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Publication numberUS1758600 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1930
Filing dateApr 20, 1929
Priority dateApr 20, 1929
Publication numberUS 1758600 A, US 1758600A, US-A-1758600, US1758600 A, US1758600A
InventorsSerafino Grassi
Original AssigneeSerafino Grassi
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Chain portiere
US 1758600 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

s.. GRASSI CHAIN PORTIRE Ma'y 13, 1930.

Filed Apr-i1 20, 1929 l NVENTOR. ,Serafn o Grassi BY ATTORNEY Patented May 13, 1930 -sERAFINo GRASSI,l or WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT CHAIN 'PORIIRE' Application filed April 20,

This invention relates to a chain portire adapted to be hung over a doorway or the like.

One object of this invention is to provide a Chain portire of the above nature consist- 115 in appearance, and very efficient and durable in use.

With these and other objects inview there has been illustrated on the accompanying drawings one form in which the invention 2U may be conveniently embodied in practice.

Fig. 1 represents a side View partially in section of a portion of one of the portire chains as it appears when suspended upon the top supporting bar.

F ig. 2 is a front view of one of the detachable interior link members as it appears before being twisted into its final shape.

Fig. 3 is a side View of the link member shown in F ig. 2 as it appears in open position and showing the top of the next lower link connected thereto.

F ig. 4 is, a fragmentary front view of a door frame upon which the invention has been installed, the portire being shown in closed position.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view of the same, showing( the portire in partly open position. y

Referring Vnow to the drawings in which like reference numerals denote corresponding parts throughout the several views, the numeral indicates a door frame consisting of a top member 11 and side members 12 and 13. The chains of the portire are adapted to `be hung parallel to each other upon a pair of bars 14 and 15 pivoted together by a hinge 16, said bars being movably supported at the top of the door frame in a manner to be hereinafter described.

90 In order to permit the portire to be opened VEach ofthe wire members originally com- 1929. Serial N0. 356,811.

and closed whenever desired, the right-hand end of the bar 15 is pivotally connected toV the frame section 13, as by a hinge 17. Provision is also made of a manually ope-rated mechanism comprising a vertical rod 18 jour- 55 naled in eyes 19 having its ends bent at rightangles thereto to form an upper .arm 2O and a lower manipulating handle 21,' the latter being considerably shorter than the arm 20. The upper arm 20 is provided with a depend, 60 ing extremity 22 on which is mounted a roller 22a adapted to slidably engage between a horizontal U-shaped guiding member 23 eX- tending forwardly from the bar 15, and a'rib 24 formed on the 'surface of said bar.

The `left-hand end of the bar 14 is provided with a horizontal lug 25`having a swiveled connection with a slidable block 26 having its upper end bifurcated and forming a journal for a rolier 27 adapted to engage a U-shaped guide rod'28 rigidly mounted at the top of the door frame 11.l The guide rod 28 is pro'-v vided with flattened inturned ends 29 secured, as by screws 30, to the sides of the door frame 11.

The parallel portire chains are connected to the bars 14 and 15 by means of closedcircular eyes'31 suspended within spaced apertures 32 in the lower edges of vsaid bars. .Depending from each of the'eyes'31 is a chain consisting of aplurality of identical detachable links, said links comprising a twisted interior wire member 33, and an outer tubular ornamental shell section 34, as mostclearly shown in Figs. 1 to 3. i

Figs. -2 'and 3 illustrate the appearance of the wire members 33 before being twisted into their iinal shape, as shown in Fig. 1.

prises a` lower loopsection 35 from which o extend aV pair of parallel upper Vshanks 36 n and 37,the upper ends kofwhichare provided with opposed inwardly directed hook sections 38 and 39 which areadapted to detachably embrace the loop section 35 of the next upper link of the chain or the eyes 31 in the bars 15 and 16. The lowermost links of the por- .tire chains are provided with semi-spherical cap members 40 which embrace the loop section 35thereof, said cap members 40 serving to complete the cha-in and enhance the ornamental appearance thereof.

Operation In the operation of connecting one link to the next adjacent link, it is only necessary to insert the eye 3l at the end of the first link between.y the hooks 38 Vand 39 of the second link, andto the-n twist said linksprelatively to cach other tothe position shown in Fig. l. It lwill be understood that the tubular sections of the chain links may be inade in any desirable color or have any desired ornamentation applied thereto.

One advantage of a chain portire of this type is thatit permitsthe free circulationof air through the door or other space in which it is hung, while at the saine time shading the direct rays of sunlight and excludinginse'cts.

inner bar for swinging both of said bars to one side, the lower edges of said bars having spaced apertures, eye members suspended from 'saidaperturea and chains suspended from said eye members.

5. In a portire, a pair of inner and outer chain-supporting bars pivoted together, said inner bar adapted to be hinged to said frame,

said outer bar being slidably connected to said frame, and a U-shaped frame having its base journaled in the-side yof said door frame, the top leg of said frame being slidably connected with said inner bar, and the bottom leg of said frame serving as an operating handle- In testimony whereof, I `have aiiXed my signature to this speciiication'.

sniiariuo GRASSI.

a vWhile there has been disclosed in this specisired to secure Letters Patent, is:

` what is claimed as new, and for which it is del l. In a portire, a pair ofpivoted bars, one l of said bars havinga hinge for attachment to a door frame, said barsbeing pivoted together and having Va rowo" closely spaced portire chains suspended therefrom, means for swinging said bars into collapsed position at the side of saiddoor frame whereby said portiere will be opened. s

2. In a portire, a pair of chain supporting bars pivoted together, one of said bars adapted to be hingedat its outer end to the side of a door frame, means for swinging said hinged bar about its pivot on the door fra-me,

Va horizontal guiding vrod adapted to be mounted parallel to the top of said door frame, and means onthe other of said bars for slidable engagement by said guiding rod, whereby the swinging of said hinged bar will cause both of said bars to move into closed position. n Y a 3. In a portire, a pair of inner and outer chainssupporting bars pivoted together, said inner bar adapted to be hinged to said frame,

said outer bar being slidably connected to y'said frame, ,and means,- connected with said inner bar for swinging both of said. bars toV one side.

4. Ina portire, a pair of inner and outer chain-supporting bars pivoted together, said inner barradapted to be hinged to said frame,

said outer bar. being slidably connectedto saidglirame, andlineans connected with said

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