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Publication numberUS1759348 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1930
Filing dateNov 13, 1929
Priority dateNov 13, 1929
Publication numberUS 1759348 A, US 1759348A, US-A-1759348, US1759348 A, US1759348A
InventorsMorris Fishman
Original AssigneeMorris Fishman
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Bathtub cushion and mat
US 1759348 A
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May 20, 1930. M: FISHMAN BATHTUB CUSHION AND MAT Filed Nov. 13, 1929 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 v INVENTOR. %M- 7 May 20, 1930. FlSHMAN 1,759,348

BATHTUB CUSHION AND MAT Filed Nov. 15, 1929 3 Sheets-Sheet .2


May 20, 1930. M. FISHMAN BATHTU'B CUSHION AND rm- 3 Sheets-Sheet 15 Filed Nov. 15, 1929 R m m m Patented May 20, 1930- PATENT; [OFFICE MORRIS rrsmun, 01: marnorr. MICHIGAN m'rnron cusnron AND MAT- Application filed November 13, 1929. Serial No. 406,748.

The object of my invention is to provide a sanitary covering, suitable for detachably mounting inside a bath tub for preventing body contact with the metallic tub walls.

6 Another object is to produce a detachable water proof cushion for mounting on the end wall of a bath tube suitable for comfortably reposing therein.

I A further object is to produce a combined cushion and mat that may be securely attached to any bath tub wall by vacuum cup means, providing a mat section for standing or sitting thereon, and an end wall pillow or cushion for reclinin thereagainst.

A still further ob ect is to produce a detachable cushion mat, whereby the mat 's ection may be so folded over the cushion as to convert same into a sanitary back brush.

These several objects are attained in the preferred form by the construction and arrangement of parts more fully hereinafter set forth.

Similar parts on all drawings are marked by similar numerals, or letters.

Fig. 1 is a front view of the combined cushion and mat showin the general exterior structure and meansor connecting same together.

Fig. 2 is an edge view of the combined cushion and mat showing the relative position of the joinedsections and the means for detachably mounting the cushion on the tub end wall.

Fig. 3 is also an edge view of the combined cushion and mat sections with the mat folded and converted into a back brush or rubber.

Fig. 4 is a sectional view crosswise through the cushion section taken on the line 44 of the Fig. 1,,showing the cushion construction, formed with air chambers.

Fig. 5 is also a sectional view taken on the same line 4-4 of Fig. 1 showing an alternate cushion construction formed with a. resilient filler material instead of air chambers as shown in Fig. 4.

Figs. 6, 7 and 8 illustrate various types of vacuum cup with mountings, and means for connecting-same to the cushion section.

Fig. 9 is a vertical sectional view lengthwise an ordinary bath tub, illustratmg the I drawings and the marks thereon.

position and application of my invention as applied thereto.

I Wlll now describe more fully the detailed construction of my device, referring to the In general, my invention comprises a suitable, water proof, resilient cushion, of a size to fitinside the sloping end wall of a bath tub, provlded with wall vacuum cups for securely attaching the cushion thereto. A reversible mat section is attached to the cushion edge and extended to rest on the bath tub bottom I when unfolded, or folded back up and over the cushion section, exposing the under corrugated surface of the mat and converting {)he cushion into-a ribbed back brush or rub- The cushion section 1- is preferably made an air inflated casing, although any suitable type of resilient cushion may be used, and is formed of two thin sheets of rubber --a and -b securely joined together alongthe sheet edges by cement or vulcanizing process, forming a flat edge rib 2 extending around the cushion section and providing an air tight casing. Throughout the central section of the casing -1- said rubber sheets a and -b are intermittently joined together by button. sections 3, formed by cementing or vulcanizing the sheets together atthese points, providing means for preventing a wide separation of the rubber sheets when the cushion is inflated with air, and by this means forming a thin, flat air cushion. Along the edge of the cushion --1 is mounted a tubular air valve 4 of the ordinary type such as is commonly used for pneumatic. tires for admitting and retaining air pressure therein. The air Valve 4- is preferably placed between the edges of the rubber sheets aand b before cementing them together, and forming an air tight joint therewith. The cushion 1 may be easily inflated as desired by the use of a small air pump or by the mouth. Each corner of the cushion 1-- is formed with a flattened corner section c by further depressing the rubber sheets a and b and cementing or vulcanizing them together .over a greater area.

