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Publication numberUS1763023 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1930
Filing dateMar 15, 1923
Priority dateMar 15, 1923
Publication numberUS 1763023 A, US 1763023A, US-A-1763023, US1763023 A, US1763023A
InventorsWarren C Tyler
Original AssigneeW C Lipe Inc
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Hoisting mechanism
US 1763023 A
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June l0, 1930. w. c. TYLER HOISTING MECHNISM 2 Sheets-Sheet. 1

Filed March l5 1923 June 10, 1930. w. c. TYLER HOISTING MECHANISM z s neets-sneet 2 T er 'y /1 INVENTogL WC.

tric of the drum. The carrier for the gears v19 comprises a pair of disks or heads 21, 22, the di'ski21 having a hub portion 21 whereby it is mounted by a bushing 23 upon a hub 24 extendingrinward from the drum head 5, and the;disk F22.?1hasai-,fhub 22;"N whereby? it iis mountedI with an interposed" bushing "upon a hub 22* extending laterally from the webl y ofizthevspacingmember165,. The ,-disks21, 22 spaced .relation at.

opposite ends of the gear 144 with the gears 19 rotatably mounted to `have 'movementA l about their axes on studs between the disks, said studs being fixedinlthefdisksby set 15y screws 26.` The carrier for the gears 20 coinpri'ses afpair offdisk'sforheads 27, 28-secured together 5in* spjaced're'lation atfoppositefends ofthelge'ar lfby studsl'29'secured in openings sin; the diskslbyfsetfscrews 36" with the Gears' 2O frnountedonthe-studsbetweenthedis 'sin' a* lmanner similar ftotsecuring-y thegean'carry hasalatera'llyfproj e'cti'ng-'portionf27f", where-- by* iti's mountedwith' an interposed bushing gyupon. -ahub 22h f extending 4from' theweb of i thespacer l6oppositeto theihub 22.' The di'sl'iV 28.1 has* an' annular-laterally extending- Y l'angerBQa'dj 'acent" the periphery' with a y'second disk.l or head 'l'attached'fto' saidY disk chamber betweenf said i' disk 31? and disk '28 for a purposel tof bef: hereinafter" described,

andthe disklhas-a hub" portion 33 whereby` i it is mounted'uponf'afhub'34;.extendinginward Y terposed:

Y Y A'. stud shaft1 365? extends -through 1 diskL 277 and'fisf-loosely-inounted ein thefbush- Y ing; 17in theaxial opening-fofthe web 16;-

' 45 @nef-endet the'sh'aft4 extends through 'the' 'gkh'asfa pilot bearing in shaft' '40.1Y A" gear 37,"

,eitherl mountedfQn-brf integral withthe' shaft,

l engages-between the disks 27,' 2S andm'eshes Vwith ithelint'ermediate gears-20 yfand' is Voper- Y ati'vely connectedthereby with th'efannular 50e gear 15.` Theshaftis 'operativelyfconnect-v ed with the?" drive shaft 12 through 'av gear 38'd and the *connection of shaftf'withthe disk Y 22 ofthe carrier for Fsaid :gears 197.*l l

tati'on'fwhereby aslthedrriveshaft 12is1rotated the rotation "ofsaid shaft will'be transmitted Y to the studfsh'afti36*throughthe gear 3,8 on

Vthedrive shaft meshingwith'the'gears y'20 Y W l tion; `the rotation* of gears 2Oisjtrans1nitted'ff to the fannular gear 15 rotatable with the drum, and the latter is'thereby rotated at a reduced speed and in reverse direction to the vdrive shaft 12. The gears '19 while serving vto couple the drive shaft through the carrier diski 22lwith the stud shaft '36 "also `permit therotation of 'the-,drunr'about said gears 19.

