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Publication numberUS1758347 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1930
Filing dateApr 15, 1927
Priority dateApr 15, 1927
Publication numberUS 1758347 A, US 1758347A, US-A-1758347, US1758347 A, US1758347A
InventorsMorris Beibin
Original AssigneeSamuel Beibin
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Container for moth balls
US 1758347 A
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May 13, 1930. M. BEIBIN CONTAINER FOR MOTH BALLS Fjled April 15, 1927 INVENToR.

' ATTORNEY Patented May 13, 1930 l 1,758,3


My invention -relates to improvements in tained thereby in a substantially flat shape moth ball containers, having therein aperas shown. f

tures for the air to pass therethru, and it con- Said frame 11 has formed thereon near the sists in the novel features, which are heremupper end thereof shoulders 16, which taper after described. towards said neck 111, as shown 1n Figs. 1 55 @ne of the objects of my invention is-to and 8; and said sack 15 has' therein an openprovide a container for moth balls, which ing 17 near the upper end thereof, which may has therein a maximum of air-openings. be closed by a drawstring 18, which is sitn Another obj ect of my invention is to have uated in a hem 19, which is formed on said 10 said container for moth balls of a convenient sack 15 at the edge of said opening 17 there- 60 shape, to be placed in narrow spaces, as beof. tween clothes and articles of apparel. Moth balls 20 may be placed in said sack A further object of my invention is-to 15, and the latter is then closed by means provide a container for moth balls, which of said drawstring18,thereby retaining said may be readily opened and closed. moth balls 20 in position, thereby complet- 65 Another object of my invention is-to proing my container for moth balls. duce a perfected container for moth balls, The netting of the sack 15 aords a maXiwhich is simple, durable and inexpensive. mum of openings for the air to pass there- @ther objects and advantages will herethrough.

inafter appeal'. The fiatshape of the sack 15, as given to it 70 I attain these objects by the container for by said frame 11, makes it convenient for my moth balls, one form of which is illustrated container for moth balls to be placed in narin the accompanying drawings, or by any row spaces as between clothes, bedding or mechanical equivalent or obvious modicapapers,

a5 tion Of the Same. i The drawstring 18 affords a ready means 75 In the drawings Fig. 1 is a front elevafor opening and closing the same sack 15. tion of my container for moth balls, which is The loop 12 serves for suspending my conshown as filled with moth balls and closed, tainer for moth balls, and the Wire frame 11 and with the drawstrings thereof tied. Serves as a skeleton for my container for Fig. 2 is a side elevation or edge view of mOi-,l1 balls, so

the same. The simplicity, durability and inexpensive- Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view of the upper ness of my container for moth balls is eviend of my container for moth balls, which dent from the drawings.

is shown as empty and with they drawstrings Instead of making the sack 15 of netting, it

thereof untied. may also be made of any other fabric or wire 85 Like numerals refer to like parts throughgauze, if desired; but I prefer to make it of out the several views: netting as the most suitable material.

11 designates a wire frame, which serves The frame 11 may also be made of sheet as a skeleton for the body of the container, metal or any other rigid material, if desired; and is shown as terminating at the upper end but I prefer to make it of wire. thereof in a neck 14 and a loop 12, which is Many other changes may be made in the formed at one end of the wire, of which the details of my container for moth balls, withframe 11 is made; the other end 13 of the out departing from the main scope of my wire of said frame 11 may be connected to invention. y 95 said neck 1liby soldering it thereto or in any I do not, therefore, restrict myself to the other suitable manner. details as shown in the drawings, but I intend A sack 15 serves as the body of the conto include also all mechanical equivalents and tainer and is preferably made of netting; obvious modiiications of the same within the it is enclosing said frame 11, and is mainscope of my invention. 100

I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. A container for moth balls, comprising a flat skeleton frame of Wire, forming a substantially closed ligure, and a flexible sack of substantially the same size and shape as the major part of said frame, the edges of said sack enveloping said frame in the plane of the latter and being supported thereby, thereby keeping said sack substantially flat, and said sack having a closable opening at one end thereof. y

2. A container for moth balls comprising a flat skeleton fra-me ofv Wire forming a substantially Closed ligure, and having a reduction of Width near one end thereof, thereby forming shoulders, and a flexible sack enveloping said frame in the plane of the latter and supported thereby, said sack having a closable opening at one end thereof at said shoulders, the latter preventing the slipping off of said sack from said frame.


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