. members along the edges thereof. For inequally spaced holes in order that the cushion edges may be. inter-changeable for attached creasing the usefulness of the cushion, added holes 5 may be formed within the corners cand which may be utilized in case the outer holes -5 are torn or destroyed. Vithin the holes 5-, and especially the corner holes 5 are inserted special vacu um cups 7. The vacuum cups '7- are ordinary vacuum cups commonly used for attaching to smooth surfaces, but are provided with suitable button tops g for engaging the cushion holes 5- and securely retaining the vacuum cups therein, said cups 7 being positioned with the engaging cup edges approximately in line with the button cushion surface. If desired,

an extended button plug kmay be mounted thereon .for attaching the edge of the mat section thereto. The purpose of the vacuum cups being solely for securely attaching the cushion section -1 to the end Wall of a bath tub, and in cases-Where cheaper designs are desired the vacuum cups could be replaced by hook members designed to extend over and hook on the top edgeof the bath tub wall. Attached to the button tops g is a flat mat section 8, made of heavy rubber material, formed with a flat top surface m-- and a rough corrugated bottom surface ;o. The design of the ribbed surface p isnot material to the invention and may be of any desired design that will substantially cover the sheet surface as illustrated on the folded corner of the mat in Fig. 1. Each corner of the mat 8+ is provided with button holes 9 for engaging the plug section g on the vacuum cups along opposite edges of the cushion 1. For general tub use the mat 8 is attached to the bottom edge of the cushion as indicated in Fig. 1 ofthedrawings. It is the intention of the inventor to have all holes in both the cushion and mat symmetrically positioned therein so as to be interchangeable and capable of attaching the mat 8 to any cushion edge desired. The mat section 8, may if desired, be made as a part of the cushion by extending the rubber sheets aand bvulcanized together, or by vulcanizing the mat directly to the cushion edge.

By placing the cushion -1- along the sloping end wall w of a bath tub 11- the vacuum cups 7 may be securely at- The cushion section 1- is preferably made with equal length sides and tached to the tub walls in the usual manner by pressing same tightly thereon, and the cushion securely held in-place,.thc cushion and attached mat section 8 being positioned so the mat 8- will rest flat on the tub bottom -;1 providing a suitable surface for standing or sitting in the tub without danger of slipping, the cushion -1 providing a comfortable support for reclining or reposing within the tub. The entire covering being made of rubber affords a water proof article which is sanitary in every respect.

By folding the outer free end of the mat 8 up and over the top cushion surface as illustrated in Fig. 3 of the drawings, the ribbed corrugated surface ;o is exposed and forms an outer covering surface for the cushion, and converting the same into an effective back brush for washing or massaging the back of a person using'the tub, the "same being effective by a slidingmovement of the body when resting thereon. The mat may be omitted if desired and a corrugated cushion face used instead.

It is to be understood that the air cushion section 1 may be replaced by any type of cushion desired, as illustrated by'a resilient rubber filler 12; shown in Fig. 5, or any other type of resilient material or construction suitable for retaining a water proof covering thereon; also the means for attaching the various vacuum cups to thecushion edges may be accomplished in many ways, and either by the button means through the cushion edges as shown in the drawings, or by various straps, hooks or snaps &c. The means or way of fastening these cups thereto is not material if they afford a rigid support for the cushion section, and while I have shown and described the preferred construc-' tion of both the cushion and mat and means for joining and mounting same, I claim any and all designs that substantially substitutes the parts herein shown.

Having fully described my bath tub cushion mat, what I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. A cushion mat adapted for mounting ins side of a bath tub and used in combination therewith, comprising a resilient cushion section having vacuum cups mounted along the sides thereof, a flexible mat section detachab ly mounted along the bottom edge of said cushion capable of being folded over the cushion surface and attached thereto and means mounted on said cushion for engaging the mat edge for retaining same thereon.

2. A cushion mat adapted for mounting inside a bath tub and used in combination therewith, comprising a resilient cushion section,

said button means and capable of engaging a part or all of said buttons.

3. A cushion mat adapted for mounting inside a bath tub and used in combination therewith, comprising a resilient cushion section, vacuum cups mounted along the cushion edges and fixedly attached thereto, a button formed on the top of each vacuum cup, a flexible rubber mat having one corru ated surface detachably mounted on said utton tops along one cushion edge, said mat being capable of folding over the cushion surface and engaging the button tops along the opposite cushion edge in a manner for exposing t e corrugated mat surface.

4. A cushion mat adapted for mounting inside a bath tub and used in combination therewith, comprising a resilient cushion section, vacuum cups mounted around the cushion 0 edges, said vacuum cups having means for securely but detachably mounting same thereon, attaching buttons mounted along the top surface of the cushion edges all equally spaced thereon, a flexible mat section having one corrugated surface detachably mounted on the attaching buttons along one cushion edge, said mat being capable of being folded over the top cushion surface and engage the attaching buttons along the opposite cushion edge and in a manner to expose the corrugated mat surface over said cushion.

In witness whereof I sign this s ecification.


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