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Publication numberUS1759844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1930
Filing dateJun 9, 1928
Priority dateJun 9, 1928
Publication numberUS 1759844 A, US 1759844A, US-A-1759844, US1759844 A, US1759844A
InventorsEarl Wensley, Wilkes Gudge Augustus
Original AssigneeWestern Electric Co
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Method of producing articles from sheet material
US 1759844 A
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May 27; 1930. A. w. GUDGE ET METHOD OF PRODUCING ARTICLES FROM SHEET MATERIAL Filed June 9, 192a 2 Sheets-:Sheet 1 //7 Vania/s u usfus W. Gad


May 27, 19.30, A. w. GUDGE ET AL 1, 4 METHOD OF PRODUCING ARTICLES FROM SHEET. MQTERIAI Filed June 9, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 m venfors Auguszus. W Gudqe far/ Wens/ey Arr . 5'. A method of producing an article which 7 consists; in formingfrom'vsheet material an accordion pleated tape having leaves' of 'a predetermined Width, and then. stampingian annular member therefrom having a greater diameter than the width ofthe leaves 1' 6. method ofprod lici nglan article whic h consists of forming from Sheetmaterietl" an I Y accordion pleated tape having. leaves of a o e the leaves, and then'stamplng an annular memberrtherefromhaving a greater outside predeterminedwidth, creasing the edgesof diameter than the'width of the leaves,'thereby leaving portions interconnectingv the leaves. 4 Inwntness whereof, We hereunto subscribe our names this 21st 'day'of Ma ,"AQ DQ 1928.

y .EARL-WENSLEKi 20,-'-


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U.S. Classification493/340, 493/448, 493/372, 493/439, 270/40, 493/398
International ClassificationB31D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB31D1/00
European ClassificationB31D1/00