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Publication numberUS1758115 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1930
Filing dateJan 12, 1929
Priority dateJan 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1758115 A, US 1758115A, US-A-1758115, US1758115 A, US1758115A
InventorsJames W Kelly
Original AssigneeJames W Kelly
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Adjustable shower fixture
US 1758115 A
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May 13, 1930. Y J.,w. KELLY ADJUSTABLE SHOWER FIXTURE Filed Jan. l2, 1929 VE @www/fd@ "49 'fixture to be adjustedv verticallyfwhen :the

main xture is mounted iin position :so thatf Patented May 13, 1930*/ f. i. y fJAillEsw. XELIJ) `0F onrcneogrnrrnorsif V "ANUSTABIJE SHOWEMIHRE This-invention relates -to al:shower-bathV ixturev and more :particularlyto an @adjustordinary shoWer-bathiiXt'uref-to `aiiord an improved fixture which adaptedto be`ad-i justed :longitudinally of its length whereby an auxiliary spray attachment Vmayberaised l 10.01` lowered with respect to th'ermain spray attachment thereby a the lower or auxiliaryspraymay be ad] usted to spray water onto dilerent portionsoffth body by adj ustingl a telescoping pipe;V eXten-` 15 sion which supports the .auxiliary spra'yj on the supply pipe or union whichalso supports the main spray fixture. o .o

It is an object 'ofthis invention toprovide a telescoping vshower-bath fixture` provided 20-with a plurality offsprayingnozzles v.which are .adjustably supportedl'in place fand are Y' V.tion between the nozzles@` 25.

fwhich may readilyJbe-mounted .in place and which is Vprovided with a telescoping fpipef extension arrangement wherebylone offa'pluf'j- 30 ralitygof spray nozzles may be movedtoward or away fromY anotheror main: s'prayfnozzle` I It is an importantV object othis invention to provide an. adjustable shower rixture'i'whioh: i

3 may be mounted ontheordinary water ,sup l plypipe in place of the'iold type V'off shower fixture and Y whichY is 'so f arranged f that fa `seicondary or auxiliary spray fiizture is 'conneoted.,

1 with a main spray. fixture lbygtelescoping pipe connections to .permit the fsecon'dary spray' the spray from said adjustablextulej may Y n be directed-transversely toY different portions :.45

of the body of a person using the shower; Y Other and further important'objects of this inventionwill be apparentfrointhe` disclo-V ing drawings.

' Sures' in the specication and the acompapy 5 This invention "(iin a Preferred jfrinjiig Til#V Ording aXture wherein .Y

A "semina-rm ,sidi-fh@ T-nmonisbem @10m1-Y wardly'fand'isinternally 4threaded to receive the'threadedshaink 6 formedon 'O'nefe'nd of j Va1 Qontrol `valve denotedjasa wholejjby the 'ref yerence. numeral Z-I The control, 'valveis fpromore fullydescribed. Y

#On the drawings; v

\ h igurelkis als'idefelevationof animproved adJustablesho'wer iiXture-"mountedin posi- 55 tion;V uponA aV wall vandi`illustratingv the Alongitudinal' ladjustmentotthefhxtureiin` o Figureeisl an purged longitudinali fregi mentary section of the adj ustable' shower ii'X-i ce .turejwithpartsshowninelevation. o l y Figureu `is a fragmentary longitudinal Yseo-i7.'

tion italien on'. line VIII-III of Figure 2 and"V illustratingV the position ofv theftel'escoping inner't'ube'when",` extended to lits lower level."

.As shown on the drawings:-

I The improved adjustable vshower `l`xture .A

is of a typelending yitself tconveniently replace an oldi4 style 'showerf,h'iadr` wit-hout .dis- `turbingor altering the supply pipe-.onwhich 70 -vthe-,oldftype of showerheadwasfsupporte'd f adapted to be adjusted with respect to'one another by vmeansnof a. telescoping connecjy or v'verticalSupport 'from vwhich" 'projects a y. 'Y I o o Y Y water;supply"pipeconnectedfwithany Suit-y Y Itis also van object of this inventionto provide anim'proved.adjustableIshoweriixture ableys'ource of supply. i On old installationsf'i.

*shower fixtureinay be f inountedfinfplface on alterations;` f Mounted on theprojeoting" end 8o of the supply pipe is a mounting'fring 2?-pro'i* videdjwithia chamber or recess Sla'nd with a; l .central-"opfeningthrough which an''arrn 4 01?v a three-lway orjTeunion is `adaptedto project. 1

Avided .with *anyv desi-red ty-pe; of` valve oper- 'ableby meaznsdofthe valve stem 8 on theouter `fend of whiohazvalve operating` handle or disc '9 is mountedto facilitate the operation of .the yalvemechanisrnv The-main control .g5 valve 7 controls the-flow of water through shower Ahead, spray4 nozzle or doucheheadA 1Q Y. gwhichis'conneted with thegvalve housing by p i means of -a universal jointpr.- coupling 1l "leo lustrated l yd'rziwing's7,andv hereinafter to Vbe subjected to sprays of water from the' side. Y Y n .Y

In new installationsit will be understood that the combination bath-tub faucet` xtures 'may be entirely omitted as the bath-tub can be readily lled by extending the telescoping pipes downwardlyy so that the auxiliary douche or spray nozzle may direct water di rectlyinto the tub to ll thek same.

It will of coursevbe understood that. many. Y changes may be made and` numerous details 'l of construction may be `Varied throughV a wide range without departing from the principles of this invention, V and it is therefore Y not purposed limiting the patent Vgranted 1 hereon otherwise than necessitatedv byv the scope of the appended claims.

1 claim las my invention:

1. A shower fixture comprising a support adapted to be rigidly connected witha sup- -ply pipe, a main shower nozzle 4adjustably connected, to Vsaid support, a .pluralityv oi telescoping tubes suspended from said support, packing units between said telescoping tubes, rings for locking the tubesvin col- Y lapsed relation, and an j; auxiliary Yspray nozle adjustably connected with one of said v tu es.v Y

' 2.; A shower fixture comprisinga rigid support, a' shower nozzle adjustably connected therewith, a main tube rigidlysecuredto.said

. support, auxiliary tubes telescoping with v ing tubes.

said' main tube and with one another, packing Y units between the-telescoping tubes, looking `rings associate'dwith the packing' units'toV hold the tubes ,locked Vagainst extension, and

an auxiliary spray nozzle supported on the end`v of one of said tubes and adapted to be raised or lowered with respect to the main shower nozzle when the locking means Vare j released to permit extension of the telescop- 3.7An adjustable shower xture compris- Y ing a supportI adapted to be rigidly connected g with fa water supply pipe, Va mainrvalvecon- .nectedp withv said support, a showerl nozzle` Y* s. .c

adjustably connected with said main Valve, Y a plurality of telescoping tubes suspended from said support, an auxiliary Valve'mountved on the end of one of said tubes, an auxiliary spray nozzle, means for adjustably Vconnecting the auxiliary spray nozzle with said auxiliary control vValve, and a pluralityA of locking rings. associatedl with saidtelei scopingtubes and adapted topbe Vreleased Vto permit the tubes to be extended with respect i c to one another to adjust the auxiliary spray f nozzle to different elevations to permit showering of dierent partsof the body.

l In testimony whereof I have hereunto'sub- Y scribedV my name at Chicago, Cook Oou nt'y,` i

.minisfw.` KELLY. l f ff Illinois.

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U.S. Classification239/282, 239/587.1, 239/587.4, 4/601, 4/615, 239/587.3, 239/536
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Cooperative ClassificationA47K3/28, E03C1/066, E03C1/06
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