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Publication numberUS1758296 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1930
Filing dateMar 16, 1929
Priority dateJul 12, 1927
Publication numberUS 1758296 A, US 1758296A, US-A-1758296, US1758296 A, US1758296A
InventorsSchaumann Alfred
Original AssigneeSchaumann Alfred
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Body armor
US 1758296 A
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May 13, 1930. l A. scHAUMANN BODY ARMOR Filed .March 16, 1929 Patented Maly 13, 1930 ALFRED SCHAU'IMANN',4 0F BERLIN-FRIEDEN-AU, GERHANY sony. anon Application `1ed MarchV 16, 1929, Serial No. 847,712, and in- Germany July 12, 1927.

This invention relates to armored clothing and its main -object is the -provision of a bulletproof garment' which shall 4combine strength and resistabilityin use witha com- 5 parative flexibility and ease of wearing.

According to the inveljltionl this and other objects are achieved by arranging pieces, preferably plates of bulletproof material between several. layers of a strong but flexible material, for example any suitable texture which, for greater strength may be interwoven with steel or wirev netting, orto which hard material such as vulcanized fibre may be applied. The said plates of bulletproof material, according to the invention are 'applied'in preferably checkered arrangement and so as to overlap each other in roof-like manner, each line or row of plates, however,

bein separated from the other by a layer of ilexi le material, and there are free spaces left between successive vlines an'd/or rows, which are covered up by the underlying or overlying lines or rows of plates, and which are sol disposed, that the ease of movement of the liexible material will not be impaired. 'The various layers of the flexible material with the armor lates attached thereto are superposed and astened'to each other so as to form one piece of comparatively great exibility and utmost resistancy against bullet shots and other impacts.

Theraccompanying drawing illustratesby way of example a plece of armored texture for use in the making of the improved body armor. Fig. 1 is an elevationalview, while 2 is a section taken on line A-Bof n these figures the letter d isuse'd to de- 4o which are provided with distancedb ies or pliantes of ulletproof material a, and c'.

e arrangement of these platos on the various levers d is such that, when the three layers posed and fastened to ea A armor is obtained which, although maintaining a high degree of exibility will yet ensure safety against the penetration of 5 bullets because the armor plates a, b, and o note three layers of any suitable texturejected to different changes or alterations to y suit special wishes or requirements. Also .the form and size of the armor plates upon the various layers of. texture, as well as their number and disposition may'be as desired,

1t being merely of importance that, when the various layers are superposed and fastened to one another, a mutual overlapping of the plates and filling up of the free spaces of adjacent lines or rows of plates is ensured.

1. A body armor, comprising a number of flexible layers, plates of bulletproof ma.- terial arranged in spaced relation upon each of said layers', said flexible layers being superposed so that the free spaces of each layer are covered by plates on .the other layers.

- 2. A` body armor com rising a number of exible layers, plates of ulletproof material arranged. in spaced checkered relation upon each of said layers, said flexible layers being superposed so that the free spaces of each layer are covered by plates on the other layers and so that the various juxtaposed plates In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


.overlap each other.


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U.S. Classification428/47, 428/911, 442/7, 109/82, 428/328, 2/2.5, 152/196
International ClassificationF41H1/02
Cooperative ClassificationF41H1/02, Y10S428/911
European ClassificationF41H1/02