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Publication numberUS1759862 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1930
Filing dateFeb 7, 1929
Priority dateFeb 7, 1929
Publication numberUS 1759862 A, US 1759862A, US-A-1759862, US1759862 A, US1759862A
InventorsMoore Frank V
Original AssigneeMoore Frank V
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Display holder
US 1759862 A
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May 27, 1930. F. v MOORE DISPLAY HOLDER Filed Feb. 7, 1929 INVENTOR. flunk 771M201 i remaining portion and 7 I If portion' formed of a -bac wall and ajpair of v forwardly extending. 'side'r ;walls,'saidnbackwall-having a portion thereof intermediate f 1 v fifree. sides and a free oute'if end,"eachfof said' I I side 'walls having an inturned outermarginal andjbackwall; 4; Aholder comprisin forwardly with respect to said'bott'oin portion l 5 open Bo dj 7 its sidesand ends'directed forwardly 'to proa I 'vide an upstanding holderfmeinber having i portion provided withfangopening, ithe open ingsiin said'marginal portions aligningand i a bar free of connection to said holdernt em- 7 '1 be'r, disposedltransversely o'f said body por- Y tionj'and having its endssea'ted in said open pings", said barabein'g spaced from and disposed j outwardly T and upwardlyrtwith' respect to the free end ofthe holder member. 1

20 5.; A holder comprising;an openfroritloody portion formed of a backwajlland a fp'a-ir of f forwardly .extending aside wa1ls,Qsaidback, wall having a], portion thereof intermediate n 'itssidesiand ends directedforwa rdlyto-prm 7 -25 vide-anupstandingfholder member*havingw 1.. i

l I sidewallshaving an intn'rned outer marginal 3o a bar free ofgconnection to said holder meme free'sides andafreez'outer end,each of said j a 7 portion 'providedwith' an opening,"the;open-- ings in said marginal portionsaligning; and I ber; disposed-transversely 'ofsai'd body por- 7 fltio'n and. having itsendsseatedinsaid open If V I ings,saidbarbeingjspaced fromanddisposed I 1 a outwardly and upwardlywith,respectto the i free end of the 'holder ,member; said holder;

' member having its lowerportioniangularly disposed with respect to said back 'wall' and p 4 its remaining portiondisposedat aforwardly I x directed angle throughout: with respect to F 4o said inner portion! a; v In testimony wliereof niy signatnre l V Y

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U.S. Classification211/50, 211/85.26
International ClassificationA47F7/14
Cooperative ClassificationA47F7/146
European ClassificationA47F7/14F