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Publication numberUS1759162 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1930
Filing dateFeb 11, 1927
Priority dateFeb 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1759162 A, US 1759162A, US-A-1759162, US1759162 A, US1759162A
InventorsLang Franz
Original AssigneeAcro Ag
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Oil motor
US 1759162 A
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F. LANG 0,11. MOTOR May 20, 1930.

. Filed Feb. 11, 1927 F/g.4 I

Fig. Z

meme May 2o, 1930 l PATENT i 4.or-flner: f

nmz LANG, or nomen-maximum, aannam?, Assioma sono animi- GESELLSCHUT, OE AM HG1,

l Ommeren l L Application V'led. l'ebriiary 11,'Seria1 No.

This invention relates to an oil motor-provided with a hollow space in the piston)` 'servg as additional compression space, as disc osed in my copending application Serial No. f

In order to avoid the necessity of elongatinglthe piston for the accommodation of the ho ow space as slightly as possible, said hollow space is made, annular according to theI- present invention, whereby at the same time the advantage is obtained, that the additional compression space is not disposed directly I'abovethe point vof attachment of the pistonv rod. Moreover between said point of attachl ment and the additionalcombustion space a higher stratum of airj is present which insulates said point of attachment against the heat radiatlon of the additional compression space. l In the accompanying drawing, illustrating the subject matter of the invention by Away of example, Y

Fig. 1 shows the upper pagt of a cylinder in longitudinal section,

Fig. 2 is a cross section on the line :v -w of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 shows a modification in longitudinal lsection and Fig. 4 is a crosssection on the line y-fy ofF1g.3. I In the drawing the .reference characterv a indicates the cylinder, b 'the piston and the additional compression s ace provided .with-- in said piston. This additional compression spacel has an annular shape and its crosssec' tion isl reduced in upward direction, so .that a slit d is formed, which also has annular shape and connects the space rrwith'theY ri, 'mary combustion space- 'e' of the cylin er. 40 The annu ar slit or channel isf funnel4like enlarged n front'ofthe'red'uction or throt-` tling re riction in order to favor the mixing `of the fuel with the air. The fuel vnozzle'f is disposed in the center o f the cylinder head and arranged in such a manner that the fuel passes in the 4shape of a conical mantleor `veil and in uniform distribution toward the annular channel d' of the additional compression splace. The injection can be efected with or wit out compressed air. -Suitab1y,.tho nozthe,.pi ston,

"lets'zsf and meemuy rem-nary ia, 192e.

zle fis made vertically adjustable in its central-axis, in order to adjust saidnozzle. in accordance with the position of the piston, corresponding to the moment of injection in such a manner, that the jets j f fuelare-safety guided' toward the annula channel d. As 4may'befseen from Fig. lla bigh'airaspace is provided above the point'of attachment of y the Apiston rod,- so that said point' of .attachment is protected against the head radiationof the additionalcombustion space c. The

operation of the present engine-is substantially the same as the operation of the engine disclosed in my copendmg application Serial No'.` 28,899. 65-

' In'order to enable a further shorteningof the piston, a further additional compression space g is` arranged within the annular space c in the modification illustrated in Figs.` 3 and 4, said further additional compression space g being connected with the compression and combustion space i of the l cylinder by means ofa reduced aperture or Y throttling restriction la.. this case the nozzle f has/afurther bore, arranged in the cenitrall axis of the needle and adapted to injectl Y.

fuel toward vthe space g. e. If desired, the additional compression space can-be formed as a-special body inserted into which inserted body can bel easily so exchanged. Instead of the annular channel g several funnel-shaped openings arranged in 'a' circle can connect. the two compression spaces.-

In theillustrated forms of construction the motor is disclosed as a two-cycle motor, that means the feeding of the air andthe discharge of thecombustion gases are regulated by the piston by means 'of slots. The invention of course can 4be applied also to allengines in which separate regulated valves for the feed.

mg of lair andithgl exhaustof the combustion Y gases .are required of these engines the fourcycle enginesv are the most cnnmon. I'cl'aimfY IV 1 1. A combustion engine with self-ignition, comprisinga Vcylinder and a pistor\recipro Acatingtherein, said 'piston being provided with an annular compressionl spacearrangedj therewithin and connected by a ring-shaped aperture of reduced cross-section with the compression space of the cylinder. Y fr 2. A combustion engine with self-ignition, comprising a cylinder and a piston reciprocating therein, said piston being provided with an annular compression space arranged therewithin and connected by a ring-shaped aperture of reduced cross-section with the compression space of the cylinder, said ringshaped aperture having a funnel-like enlarge ment opening outwardl 3. A combustion engine with self-ignition, comprising a cylinder and a piston reciprocating therein, -said piston being provided With an annular compression space arranged therewithin an'd a central hollow space, both.

spaces beirfg connected in the same manner with the compression spaced of the cylinder.

4. A combustion engine with self-ignition comprising a cylinder, a piston reciprocating therein, said piston being provided with an Aannular com ression space arranged there-

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