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Publication numberUS1758585 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1930
Filing dateMay 8, 1928
Priority dateMay 8, 1928
Publication numberUS 1758585 A, US 1758585A, US-A-1758585, US1758585 A, US1758585A
InventorsFrederic Riegel George
Original AssigneePinaud Inc
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Carton for dermatological and epidermical cream
US 1758585 A
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G. F. RIEGEL May 13, 1930.




' Application filed May 8, 1928. 7 Serial No; 275,994.

This invention relates to a carton. In preparlng certain materials such as dermatological or epidermical creams for The present invention contemplates a carton which is substantially triangular in crosssection with the result that, when it is used to contain a tube of the character hereinbefore identified, much space will be economized and in the construction of the carton much material will be saved. At the same time there will be produced a distinctive carton which may be packed with the greatest economy of space.

In the drawings, there is illustrated one of the embodiments of the invention but, of

course, the invention will not be restricted to this exact form, except as is necessitated by the claim.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the carton Figure 2 is a cross sectional view;

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view;

so and s Figure 4 is a view of the blank after it is scored but before it is folded.

The form of theinvention illustrated includesside walls 1, 2 and 3, the wall 1 being substantially wider than the walls 2 and 3, but all of the walls being of the same length.

One of the walls, 3 for instance, or it may be the remote wall 1, if desired, carries a flap 4 which is for the purpose of carryingan adhesive to secure the side walls in the triangular form. This flap may be of the desired form but in that shown the ends are beveled at 5 so that they will recede from the ends of the carton when it is in its assembled condition.

One of the other walls, 1 for instance, carries the ends 6 and 7 which are triangular in form, the edge 8 being co-extensive with the width of the side wall 1 and the edges 8 and 9 being co-extensive with the widths of the other walls 2 and 3.

Each of the ends 6 and 7 carries a tab 1 0 which projects from one side of the end by which it is carried'in'the direction of the next adj a-centwall 2, and'these tabsare so formed as to be easily insertable when the carton is assembled.

The remote wall 3 is also provided at its ends with tabs 11. One edge 12 of each of these tabs. 11. is, in effect, an extension of the adjacent edge of the wall 3, while the other edge 13 is beveled. The reason for the particular formation of the edge 11 'is that it 'formsiwhen folded an abutment between which and the wall 2 the tab 10 is held. The

top and bottom or the ends of the carton are then held closed. Moreover, the tabs 11 reinforce the ends 6 and 7 and are held in contact with their inner faces by thecontact with or .2

co-action of the'tabs 10 and 11.

Of course, it is to be realized that the tabs 6 and 7 need not be carried by the edges 8 of the ends 6 and 7, but maybe carried by the remote edges 9, in which event the tabs 11. will be carried by the walls 2.

In forming the carton, the blank is struck from a single piece of material and this blank includes theside walls, the ends and the tabs described. The side walls are defined by scoring along the lines 14 and 15. The ends are defined byscoring at 7 and the tabs 4, l0 and 11 by scoring at 16,8 and 17 respectively.

The carton is formed by folding along the scoring 14 and 15 and the flap 4 is folded.

along the scoring 16. The flap 4 is then located on the inner face of the wall 1 and secured thereto by any suitable means, such as adjacent wall 2. The ends are then held in position. j

The carton iseasy to assemble, saves packing space and material in making and, in addition, is of a novel, attractive and distinctive orm.

a What is claimed is:

.In a carton, a blank formed to provide a triangular shaped carton, said blank having a body portion scored toform the sides of the carton, a flap extending from one side edge thereof, triangular portions extending from the end edges of one side portion of said carton, tabs extending'from said triangular portions with the edge furthest from the body 19 "portion forming an acute angle with the edge 7 from which they extend and tabs of substantially trapezoidal shape extending from the 7 end edges of another side portion of said carton, the edges of said latter mentioned tabs forming angles with the end edges of said side portion equal to the angle formed between said side portion andthe adjacent side portions when the carton is in folded position and adapted to hold the first mentioned tabs against the adjacent side portion when the carton is in folded position, all of the tabs being rounded at their free edges whereby the edges of the first mentioned tabs, which edges. are adjacent'to the body portion, are

H inserted into the carton, on folding, freefrom contact Withthe latter mentioned tabs. In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification this 2nd day of May, 1928.' 7


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U.S. Classification229/115
International ClassificationB65D5/02
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/0254
European ClassificationB65D5/02F