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Publication numberUS1763763 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateNov 3, 1928
Priority dateNov 3, 1928
Publication numberUS 1763763 A, US 1763763A, US-A-1763763, US1763763 A, US1763763A
InventorsDenmead Perry T
Original AssigneeAda Denmead, John W Denmead, William Byrider
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Match folder
US 1763763 A
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June v17, 1930. P. T. DENMEAD 1,763,763

'MATGH-F0LDER Filed Nov. 5, 1928 IIE 5 y /N VEA/TOR ATTORNEY Patented June 1930 UNHTE sT PERRY T. DENMEAD, or AKRON, onto, AssreNon'iro ADA nnNMnAD AND r'onntw.V` DENMEAD, BOTH or AKRON, onto, AND WILLiAM YBYRIDER, or CLEVELAND, oiIo V- v MATCH 'FoLDEn Application filed November-3, 1928.` Serial No. 316,986.

This invention relates to matches andhas particular relation to new and novel improvements in match packages in folder or book form. Y

5 Objects of the inventionare to provide an attract-ive match package, containing matches of ordinary construction to be securely held therein whereby the same may be conveniently detached and used when desired.

A particular object is to provide a'match package of the folder typeV which will be'very eiTicient in use and which may be manufactured at a very low cost.

An additional object is to provide a simple, 15 inexpensive folder carrying a plurality of separate matches with each match adhesively secured therein whereby the folder when closed, will protect the matches and will be held in a closed position. y

The above objects are accomplished and additional ends are attained by the novel construction, combinat-ion and arrangement of parts hereinafter described andillustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein I have 25 shown a preferred form of the invention, Vit

being understood that the invention is capa- -ble of various adaptationsand that changes and modifications may be made or resort had to substitutions which come within the scope of the claim hereunto. appended.

In the drawings, like numerals of reference-- are employed to designate like parts as the same may appear in any of the several views and in which :e j v Figure 1 is a perspective view of a match Y package constructed in accordance'with thisl invention,

Figure 2 is a side view of same, Y

VFigure 3 is a plan view showing a folder in a Hat position,

fio Y Proceeding now to. al detailed description of the invention, with reference to the particular adaptation thereof disclosedV inthe drawing, wherein I have shown a `fiat, rectangular blank which is provided withthe scores 5 and 6 to Vform a folder having abase portion 7, a backportion 8 and a lid portion- 9. The numeral 10is used to .denote matches l V507 which are preferably of the ordinary stick bey conveniently carried inthe pocket.Vv When Figure 4L is an edge view of same. j. Y

type, each being provided with an ignition head 11. The matches are arranged in parallel relation and are secured to the inner surface of the base portion 7 by means of the layer of adhesive 12 or other suitable means., -55 j It will be seen that the main portion of each match 10 projects beyond the free end of the base portion 7. Theadhesive 12 terminates in spaced relation to the free edge of the base portion 7 thereby forming a flap 7 a whereby-.60

the free end of the lid 9 may be received between the flap 7a and the matches. The blank Y is folded approximately along the line 5 .to extend along the rear sides of the matches 10a, and is likewise folded approximatelyf on the lineV 6 whereby the lid 7 may be moved downwardly over the matches and inserted under the Vflap 7 a to securely hold the package Y in a closed position. Y The outer face of the'base portion 7 is pro; vided with an abrasive panel 13 `which. is coated with the abrasiveor'other'substance with which the heads llof the vmatches 10 may be brought into forced contact for the purpose of igniting same. The outer face of the body 8 and the outer face ofthe lid 9 may be .used toV print suitable advertising matter thereon.

In use, the package is folded as-shown in Figure-2 so that in its closed position it may it is desired to use any of the matches, the lid 9 4is folded back and the base 7 is turned forwardly whereby one of the matches may be quickly and conveniently detached therefrom. The match thus detached' is then struck on the panel 13 to ignite Vthe same. p

It will thus be seen that I-h'ave'provided a match package which willlbe very convenient in use and which can be manufactured at an exceedingly low cost.

. Having thus illustratedmy invention and vdescribed the saine in detail, what I claim as new and desireto secure `by Letters PatentV *In a match forma 'folder having a base portion, a back portion and a cover portion and a plurality of independent stick matches arrangedin parallel relation in alaterally extending row, the handle Iends of said matches adhesively.

package, flat stripbent toy-9.5V l

secured to said base portion only, along an area extending in close spaced relation to the free end thereof, the back and cover portions of said strip being free whereby the same may be opened to extend in the plane of the base portion and may be folded around said matches with one end of the cover portion inserted beneath the free end of the base portion to hold the package in a Closed position;

Tn testimony1 whereof I 'have hereunto set my hand.


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U.S. Classification206/96
International ClassificationA24F27/00, A24F27/12
Cooperative ClassificationA24F27/12
European ClassificationA24F27/12