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Publication numberUS1760018 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1930
Filing dateJan 22, 1929
Priority dateJan 22, 1929
Publication numberUS 1760018 A, US 1760018A, US-A-1760018, US1760018 A, US1760018A
InventorsMark Soss
Original AssigneeMark Soss
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Fountain brush
US 1760018 A
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May 27, 1930. M. soss FOUNTAIN BRUSH Filed Jan. 22, 1929 m N Ni: i

Attorney Patented May 27, 1930 UNITED STATES MARK SOSS, OF SPOKANE, WASHINGTON FOUNTAIN BRUSH Application filed January 22, 1929. Serial No. 334,245.

My present invention relates to improvements in fountain brushes of the types used as hairbrushes or for bath brushes, and the invention contemplates the utilization of certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts whereby the brush is adapted for use in various selectedways, as for instance the brush may be used with the bristles dry, water may be 1 added to moisten the bristles, and in addition a supply of soap, either in powder or liquid form, may be added to the water if it is desired to form a lather. Thus the improved fountain brush of my invention combines in the one article, various features for the performance of functions that may be ac complished at the will of the user of the brush.

In carrying; out my invention I utilize a brush with a hollow head in which are compartments forming a soap reservoir and a water distributing chamber, and control means are utilized for supplying the soap and water to the bristles or tufts of the brush.

The invention consists in certain novel combinations and arrangements of parts as will hereinafter be more fully pointed out and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention wherein the partsare combined and arranged accordingto the best mode I have thus far devised for the practical application of the principles 5 of my invention.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectionalview, at line 11 of Figure 6, of a brush embodying my invention. Figure 2 isan enlarged sectional detail view at line 22 of Figure 1 showing the water valve structure.

Figure 3 is a top plan, exterior view, of a portion of the brush head showing the soap valve lever. Figure 4 is a plan view of the rotary soap valve. Figure 5 is aperspective view of the valve stem for the soap valve. Figure 6 is a transverse sectional view'at line 66 of Figure 1. Figure 7 is a horizontal sectional view at line through the water chamber and water valve.

In the preferred form of my invention as illustrated in the drawings I utilize a hole low brush head 1, fashioned from suitable material and of appropriate size and shape, and the head is provided with a handle 2 that is preferably hollow also- The bristles or 5 tufts '3 of hair are afiixed in usual manner to the base plate 4 of the hollow-brush'head, and this plate is fashioned with perforations 5 to permit flow, or dripping of water to the bristles from the water chamber 6 in the bot tom of the head. I

The water chamber is formed by the use of a partition 7 that is parallel with the base plate, andabove the partition a soap reservoir 8 is provided to contain either powdered soap or soap in liquid form. The hollow head isclosed by a top cover 9 that is secured to the head by screws 10, and a filling plug 11 is provided in the cover for the purpose of permitting soap to be supplied to the .70 soap reservolr. 1 r

The brush may be used with dry bristles, or water may be supplied to the bristles from the distributing'c'hamber through the perforations 5. A supply pipe 12 is provided 7 with a suitable, flexible connection to a water supply, and this pipe enters and passes longitudinally through the hollow handle 2 to a valve casing 13 that is fixed within the tubular or hollow handle. V r

The valve casing isprovided with an interior water chamber 14, an inlet port 15 to the chamber and an outlet port 16 from the. chamber, the latter communicating with the water distributing chamber 6 in the hollow head. The flow ofwater through the chamber 14: is controlled by the use of anormally closed spring pressed valve 17 and its spring 18, the latter interposed between the valve and t a screw plug 18, which plug is threaded in i an end of the valve casing that projects through the side wall of the tubular handle.

1 A valve stem 19, having a thumb-knob or button 20, projects through the opposite side of the tubular handle and also through the 5 valve casing, and a screw plug 19 closes this part of the valve casing. The button orknob,

20 is in convenient location where it is readily accessible to the thumb of the hand holding the brush, and by pushing on the stem, the W valve is opened to permit flow of water to the distributing chamber in the head.

The supply of soap from the reservoir to i the water distributing chamber is controlled by the ultilization of a rotary valve 21 in the form of a circular disk having holes therein, and these holes are designed to register with complementary holes 23 in the partition 7 forming the bottom of the soap reservoir. valve stem 24 for the soap valve has a journal end 25 with a bearingin the partition 7 and a flattened face 26 for the valve which also has a complementary flattened face in a central opening therein. j

The valve stem extends through the soap reservoir so that the soap valve lever 27 may be attached thereto as by means of the flat tened face 28 on the stem that engages a com- 1 plementary flattened face in the perforated head of the lever a V r The'lever 27 lies flat on the topof the head cover and a screw 29 secures the lever to the end of the stem. Within the soap reserv'oir a spring 30 is coiled about the stem and interposed between a washer 31 and the valve 21 to hold the latter to its seat. 'When the lever is in position indicated in Figure 3, the ports 22 and 23 are out of alinement' and the valve is in closed position. The head of the lever is provided with aipointer 32 that is adapted to co-act with the indicator marks on the cover as indicated inFigure 3. With the pointer at the central mark 'as' indicated, the valve is closed, while the open position isindicated when the pointer is tuned to eitherof the two outer marks. A knob 33 is provided on the free end of thevalvelever and located'in 130- TV sition so that it also isreadily accessible to thethumbof the hand holdingthe brush, 1 a and the same thumb maybe used to open either ofthe water or soap valves, and both valves are automatically I closed by spring pressure when'the handles are released.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure -v by-Letters'Patent is The combination in a brush havinga hollow rigid head and aperforated partition there- "In forming a soap reservoir an'da water dis- 7 tributing chamber; of means for supplying water to thechamber,-'said head having a top 7 7 opening a-nd'a detachable washer closing the opening arotary perforated, springpressed valve in the reservoir for'co-action withthe perforated part of the partition, an exterior valvev lever adjacent the ha ndle, and a valve 7 stemjoining'the lever and valve and journaledin saidwasherandpartitioni V In testim'onywhereof I afiix my signature. .MARK SOSS.

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