To hold the gear carrier and prevent the same from Nparticip ating in r the. .Y revolvingu lno'vementlof `the druin a spider'or toothed wheel 39"(Figure 3l is secured t'o ashaft'40 withinfthespace between the disks 28,- 31 of the gear carrier, said shaft being fixed in the standard- S and projecting 4into the drum through the drum head 6, said drum having a" bearingA upon'fsaid shaftwith fan? interposed bushing 41 and inwhich shaft'has a piloti. bearing; To-mount-the shaft in fixed po# sition the-fend of the shaft engaging the standardfis square infcross section, the standard S being in the nature of-a pillow block with aA cap V42 engaging-over the' shaft 'and clampedthereto vby'screws or bolts 43.` The spider'39 is connected `with the gear carrier 27,28 `by rockers v44 lpivotally `mounted upon'4 pins 45' supportedl at opposite. lends in the disks28,'31vwhereby saidrrockersiare circuin# ferentiallyvl disposed about said disks and the spider@ Thesero'ckers areV in-jthe natureofi.

toothed'- sectors arranged with the teeth to engage the spaces `between `the teeth or.'pro-' jectionslof the spider, but are of less cross sectional dimension than the spaces between.

'the-teeth of the' spider toA leave a clearance between the!y teeth of the spider Vand the teethfof the'sectors, as clearly shown' 'in Figure rEhe rockers are adapted to have rockingmovement Y on their' pvot. supports4 45, andare yieldingly urged'to position ofV equilibrium by springs-.46, therebeing aV pair of'such springs for Seach rocker. @ne end 'of each of'said springs is'seatedin recesses'in the rockers at opposite sidesoftheir'pivotal supports, and the opposite ends of the springs en'ga'gefin perforations injthe annular flange. of the'disk 28 ofthe carrier 'and a'rer'et'ained, thereinby threaded Yplugs 47.' By 'this' ar-4 rangementa's the drivey shaft is rotated the.

gear carrier 27, 28 will'have Va slight'movementtherewith until' theft'ooth Vof' the sec+ tors or rockersV 44 "engager the'spider, this being a yielding engagemen'tdue to the Varl rangei'nent ofthe rocker'springs1146, said r springs"absorbingfany shocks to which the e 55",! The gear'carrierv 27 ,'28 is' heldag'ainst'ro'- teeth of the reducing gearing maybe subjected andA thereby` preventing any?- sudden-j ars or shocks with the possibilitypof fracturing:

To vretard and stop theg 'niovement ofY Athe' providedf coi'n- V drum braking inechansinvis l Y prisinga pair' 'of' sectors "or 'curved farms 48 having.'v perforate'c'lA Vears -atffene end whereLA they are pivotally-'supported, as at upon las gle connection 50 with actuatinfgrod 51 nor-- mally positioned by afspringfwith the arms y in voperative relation y with the f drumtok hold' 1 thelatterl Vagainst movement,' 'as shown Figure 2, said spring being coiled gaboutfthei V rod and confined between thetogglelink connection of the-'arms 48- andan overhanging l; The combination ofa drum having heads. arranged with hollow trunnions Vto rotatably By the'arrangement Vas will be it is filledwith a suitable lubricant5 such as grease,V the 'drum also serving fas' a vlubricant 201 carrying housing for the reducing gearing.'

Variations '1 may bei resorted tof within v the scope of the inventionand portionsfthereof maZ be'used without others.'

sfupportfthe same, al drive shaft extending into the drum through and rotatable in one of, the trunnion's", a gear fixed to vand rotatable'.

Withsaidshaft within the drum, anannular Vgear disposedabout the inner circumference ofthe vdrum concentric withthe shaft gear on theA drive shaft,`V intermediate gears' toKV mesh with said annular gear and'gearonthe drive' shaft, a carrier for V'said'intermediate' gears loosely mounted withinthe vdrum concentric ofthe drive shaft to permit of VI novement'of` the carrier and drum relative to each other,

40" means within'the druinhaving apartto ex tend through the'drum ltrunnion opposite the said fixed 'means to hold the `carrier 'against rotati'onfwith' the" shaftand drum.`

