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Publication numberUS1759804 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1930
Filing dateMar 20, 1928
Priority dateApr 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1759804 A, US 1759804A, US-A-1759804, US1759804 A, US1759804A
InventorsPieron Otto
Original AssigneeFirm Rudolph & Kuhne G M B H
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Device for drying textures
US 1759804 A
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May 20, 1930. Q. PIERON 1,759,804

DEVICE FOR DRYING T EXTURES Filed larch 20, 1928 Patented May 20, 1930 UNITED STATES" PATENT OFFICE orro PIERON, or BERLIN, GERMANY, ASSIGNOR TO THE rmm RUDOLPH & 11mm a. u. 3. 11., or BERLIN, enmummz- Y DEVICE FOR DRYING TEX'IUBES Application filed March 20', 1928, Serial No. 263,108 and in Germany April 2, 1927.

This invention relates to devices for drying textures and otherwise removing moisture therefrom. It has been found that special devices are necessary for this purpose in order'to properly pass a texture in front of a nozzle which is operated by compressed air and to fully utilize the favorable efl'ect exerted by the compressed air.

My invention, has for its primary objectto provide an improved device of this kind and consists essentially in the use of a pres sure roller, which co-operates with said nozzle, said pressure roller being mounted on that side of the nozzle towards which the texture passes during the operation of drying. According to my invention, preferably, only a single pressure roller is employed.

-With two pressure rollers, apparently, the

- current which is discharged from the nozzle,

at the same time preventing with certainty a supply of moisture to the dried parts of the texture.

My invention further consists in providing a special contrivance in combination with the drying device, said contrivance serving for covering up a greater or smaller part of the width of the slot provided in the compressed air nozzle in order to avoid any excessive or superfluous discharge of compressed air from said nozzle during treatment of a texture which is of awidth less than that of the slot of the nozzle. For this purpose an adjustable closure in the form of a balfie is provided within the nozzle of the drying device, said adjustable baflie serving for covering up the slot or other discharge opening of the nozzle toa greater or less extent. This bafiietion to this, said extension may serve for the purpose of conveniently cleaning said slot, as well as for varying the effective length of the latter.

In, the accompanying drawing I have shown and in the following specification described in detaila preferred form of the device according to my invention. It is understood, however, that the specific disclosure is for the purpose of exemplification only and that the scope of my invention is defined in the appended claims in which I have endeavored to distinguish it from the prior art so far as known to me, without, however, re-- linquishing or abandoning any part of feature thereof. s In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a transverse crosssection of the new device according to my invention, said cross-section being taken along line A-B of Fig. 2, and Fig. 2 is a longi tudinal section through said device. 7

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, the texture 1 moves around a roller 4 and passes in front of the discharge opening or slot 6 of the nozzle. This slot is arranged to extend longitudinally of a compressed air supply pipe 5, and, after passing the nozzle, the said texture is moved'from the device by means of the roller 7. Immediately after the texture has passed the slot 6, it will be exposed -to the action of the pressure roller 14, which is preferably equipped with a covering of rubber serving to protect the texture against the eifects of acids or the like. The pressure roller is rotated in the direction as indicated by the arrow in Fig. 1.

In order to properly close a part of the discharge opening or slot 6 of the nozzle and to vary the efiective length of said opening or covered up and coacting with slot, there is providedan adjustable bafiie 15.

This baflle 15 maybe positioned either only on one side or on both sides 'of the machine. At its interior end said adjustable bafile 15 is equipped with an extension16 which is made of a width corresponding to the width of the slot 6 and closing up the slot at places which are positioned at. a greater depth therein. In this manner the compressed air is safely prevented from passing out of the open part of the slot 6 into that part of the slot which is by the adjustable bafile 15. Besides,'when adjusting the extension 16 in the slot 6 any foreign particles which may have accumulated therein mayreadily be removed; Furthermore, the extension 16 may be used for conveniently ascertaining the efiective length of the slot or the length of the closed parts of the slot at the time of adjustmentnoting the position of the bafiie 15. This baflie 15, as above mentioned, may either be adjusted by hand or also automatically by the motion of the texture when entering the device. In the latter case referably stops would have to provided with are firmly connected with the bafile 15 and controlled by the width of the texture to be passed through the drying device.

I claim:

1. Apparatus for drying and dehydrating webs of woven material comprising a nozzle having a slot for the passa eof compressed air, means for feeding a we over the nozzle and across the said slot, and a single pressure roller mounted at that side of the nozzle from which the web recedes, in its passage past the nozzle, closely adjacent the lip of said nozzle, the said side of, the nozzle to exert pressure upon the web.

2. Apparatus for drying and dehydrating webs of woven material comprising a nozzle having a slot for the passage of compressed air, means for feeding a web over the nozzle and across the said slot, a single pressure roller mounted at that side of the nozzle from which the web recedes, in its passage past the nozzle, and closely adjacent the lip of said nozzle, and coac'ting with the said side of the nozzle to exert pressure upon the web, and means for rotating the said pressure roller in a direction opposite to the direction of flow of the current of compressed air from the nozzle.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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