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Publication numberUS176145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1876
Publication numberUS 176145 A, US 176145A, US-A-176145, US176145 A, US176145A
InventorsDaniel Mcredmond
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Improvement in umbrella-tops for carriages
US 176145 A
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Wham. J .fin l.



IMPROVEMENT INUMBRELLA-TOPS FOR CARRIAGES Specification forming part ofLetters Patent No- 176,145, dated April 18, 1876 applieati0n filed September7,18 75.' I

To all whom it may concern Be it known that we, DANIEL MOREDMOND and WILLIAM D. CHASE, both of the city of New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Parasol or Umbrella Top for Carriages, of which the following is a specification:

Figure 1 is a vertical central-section of. our improved parasol top. Fig. 2 is a side view of the same, showing it folded up. Fig. 3 is a horizontal section on the line at 00, Fig. 1. 8

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

This invention has for its object to provide childrens carriages, and, if desired, also larger carriages, with parasol or umbrella tops, which may be conveniently swung and held over the heads of the occupants of the carriages, and which, when not required for use, can be folded entirely out of the way..

Our invention consists, first, in causing the umbrella or parasol stem to extend upwardly through a tube that is fitted into the top or crown of the parasol or umbrella and providing it with a spring strap or fastener that will secure it on the upper part of the tube in the elevated'position and the parasol or umbrella in the extended position whenever it is desired so to use the latter. The invention also consists in swiveling said tube, or a loose or fast collar thereof, in the forked end of a jointed lever, of which an upright part is attached to the back, side, or front of the carriage-body, the joint in the lever allowing it to be folded together whenever the parasol or umbrella is contracted.

In the accompanying drawing, the letters A A represent the ribs of our coach or carriage parasol or umbrella, and B are the stays or braces of the same. The inner ends of these stays or braces are joined in suitable manner to the lower end of a stick, (1, that extends upwardly from the junction with the braces through a tube, D, which is fitted into the center and upper part of the umbrella or parasol, being swivelcd in the ring a, to which the inner end of the ribs A A are pivoted. The

swivel-connection of the tube D is such that it (said tube) is prevented from moving vertically in the ring a, while the rod 0 may befreely moved up or down in the tube B. The upper part of the stick 0 has attached to it a springsnap, I), which, when the rod is raised through the tube, as in Fig. 1, will spring out over the top edge of the tube D, and thereby hold the rod 0 in the elevated position and the umbrella or parasol extended. When the umbrella or parasol is to be contracted or folded together, the spring b is pressed into a groove of the rod 0 provided for its reception, and the rod is then at liberty to be drawn down into and partly through the tube D, and will, in so doing, carry the braces or stays B B and the ribs A A into a position more or less parallel with that of the rod 0, thereby contracting the umbrella or para-sol. Above the crown or top of the umbrella or parasol is fitted, around the tube D, a ring, d, which is free to revolve on the tube D, but not to slide up and down thereon, and which has projecting pins 6 e, as shown in Fig. 3, to which the forked end of a lever, E, is provided. The other end of the lever E is joined to an upright standard, F, that is firmly attached to the frame of the carriage, preferably, by passing through a loop oreye, G, that is riveted to the carriage, in which eye or loop the standard F is vertically adjustable.

The ring d, instead of being swiveled, as shown, to the tube D, may be dispensed with, and instead of that the forked end of the lever E pivoted to the tube D directly, or to afiange thereof.

Now, it will be observed that when the parasol or umbrella is to be extended and used on the carriage, the lever E is swung into a nearly horizontal position, as shown in Fig. 1, resting in that position on proper shouiders that are formed near the upper end of the standard F, and the umbrella or parasol is thereupon extended in the manner clearly shown in Fig. 1. In this .position the umbrella or parasol is free to vibrate on the pivots e e of the swivel d, and also, if need be, to revolve with the tube D within the swivel-ring, d. A cord, H, is, by preference, attached to the upper end of the rod 0 for the purpose of facilitating the contraction of the umbrella or parasol.

When the umbrella or parasol is not to be used it is folded together by the lowering of the-rod O, as aforesaid, and: after thecontraction. of the parasol or umbrella: the leverE" is swung down about parallel with the standard F, and the contracted umbrella or arasol thereupon folded against the lever E, all as indicated in Fig, 2, a; suitable: co'rd.-;-(nrhandbeing used to confi'nethe three partsEF and:-

the parasol in the position shown" in' Fig; 21

We claim as our invention- 1. The suspended umbrellaonparasolhaxeing the upwardly-projecting rod" C', extend ing through the tube D, and provided alt-its 2 upper part with the s1 )rin'g;eatch b to lock- 5 against the upper'eud'ef thetube D, sujbst'an tially as herein shown and described.

2. The swiveled ring 01, applied around the ita -be D of a suspended umbrella or parasol, land pivotedin the forked lever E', substantially as and for the purpose specified.

3: The combination of the standard F with the forked lever E, pivoted thereto, and with l thesuspenderhparasol orumbrella, allarr'an'ged so thatsaid three: parts' canbe-oonveniently foided togetlier on" the carfiage, substantially as specified.





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