"2. VThe ombinationj ofa l*pair of starida'rds,v

- a 'drum Yhaving headsarranged'withhollow drum trunnions and' extending into-'the drum through saidtrunnion,ja' gear onthe shaft within the drum,V an annular gea-r extending around theinner circumference of and rotat-` I able with the` dr'unngearsto'mesh withthe shaft and kannular gearsav Carrier for said'- trunnions rwhereby the drumis rotatably sup-I ported byl the standards, ai drive shaft jour` v nalled in one ofthe Standardsand one Vof theY intermediate gearsloosely supportedby the drum, a stud xedlymountedin Athe other standard Vand extended.' throughV the drumV trunnion opposite'to that through whichthe'l drive shaft extends, and-Ineans-mounted on said stud within the drum toco-operate with Y the gearcarrie'r to hold said carrier againstV rotation, Y Y f thus described my inifentioii;V 1

Y' 5' f trunnions;A a geardriven bythe 'shaftlwithini- Y the drum any annular Vgear extending around'v Vthe inner circumferenceof a' ndfrotatable[with:` l the drum intermediateigea'rs ltovKmesh :with;

thesaid gears; a carrier for said intermediateY j 95' fixed in the other standard extending throu'gh r i113, Y Thef'combinationf ola-pair of standards;` f a drum lhaving-heads f arranged lwithijhollow vtrunnions whereby thedrum is rotatablysupf f :portedvv in the standards a' drive shaftournalledinone of the standardsandfextending.; into thejdrum through one ofthe trunnions;r a gear fixed on the shaft within the'driiml; an@

annular-.gear extending aroundthe inner cir-l ter againstgrotation.

" LJ-In hoisting mechanism; :of stan-Hv Y I dards'; a drumhaving heads arranged. with 8 5Q d "l hollow trunnions whereby the drum is rotateV ably supported inthe standards; a drive: shaft i' journalledin one/ofthe standards andrex-i tending intothe'drum through onefof the 9o gears Vloosely supported by the drum a' shaft thefothertrunnion in coaxial `relationfzgtother Y l drive shaft a toothedy member 4Vlixed 'to said shaft within thefdrum ;v andspring vinfluenced 1 l, rockers .pivotallyV supported -by and 'ircuinferentiallydisposed aroundthe carr'ierfor the 'intermediate' gearsto co-operatefwith said toothed wheel tolfyieldingly hold saidf carrier. againstrotationyviththe drum^and-f ,'jf A f5. In hoisting'mechanism,'arotatably supf ported drum 5, a pair. ofshafts, extending co 'axially into `the drum :from'opposite ends',`

driveshaft.V j i one lof which shaftsis'rotatable VandV the other shaft fixed; a gear jdriven bytherotatable shaft; an annulargearl within'. the drurnlto rotate therewith; intermediate gearsfinesha lief: fing with said gears; a. carrienfor said inter-'f' y' mediate gears loosely mounted-withinthe A drum ;"a'toothed wheel mounted von thel fixed shaftfwithinth'e drum; and means'yielding- 1Vv yly mounted Vupon the'oarrierforjsaidinterf mediate'.gearstocofoperate'withthealtoothedf Y wheel `to hold said carrier against movementf Y.

g 16, The combination of a drum arranged'to i be rotatably supported yashiaft rotatblysupj ported'in one-endo-f the drulnfandextending.

into` the, Vdruim an annular' gear `within andik 'f rotatable' withr` the drum, afspur gearY in'fth drum Vrotatable from'the', shaft, intermediate gearsji'neshing f withith'espur@andgannularf lgearsil a gearcarrierinthedrumfin which.V 4' 'the intermediate gears'arejfmountedtofrotate aboutth'eir yaxes,fstationarvmeans lwithin-tthe. drumf having afpart'extending through Y Aiol v `through :i the' gearing to rotative movement the .eiido]g positeltoA the shaft 'and held against rotation,` vand flexihle.:me`ans carriedhy the gear-carrier. for the engagement of said sta tionary means to hold the gear carrier against. s rotatioirwherebygthe intermediate gears .are i adapted to` rotate about their axesY without participatinginf theiotary movement yof the druinuor'shaft'and drive the drum l from the shaftatareduced speed andiii reverse direc,-l

tionri. l

' .f'fiiiThe Comhinationfof; av rotatablyvsup-l ported `drur'npa drive` shaft j ournalled'in one ofitliezdrum supports'and extending into one endofsthefdruiiifand having a gear thereon within the Adrnnr,.an'V idler shaft Vloosely mountedico-axially with the drive shaft, a

gear fiXed'-to saididler shaft, annular gears.

