by two walls 3, converging toward the upper edge of the partition and connected at their upper portions at 4:, while being spaced apart below the connection portion. This partition is arranged in the middle of the tray and ex tends longitudinally thereof. Its upper edge is provided with two openings 5 and 6, the

opening 6 being elongated in the direction of the length of the partition.

The handle, in this instance, comprises a grip portion 7, two parallel arms 8 extending downwardly from opposite ends of the grip portion, the ends of the arms, being provided with laterally turned lugs 9. All portions of the'handle, in this instance, are made from a single piece of wire stock of uniform diameter throughout. In. attaching the handle to the tray, the grip portion is bent or deflected at 10 which has the effect of throwing the two lugs 9 closer to each other and the arm 8 in slightly converging relation This permits one of the lugs 9 to he passed endwise to the opening 5 while the other lug 9 may be passed sidewise to the opening 6. After this the bent portion 10 is straightened, thus.

moving the laterally turned portions 9 outwardly and causing the handle to interlock with the tray Walls. The portion 7 being parallelwith the upper edge of the partition drops downwardly into contact with. said edge while the arms drop between the walls 3. Owing to the convergin relation of the walls and thenarrowness o the connecting portion 4, one may, with two fingers pressed against the two walls 3, grip at the same time the grip portion 7 of the handle and'in this way readily elevate the handle so that it may be'grasped with the hand in order to move the tray.

From the foregoing it may be seen that the formation of the partition of the tray together with the manner of connecting the handle thereto facilitates a ready fastening of the handle, while at the same time permitting the handle to be gripped, elevated and grasped at will. The handle interlocks to the tray in such a manner that no separate fastening means is required.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

'1. A tray having a' partition formed of two upwardly converging walls with their upper portions connected at the upper edge of the partition, said walls being spaced apart below the artition and the upper edge of the partition 'eing provided with two spaced openings, and a handle formed, of a strip of material of substantially uniform diameter throughout and having a grip ortion adapted to rest'on the u er edge of the partition and two arms sli a le in the openings and between the two walls, the ends of the handle being turned laterally in the direction of the length of the partltion to engage the under side of the upper portion of the partition to limit the outward movement of the handle, the thickness of the upper portion of the partition being such that the fingers of ahand pressed' against opposite sides of the parti .tion Will engage the handle and permit the latter to be elevated on the tray.

2. A tray having a partition formed of two walls connected at the upper edgeof the partition and spaced apart below said connecting portion, the connecting portion being provided with two openings, one of said openings being elongated in the direction of the'length of the partition, and a handle formed With a bendable wire stock having,

two arms-with laterally turned lugs at their ends, said arms extending through the openings in the partition and one of the lugs being less in length than the length of the elongated openings so'that upon the bending of the handle the lug may be passed through such opening.


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