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Publication numberUS1763277 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1930
Filing dateOct 10, 1929
Priority dateOct 10, 1929
Publication numberUS 1763277 A, US 1763277A, US-A-1763277, US1763277 A, US1763277A
InventorsTilden Bert O
Original AssigneeB O T Mfg Co
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Water-closet combination
US 1763277 A
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Filed Oct. 10, 1929 h w/W ATTORN EY.


mally open seat of the alter closet, when in its lowermost position, affords a convenient and comfortable seat that may be used by a bathcr when undressing and dressing or otherwise arranging his or her toilet. The. drawing shows the whole combimition in white, but it will be understood that all the china. and wood-work, as ell as the upholstered seat cover 4;, may be linished to match the general color scheme of the walls of the bath or toilet room, and the other furnishings. In carrying out the secondary object of the present case, the front and sides of the bowl 2, as well as its top are screened for the purpose of camouflaging in order to suggest to the observer upon entering the toilet room, beauty and artist y, rather than the usual odorons and repulsive character of the iioor member of the combination. To this end, i provide a screen that normally rests upon the floor, and comprises a plane metal or librous part 5, whose top end 5, is usually reduced and overlies the rim of the bowl, and is provided with similar earwardly extending wings 5, that at least partially conceal the opposite sides of the bowl, as best seen in Fig. 3. The top 5 of the screen is preferably telescoped by the valances as shown in Fig. 1. By this arrangement, the screen may be held from accidental displacement, and at the same time, the screen may be temporarily removed by simply raising the cover. as shown in Fig. 3.

In Figs. and 5, is shown a. modilied cover structure, which consists of forming the body 6 oval, instead of angular, and providing -.'alances 3, which conform to the curvature of the seat l and the rim m. The cover (3 may also be upholstered, as own in Fig.

The. covers 4 and (3 with their relatively deep valances l", lend to enable the siphon action of the bowl to evacuate the volatile odors with the contents of the bowl, and thus prevents their escape into the room.

By providing the upholstered cover 4, as herein shown, the floor member of the water closet combination may be utilized for an extra chair, in the rather limited space of the usual bath-room.

Obviously, the covers l and 6 according to the present showing, may be used to replace the ordinary plain covers of any staple water closet combination, and may be applied to the same hinge connections without change.

It will also be understood that the covers el and 6 may be made simply as drop covers, devoid of hinge connections, perform the same functions, and have the same appearance as the dress-up for the bathroom. especially during the daytime when the room is not much used, and that other changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and intent of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, what 1 claim, is

1. A cover for the hinged seat of a water closet bowl comprising a. plane body of greate' area than the seat, said body being formed with front and lateral valanccs that extend below and hide the seat and rim of the bowl, the rear end of the body being pivotally connected to the pintle of the seat hinge by loop members that are secured to the under side of the body, and the lateral valances being reduced in depth at their rear ends to avoid contact with the adjacent rim portion and also afford clearance for users of the seat.

2. A cover for the upper portion of a water closet bowl comprising a body formed with front and side outwardly extending portions which latter project below the top of the bowl in one position of the. cover, and means to hingedly mount the body with relation to the bowl, said side portions of the cover being cut away at their rear to prevent contact with the adjacent portions of the bowl and to also provide clearance for users.

3. Portable means for camouflaging the bowl of a water closet bowl havii'ig a seat, including a cover formed to overlie the seat and the rim of the bowl and having front and side depending portions formed to extend around the front and sides of the seat and of the rim of the bowl, and a portable s-tcrrcn comprising a vertical front which extends a bout the Trout of the oowl and having wings which extend about and conceal the opposite sides of the bowl and having its rear op n whereby to enable the screen to be placed about and removed from the bowl by av horizontal sliding movement of the screen from the front of the bowl, the bottom of said vertical front and the, bottoms of the wings being forn'ied to loosely seat upon the floor, and the depending portions of the cover being formed to telescope the top of the front and of the wings of the screen to removaliily hold the latter in place on the floor.

In testimony whereof my signature.

BERT 0. Tl'li DEN.

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U.S. Classification4/242.1
International ClassificationA47K17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47K17/00
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