gears being adapted torotate with said carrierfabout .the drive shaft', Ymeans Yto connect saidcarrier withthe' idler shaft, intermedi-V ate gears tol mesh with' the `gear on the idler.

shaft :and the .other annulargear, a-Ycarrier for said Ila-ttor vintermediate gearsz including Va pair of' lieadslooselt7 mounted in thedrnm at vopposite ends of saidgears and conneetedin spaced relation hystnds on `which the intermediatergears are mounted to rotate about `their axes, andmeans to holdsaid latter gear Carrieraagainst rotation"whereloT to transmit duced speed-to thedrive shaft.

the rotary` movement of the drive shaft ofthel drum. .in reverse directionland at re-l V8.' vPower transmission mechanism as claimedr in claim'7,zwherein the means to. Vholdtheone gearncarrier; against rotationY l,eomprisesyaxsliaft fixed-inl the drum support vropposite tothe support in which the drive. shaft'.isjonrnaled.and extending into the drum, andffyielding 'coupling means within- Y the drum to connect said shaft with said gearcarrier.Hiv y v9.- iow'erf ytransmissionV mechanism, Vas

claimed in cla-im Y, wherein themeans to hold-` th'efoiiegear carrier. against: rotation coniprisesjayfixed shaft extending into the 'endof drumopposite to ythat throughwhioh the drive-.shaft entends', .a spiderxfixed to said `shaft vwithinsthe drinn, and rockers .cireuinfereiitially: disposed around and Yyieldingly mounted upon said gear carrierto co-operate' With'therspider.; Y v p 10." Power transmission mechanism. as

the E oney gear r `:carrier i againstirotation; eomprises a fixed shaft extending into the-end of' the drum opposite to Athat through which. the

drive shaft extends, a `spider iiiredto'` saidv shaft within the drumdn contigiiousrelation to the carrier, pivotally supported rockers circnmferenti'ally disposed aroundsaid gear earrier tooo-'operate with thespider, and springs engaging the rockers at opposite sides of their pivotal support ferthe purpose specified.

ll. In hoisting mechanism, a rotatably supported drum,an annular gear Within .and

rotatable with the druin, a drive shaft rotatable in one end of and extended into ther drum, agear fixed Vto the drive shaft within the drum, intermediate gearsto mesh with said latter gear and the annular geara cai'- rier for said.intermediategears loosely car-` ried bvand within thevdrnm eoncentrically of the drive shaft, and means within and ro tatable ,with the drum yto yieldinglyhold said carrier against rotation and .operatively eouplethe drum with the drive shaft-to rotate the drum from the drive shaft vat Va reduced speed. Y l

12. The combination of a rotata-blvsup'-V ported drum, a Vdrive shaft onrnalled .in one end ofand extending into the drum and having a gear thereon within the drinn, a stud shaft rotatably carried in the drum coaxially with the drive shaft, a gear on said stud shaft, a pairof annular gears Within and revoluhle 'withthe drum and arranged in concentric relationtojthegearsronjthe .drive and stud' shafts, intermediate, gearsmeshing witli'the gear on'the'drive'shaft and one of the annular gears, a carrier for said intermediate gears loosely supportedin the'drum concentric ofthe drive shaft, intermediate gears to mesh with the gear on the stud shaft and the other annular gear,.alcarrier'for said latter intermediate vgears looselga7` supported in the drum, and means for holdingsaid latter carrier against rotation and thereby` transmit.

thezrotation of the drive Vshaft to*` the drum at a reduced speed and in reversev direction through the gears on the drive' and stud shafts meshing with the intermediate gears and the i latter vgears meshing with the annular gears..

Signedfat. the city ofNew YorkVinthe countyv of New York and State of New York, this 27th day of Feb., 1923;, Y l

i claimedin Claim '7,wh'erein .the means tohold.

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