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Publication numberUS1761453 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1930
Filing dateApr 24, 1928
Priority dateApr 24, 1928
Publication numberUS 1761453 A, US 1761453A, US-A-1761453, US1761453 A, US1761453A
InventorsDorsey L Rankin
Original AssigneeDorsey L Rankin
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Tool kit
US 1761453 A
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D. L. RANKIN June 3, 1930.

TOOL KIT Filed April 24, 1928 Patented June 3, 1930 UNITED s' rrvras PATENT OFFICE.

nonsn'sr L. RANKIN; or sroxANE, WASHINGTON f Application filed April 24,

My present invention relates to' an; improved tool kit which is designed especially for use by mechanics and others for carr 'ing tools and devices about the shop, or rom place to place. The tool kit'is especially adapted foruse in garages or automob le repair shops where it is necessary to. carry or convey. the tools, devices, or parts from one place to another while working on different 110 jobs. The primary object: of my invention is the provision ofa tool kit which is designed to accommodate various tools and parts or devices and which is fashioned with means whereby the kit may be securely locked to I prevent theft of'thecontentsofthe kit A removable carrier and a removable-cover are provided, whereby readya'cjcess may behadto the various parts orthekiaand means are provided'for storing'th'e removable cover. The kit includes'aa plurality of drawers in which tools and small-devices or repair parts maybe-"'stored,"and iiieansare provided for locking these drawers when the kit is. closed and locked. Theinv'ention consists in certain novel combinations. and, arrangementsof parts involved in'the construction ofthe kit as will hereinafter be more fully set forth and claimed. I In the accompanying drawings; Ihave illustrated a kit fashioned preferably from metal showing thenphy'sicalembodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged according to thebestmode I have so far devised for the pra'cfiical japplication of the principles of my; invention. Figure '1 is a perspectiveyiew of the kit with a portion of the carrier omitted for convenience of"i1lustration, and partsare also broken away to disclose details {oflconstruc- .Z-L r I V C Fig.2 is a perspective view showingthe lower portion or bottom of the kit with the separable sections. of the removablecover (5 stored at the bottom of the ln't; I p

' F ig. 3 is an exterior viewat one end of .the kit showingthe supporting hangers carried by thecarrier for supportin the separated plates of the removable cove;

5') j a Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail perspective 1928. Serial No. 272,398.

view showingone of the snap spring hangers of Fig. 3; i

' Fig. 5 is a perspective detail view showing one of'thedrawers in partly open position and disclosing the locking means for the 5 drawer; I

Fig. 6 is a vertical sectional view at the front of the kit showing the manner of lock-' ing one of the drawers; and I I F ig. 7 is a detail sectional View showing one of theanti-friction or'ball bearing'sup port-s for the kit..- a

I In carrying out my invention, I preferably utilize a rectangular shaped bodyor case fashioned from metal and provided with side Walls 1 and 2 which have inturnedlower flanges 3. The kitis fashioned with arnain tray 4'extending longitudinally thereof and located inthe upper portion of the body of. the kit and in addition a narrower longitudinally extending compartment *5 is pro vided, both for the receptionof tools, devices,

or repair parts.

The kit is fashioned with a separableand removable cover thatcomprises two sections 6 and 7 which are inclined in opposite directions as indicated in Fig. 1. The section 6 has a longitudinally upstanding rib 8 and the section 7 has a complementarylongitudinally extending upstanding grooved flange 9 that is designed to fit over the rib 8 and brace as well as fasten these two cover sections "-together. At the outer edges of these cover sections they are provided with spaced hinge tongues 10 that are preferably resilient and corrugated as indicated and these tongues which depend from the lower outer edges of the sections are designed to slip into complementary slots 11 fashioned near the upper edges of the side walls 1 and '2 of the kit. '9 The tongues are passed through the slots from the exterior of the side walls and depend along the interior face of the side walls I when the cover sections are in position as indicated in Figs. 1 and 6. These tongues inv coaction with the slots provide fastening means for the cover sections andalso perform the-functions of hinges when the sections of 'th v t d t t e co er are sepiitra e dpreparaory o re 1m moval from the The two cover sections are locked together by means of one or more padlocks 12 which have hasps 13 that are passed through complementary openings 14 in the rib 8 and grooved flange 9 as indicated in Fig. 1.

A removable carrier is provided for the kit which carrier includes a pair of spaced vertical end plates 15 and 16 that are designed to fit against the end edges of the side walls and to rest upon shoulders 17 provided near the lower edges of these side walls of the kit. A tubular handle bar or pipe 18 is welded to these two end plates to form the handle of the carrier and as seen in Fig. 1, this tubular handle extends longitudinally of the kit and is spaced above, the cover of the kit to, facilitate handling of the carrier. On the inner iaces of the end plates 15 and 16 are provided locking plates 19 upon which the joined edges of the two. cover plates rest. Thus these locking plates 19 which are fashioned of angle irons, project inwardly under the cover sections and secure the carrier against longitudinal movement as well as against upward vertical movement or detach- Inent from the kit.

