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Publication numberUS1758297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1930
Filing dateJun 20, 1927
Priority dateJun 20, 1927
Publication numberUS 1758297 A, US 1758297A, US-A-1758297, US1758297 A, US1758297A
InventorsStanley Leopold G
Original AssigneeStanley & Stanley Inc
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Combination case
US 1758297 A
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y 13, 1930- G. STANLEY 1,758,297

COMBINATION CASE Filed June 20, 1927 i I 2 juvenile??? i 1 W G. s't'amfia a U 2 Patented May 13,1930 l UNITED STATES} LEOPOLD e; STA1 TLEY,,OF ivmrLEwooD, NEW Jnnsngnssielvon woy mlusr eshma LEY, INCORPORATED, or NEW YORK, 1v. v ncortro rt irrmv 01* NEW .YoR W- oolvrnmn'rronciisn" Application med June 20,

This invention is a novel combination case, especially for pocket use and has reference more particularly to a foldablecase; made from leather or similar sheet material adapted for a certain combination of uses as will,

o r be herein described.

afford a pocket case adapted to the uses below set forth and which will be compact when folded, convenient in use, simple and dura ble. A particular object is to provide a leather or other case adapted to contain paper money or the like, keys and other objects. Further objects and advantages will be explained in the hereinafter following description of an illustrative embodiment of the invention or will be apparent to those conversant with the subject. To the attainment of such objects and advantages the present invention consists" in the novel com bination case and the novel features of construction, arrangement, combination and detail herein illustrated or described. I In the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 is what may be described as an inside view of a combination case embodying the present invention, with the partssomewhat opened up to show better the construction.andpartly broken away to show the interior.

Fig. 2 is a similar view of the other or outer side of the article. 1

Figs. 3 ands are perspective views respectivelyof the twosides of the article in closed condition.

Fig. 5 is a side view of a detached element.

The body of the combination case of this invention is shown constructed of two main layers or pieces 6'and of leather or similar material, the layer .6 being what is here termed the interior and the layer the ex terior portion, as these layers take these respective positions when the article is closed. The 'main pieces 6 and 7 are attached by stitching 8 around the lower'side and thetwo ing an opening and space 9 constituting the money or the like. 1

5 The combined main pieces Gand 7 may he ends, but left unstitched at the top thus leavconsidered as comprising three sections,

tion ll and an outer end section 12. In closupon. the central sectionand the outer section ":12 upon them, and the partsare preferably 7 7 secured in this. position, forexample by a The general object of the invention 1s to fastener member 13 on the section-l-l and a complementary fastener member 14 0a the section 12, these" being for: example :of the ball and socket'snap fastener type.

V Forgrea'ter security for the main or long pocket 9 there is shown a closing flap 15 which is connected by stitching 16 to the inner leather layer 6, this flap reaching over the top of the pocket and down-at the exter1or.= 4 i V The space between the central'section 1 0 ofthe article'and the infolded end sections 1'1 and 12 constitutes a space whichis open at thetop an'dbottom"; but is available f'o'r containing attached objects suclrfasf'keys'. For this purpose there are shown a number of 'snatiles or hooks 17 attachedto the upper part ofthe central section 10 vof the inner main layer '6." Preferably these are attached at i that portion of the layer 6 which is reenforced by the attached portion fof the-leather flap -15, as-shown, thus giving a. very strong and elfective arrangement Uponicertain of the key hooks or loops I'Tare shown a' number of keys 18 which are seen to.besnuglyaccommodated int-his central interior, spaces.

Atthe opposite or outersideiof the central 7 section 10, and attachedto'the' outer leather layer17,""there may. be arranged small flat pocket 19for the receptionof'business cards or the like, this pocket being shown attached ting the article the section 11 is turned in by'stitching 20 to the center ofthe layer 7 The closingflap -15 may be arranged to close notonly the mainor long pocket g contain etc., also thesma-ll .or. cardfpoc'ket 19. Forthispurpos'e a fastener ns psp v gm ey,

member 21. isshownon the: pocket IQadapted to be engaged by'a complementary fastener member 22 on the free endQof the flap315;

' Figs. land 2 show these'several parts in their openfcondition andFigsB and ft show them in theirclo'sed condition. 7 The long layers'6' and 7 asfattached, with open, consider d as an elon;

., i V T 1,758,295

gated bill-fold pocket, toreceive paper money or the like, and foldable as a whole in any manner to enclose a key receiving space, in which areaccommodated keys or the like and 5 the described snaflies or other holding means, perma-nentl-y attached to' the interior of a one section, preierably the middle one. The article as a whole performs acom'bination of 7 servic s n a, e yv handy n er; and, i 10 li e', u ged r q i m nt nd; omp

T e swivelled key holdinggd'evices" 17 are- 1 shown securely attachedby their rings to thecase in a manner claimed to be novel, these rings extending througligshort slits in layer V 15 6 and therebehind being anchored by a leatherstriplhreadedathrough: all the rings and. having. its widened ends stitched: firmly inpl-acei r V i I It willithusibez seen: that there haszbeen: de-

scribed an-oveLcombinatiom case for pocket i useembodying the" principles and attaining the Objects, of; the present invention; Since various matters of construction, arrangement, combination and detail may be modi fied Withoutdeparting'from the-principles it is not; intended tolimit the invention to such matters except so: far as set forth in the appended claims. r

I What I is I claimed; isi;

- 1.. A omb nation; 10111. and keycase comprising outer and inner long layers attached together; to feign-1a long sidesopeni ng or billfold pocket and ioldablg; asa Whole; in-three sectionsg andkey: holding means-"mounted V on oneof said, sections; at; the exteriorpside of: the innerof said ;-1ayers,; and the middle section of the inner-layer having;a flapadapted. to, 1. old( ut-v and downto close the long pocket, andumeans for fastening such: flap, 4Q Whereoysaid pocketwithth'ebills therein will surround and enclose; the keys; on said key, holdingmeans, while said flap closes the iopen sideiof the longpocket, V

A combination billrand key case como 45 prising outerandinner-longlayers-attached together toiorm alongside-opening or bill:- fold pocket and foldable, as a wholein a-plur ity 05 e tion u nd key ho di means 'Inounted on one of saidsections at the ex- 7 r0 terior side ofithe inner. ofisaid layers',cwher eea ignet by. said POQkQii with the bills therein will I sure manners-Ab o e ayer -mnid I e ion: ha ing" flat pp nta pock t; and

the inner: ayer at z tsmi s ction i vil flap. adapted to fold'out and, down 7' to close a b. t e/long T PQQktL a upplement p ket and fasteningmeansforsuchjlap V l tiimo y..- whieof5-1$ hare afl xed -my round encloseithe keys on key holdii i

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