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Publication numberUS1761222 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1930
Filing dateJul 16, 1928
Priority dateJul 16, 1928
Publication numberUS 1761222 A, US 1761222A, US-A-1761222, US1761222 A, US1761222A
InventorsDulcie Mccullough
Original AssigneeDulcie Mccullough
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Sanitary napkin-supporting belt
US 1761222 A
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June 3, 1930. l'


SANITARY NAPKIN-SUPPORTING BELT Application led July 16, 1928. Serial No. 292,955.

The -invention relates to improvements in respective ends by means of fabric strips 4c, supporting belts particularly useful in consaid members 2 and 3 being cut in such a mannection with the utility of Kotex, sanitary ner as to dip toward the attached ends there napkins and like articles of wear. of to form the means of disposing said belt The obj ect of the invention lies in the profrom the hips `of the wearer, rather than the a.) viding of a single piece or integral belt memabdominal and back portions of the body, ber of an extensible or elastic material shaped providing thusly a supporting belt adapted and formed to rest against the body of the to eliminate all strain or weight from the wearer adjacent the waist and so disposed as attaching means carrying the sanitary mem- 30 to receiveits support at the hip portion there-` ber. 6@

of, the portions of said belt forming the front Said belt l has attached or otherwise fasandback, thereof being dipped to rest lightly tened to said member 2 and 3 thereof front upon the abdomen and back of the body of tapes 5 and back tapes 6 carrying at their such wearer, said front and back portions of respective ends the looped ends 7 of safety 15,* said belt having attached thereto ineXtensible pins 8 the opening ends of which receive and 65 tapes, depending therefrom to a suitable support the Kotex or other form of sanitary length, and carrying at their ends safety pins napkin 9. to which the Kotex or formed sanitary naprlhe invention as described embodies a dekin is detachably supported. parture in type and form of like structures 2c Another object of the invention resides in and the form thereof may be altered in many 70 i the form of the supporting belt, in that the ways without departing materially from the front and back portions of same are of a scope of same.

V-shaped contour arranged to dispose the rel- Vhat is claimed and desired to be secured ative sides of said belt immediately upon the by Letters Patent of the United States is hips of the wearer to eliminate the sag and A sanitary napkin supporting belt com'- 75 pull of devices of the type as described, such prising a belt consisting of two members of form of said belt further providing one elastic material attached together at their wherein the ease of wear predominates. ends by fabric strips to form V-sliaped dips In the following there is described one emat the front and rear of the belt, a pair of 3@ bodiment of the invention the particular feadependent tapes attached to the belt at the 80 tures thereof being more fully set forth herefront thereof symmetrically disposed with inafter in the claim. respect to said dip, and a pair of dependent In the drawings, Fig. l is a perspective tapes similarly attached to the belt at the l view of the napkin supporting belt disposed rear thereof, each of said tapes consisting of l upon thel figure of a wearer illustrating the a narrow strip attached to the belt at its ends 85 relation of same upon such wearer, and the t0 form a dependent loop, and safety pins relation of the supporting tapes to said body for attachment to the corners of a sanitary when supporting a sanitary means of any napkin, each of said loops being threaded kind or nature; Fig. 2 is a face elevation of through the looped end of a safety pin.

the supporting belt showing the position In testimony whereof I have signed my 90 thereon of said aforesaid supporting tapes name to this specification this 14th day of and the attaching safety pins; and Fig. 3 is July, 1928. it? vertical sectional view on the line 3-3 ofl DULCIE MCCULLOUGH.

imilar numerals of reference indicate 95 similar parts throughout the several views of the drawings forming part hereof.

In the drawings, l designates the sup orting belt composed of extensible or e astio members 2 and 3 attached together at'their 100

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U.S. Classification604/402
International ClassificationA61F13/56, A61F13/64
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/64
European ClassificationA61F13/64