Anti-friction means are provided for suporting the kit and as seen in Fig. 7 these devices comprise tools 20, that are encased in casings 21 preferably stamped from the flanges 3 of the side walls of the kit, and retaining rings 22 are provided for preventing displacement of the anti-friction tools.

The two: cover sections 6 and 7 after they have been separated and removed from the kitare stored away in the open bottom of the kit and they may be supported by means carried on the end plates 15 and 16 Of the carrier. Thus, each end plate has a pair of snap spring holders 23 as seen in Figs. 3 and .4, fashioned of tl shaped wirev andsupported' from the casing 24 located on the exterior face of the ends 15 and 16. In Fig. 4, it will be seen that these angular U-shaped holders are each provided with a flat fastening plate 25 located in the, casing 24 and a pair of oppositely ar ranged snap springs, or spring blades 26 and 27 bear against the opposite sides of this plate so. that the holders 23 may be swung through an arc of 180 as indicated by dotted Fig. 3. Thus in dotted position of Fig. 3', the holders arefree from the cover sections, while in full lines in this figure the lrohiers,v are swung under the influence of the kit and the two cover sections 6 and- 7 are upp nt theneon- The sidewall, 1 of the kit is provided with a plurality ofslide drawers 28 located in the openings29 of the side wall. Within the kit and extending transversely across the. open om. thereof are. provided pairs of 'slide guides 30 fashioned from angle plates and secured at theirends tothe side wallsot the kit. The drawers; each have exterior heads or plates 31 with the usual handles, andbetween the lower edges of these heads and the drawers are fashioned sockets 32 which when the drawer is in closed position, fit over the upper edges of the drawer openings as best indicated in Fig. 6. Within the head 31 of each drawer, an upper ledge 33 extends transversely of the drawer and this ledge is in position to be frictionally engaged by a turn button 34 located within the kit and pivoted or hinged in the wall 1 at 35. The turn button is located directly beneath the slot 11 the lug 10 of the cover section as seen in Fig. 6

projects over the turn button at its upper edge to lock the button in position. Thus as seen in Fig. 6, the button cannot be turned and the drawer therefore cannot be lifted. In order to unlock the drawer, the cover section 7 must be removed to permit turning of the button 34 whereupon the drawer is slightly raised to disconnect the socket 32 from the edge. of the wall 1, after which the drawer may be pulled or withdrawn from the opening 29 in usual manner. When the drawer is'pushed back into closed position, its socket part 32 falls over and fits over the edge of the wall 1, then by turning the button 34 and placing the lug 10 over the button, the parts are locked in position so that the drawer cannot be opened.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim asnew and desirev to secure by Letters Patent is..- V t 1. The combination in a tool kit with a pair of separable and removable cover sections, of acarrier comprising a pair'of spaced endplates and a handle bar rigid therewith, means for. locking the cover sections together, and means on the inner sides of the end plates. for engagingunder the 'joint of the cover sections.

2. The. combination in a tool kit with its side walls having end shoulders, of a pair of separable and removable cover sections having means for. engagement with the side walls, a, carrier, comprising a pair'of spaced end plates ada ted to seat against said shoulders and a hen le bar rigidly. connecting said end plates, and locking means onthe inner faces of. plates projecting under the joint portion of said cover sections.

3. Thecombination in a tool kit with its sidewalls having spaced slots therein, of a separable. and removable covercomprising a pair of plates having tongues fitted in said slots, a locking rib on one section and acornplementary grooved flange on the other section, and means for lockingsaid rib and flange together, i

4. The combination in a tool kit with its slotted side walls, of a pair ofcover sections having tonguesto fit in saidslotted side walls, a rib on one section and a complementar grooved'fiange ontheother section, a padloc for securing the rib and flange together, a carriep comprising. a. handle and a pair of rigid end plates for coaction with the ends of the side walls, and means on the inner faces of said end plates for engaging the locked joint of the cover sections.

5. The combination in a tool kit having end walls with shoulders thereon, of a pair of cover sections having tongues fitted in slots of the side walls, a longitudinal rib on one cover section and a complementary grooved flange on the other section, means for locking the rib and flange together, a carrier comprising a handle and a pair of rigid end plates adapted to fit againstthe shouldered side walls and angular locking brackets on the inner faces of said end plates for coaction with the locked joint of the cover sections.

6. The combination in a tool kit with its side wall having a slot therein and a cover section having a resilient tongue for coaction with the slot, of a slide drawer having a looking socket for coaction with an edge of the wall, a turn button pivoted on the wall above the drawer for locking said drawer, and said tongue having an angular shape to prevent turning of the button when the kit is locked; In testimony whereof I aflix my si nature.


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