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Publication numberUS1762082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1930
Filing dateOct 17, 1928
Priority dateOct 17, 1928
Publication numberUS 1762082 A, US 1762082A, US-A-1762082, US1762082 A, US1762082A
InventorsMasato Shiraishi Paul
Original AssigneeMasato Shiraishi Paul
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US 1762082 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 3, 1930. P. M. sHlRAlsHl VASE Filed oct. 17. 1928 WITNES n Patented Junel 3,'*1'1930 vIy nbirre!) 'SiV'IMES-v PAUL MAsATosHmAisnnoF manuel "f VAS-e Appncatin mea october'Y 17,

" a manner to provide a vaseof attractive ap-l perance in its finished state and to give the v appearance that the 'lava has' formed itself in vase formation. f i

VA further object of the'invention is to pro-y vide aV vase ofl novel formationl andishape,

one that is simple in construction, ineXpenl, v Ysive tomanufacture and 1s not easily broken. Thisjinventi-on also consists 1n certaln other Vr1li `features of construction and method, and in the; combination and arrangement ofthe ,sev-v veral partsto be hereinafter fully described,

illustrated in the accompanying drawings and specifically pointed'out inthe appended In describing Inv.invention in detail, reff 'erence will be :hadlto the accompanying drawings, wherein like characters' Y denote like lor corresponding parts throughout the Y 28 several views, andjinwhich: u

' Figure 1'V Vis a view of a' iece of hardened volcano lava which isuse'd with other pieces e in the manufacture. of my vase'. Y Y f FigureQis va Vfront view 0f 30.vase.jV y

Figure 3 is a sectional viewtakenapproXi-V, mately on ,line 3-3 of Figure 2, looking in `the direction of thearrows. 1 t Y Figure 4 isa sectional viewftalen approxi# 35 mately on linr-Jcof Figure. I f Y f L [reference numeral 1k indicates bottle Vwhich inthe manufacture of myvase .may-bel o.f1anyl Referring to the 'drawings `in,

" Y shape and size,` it depending upon' ther/size 40 ofvase desired-"The bottle isfpreferably formed from glass and is reinforced through the -instrumentalitygof Vwire 2 wrapped v"about A v es .Shown irliligf' the :same in coil formation Ypure -o'f the drawings.,:jjV v l y,

The bottle is lprovided /witha coatingof the @emitted 1192s. serial N9. 3ime?.

cement Y 5.1' f

responding to thelava, it ismixed'with ,colored powders. In other words,` if the lava is used; y

The bottom portionsV of thelava is covered with va coating for tipping overas will be apparent.

" hidethe mouth Figure 2.

substantiall construi lyilbroken..

f "The vasefln its entiretyiis'finished apy* plyinga coat of varnish thereto, and" the var# nish is applied'after the cen'eent'hasbecomev` abrovevdescription andjdisclosure ofthe drawings, iti willy be vobvious that l' havefprovi-ded.avaseythatis extremely*ati,' Y y tractivefin Vappea'rancfe:yand"leads a Y'casual Y observer tobelieve that the lavaha'sformed Y' itself Yin vaseyformation, The varnish gives'j thefvase "a 'shinyappearanceand'due to the o ction, thevase is not easi.

cement 3 that'notonly holdsjthecoilsofwire z -vabout' the bottle, butiisialso adaptedforfor f .the purpose of securing pieces o'fvhardenedj K .o .lava 4 about thev bottle and these piecesofj` hardened lava are held together by-layers ofv 601, Y f

v,The pieces of lhardened lavacan of course` n A beof any: shape,- but in orderto linsure a gfgfz-f l natural; appearance,'zthe pieces -are shaped to Some extent Vforjfitting engagement witheavchf. other-so that 'veryvlittle ofthecement will-bef seen on fthe outer surface of ithevase." Injv order that the" cement will be ofa color corf; Y

red vthe cement is mixed with red powder,- Zand if the lava is black', a black powder is v of the vase inducing them/rf i i, 65x ,'p'of cement sothata-substantial'basegwill bev e provided for the-vase to preventf-the same y Thellava can. be builtfab ut thegbottle in any desired mannen'bntfit is preferred that vpeaks or thelike 7 be provided in vorder toy f- Y yA4 of lthe'bottle as suggested nisaought faim thef-cifeeong aSefp-TT Vtion that vtheadvantages and novel'features K, fof my invention will be readily apparent. y desire v it'- tobeunderstoodthat- I' may 9D.l

" base for sald` vase, and'said Vhase belng varmake changes in the construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several j parts, provided that such changes fall Within the scope of the appended claim.

The vase is made in any size and shape Without departing from the meth-odreferred to or the scope of my invention.

What I claim is:

` A vase of the character described compris- Y ing a bottle, a Wire coiled about said bottle,

I' cement holding said Wire in coil formation,

pieces Vof hardened volcanic lava secured about said bottle by the cement and arranged in a manner to give the appearance that the lava has-formed itself in vase formation, a

n ished.V Y In testimony WhereofI aix my signature.


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