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Publication numberUS1762782 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1930
Filing dateDec 6, 1928
Priority dateDec 6, 1928
Publication numberUS 1762782 A, US 1762782A, US-A-1762782, US1762782 A, US1762782A
InventorsHenry Jepsen
Original AssigneeHenry Jepsen
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Packaging cementing compounds
US 1762782 A
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June1o,193o.'\ HQJEPSEN 1,762,782 l PACKAGING CEMENTING COMPOUNDS Filed Deo, 6, 1928 Patented June 10, 1930 HENRY JEPsEN, or eoLnrN'svrLLE, coNNn'c'rIcUm IEACKACrIIl\TC1`r` CEMENTING COMPOUNDS Application mea December e, 192s.A serial NQfazfazzo.' Y'

'Y 5 adhesive compounds which if exposed to the atmosphere become hard and take a long time to soft-en and render plastic. The quantity of adhesive usedat any one time varies in amount depending on 'the damage V to be remedied, and the intervals of time between use vary considerably, sometimes there is a long period before.l the adhesive is required. p p

The object of this invention is to provide a simple and cheap article of Vcommerce which can be kept in stock by anyone desiring the occasional useL of glutinous, gummy, or plastic Vcementing material, and which will permit the quickremoval and use at any time' of as largeor as small' a quantity of the adhesive as is required for a particular repair and will keep for an indefinite time in prime condition for future use theY adhesive not needed for that repair.v Y

This object is attained by forming an article which comprises a cylindrical body .of glutinous or gummy adhesive and anexterior casing of quite'thin, soft and easily severed sheet metal, which casing is in`the form of a cylindricaltube that is threaded for practically its entirelength, and that'is provided with a threaded'end closing. cap which may be 'screwed uponpthe end ofthe casing wherever the casing iscut off to remove the quantity of adhesive that is required at the moment.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. l shows a side elevation ofthe article which embodies this invention. Fig. I' 2 shows a transverse section on the plane indicated by the dotted line 2-2`on Fig. l. Fig. 3 shows aside view of the article with a section cut off, also the cap which has been unscrewed from the' severedportion and is capable of the remaining portion of the article;y this View also showing in section a paper tube .ready for use by radding water and heating .'v

corrugated by rolling threads it, ,which threadsstifl'en the'pthin casing/and at the being screwed upon the end of the case of v ing' the amount of adhesive ,that iti is vdesired; 'for immediate use is cut" oft, in order to ensure a squarecut so that the cap may be' screwed tightly upon'the casing containing the portion of they adhesive which is notf needed at the time. Y y y ATheadhesive l vwhich forms the cylindrical body Vof the articleillustrated and described herein as embodying the inventionfis particularly adapted 'for `'ceinenting leatherv belting, although' the adhesive body lmay be y of a composition suitable for cementi'ng other articles or material. For the'purposel ofcementing leather belting thev adhesive is'` c Y `Vmade of animal glue and water witha Small 5f amount ofl'c'arbolic; acidyadded as a` pref servative. in :a gummy, or glutinous, p or viscous, or plastic condition and A,is made 'y so that it will Ineltyand dissolve,

This body of aid-hesiveL is encased in a cy' lindrical tubeQfpreferably "drawn of thin,-v soft, easily severedfmetal such asheavy lead vfoil or white metal ywhich is suitable for' the purpose.A This tubular"v casing is spirally same time permit the cap 3 which is made ofVV heavier and, ystifferv sheet lmetal and"4 has" threadsof the same pitch asthe casing," to be screwed uponthe casing. :"'Although the, casil y ingis` formed of thin, vpliable metal it, rwhen, illedY with theA adhesive, and vowing' toth'e threading corrugations,v is quite stiif, but being of soft metal it can be easily cut. K Y. This article is preferably packedy and shipped in paper board tubes l y'which the article snugly fits. When it is desired to useV a quantity ofthe adhesive the capped endl* ;v of the article may be fpushed from thepaperl l9`0 tube and with the endk of the tube asa guide n a section which will contain just enouglrad-` hesive Vfor the present use is cut off'with' a' y knife or saw. Thereafter the cap is screwedk uponV the endof the casing. containing the 9`5`v adhesive which is not used so that it will be' practically hermetically sealedy and will remain in condition for immediate future use. The casing of the section that has been cut oif may be peeled from the adhesive body 161i ,Y

or the cut section may be heated in Warm Water and the adhesive melted out of the thin casing. Should there not be enough adhesive for the particular job another section may be cut off.

'With this article Wherever the cut is made to obtain the supply of adhesive required the cap may be immediately replaced'on the remaining section as its threads will fit the threads at all localities on the casing, Which although made of very thin, soft metal, is suiciently rigid When the adhesive is in -the interior to permit easy -and square vcut-V ting to remove the required quantity for use.

The casings are made of varying lengths depending upon the quantity of adhesive which they are intended to contain. This article Which is cheap to produce, Compact in size, easily shipped and stored, enables anyone having occasional need for a readily soluble adhesive to keep the required quan- Casing is spirally corrugated for substantial-l capY which is also spirally corrugated and is tity on hand for immediate use Without Waste,Y for-the adhesive Which is not used for the immediate Work Will keep Yfor a long Y drical body of glutinous adhesive, a cylin drical casing of easily severed metal Which ly its entire'flength and is provided With a capable of being screwedrupon the end of the casing Wherever the casing and the body are cut off', and means to prevent distortion of said casing, said means comprising a tube snugly fitting the said casing with the edge of said tube serving as a guide for severing the desired `portion of the contents.


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