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Publication numberUS1764063 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateSep 27, 1928
Priority dateSep 27, 1928
Publication numberUS 1764063 A, US 1764063A, US-A-1764063, US1764063 A, US1764063A
InventorsYoungberg Theodore
Original AssigneeYoungberg Theodore
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Indicating device
US 1764063 A
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June 17, 1930. T, YOUNGBERG 1,764,063

INDIGATING DEVICE Filed Sept. 27, 1928 T//E NIL/(HHN Bumm! m5" K /5 i f f @f Patented June 17, 1930 PATENT OFFICE THEODORE YOUNGBERG, OF MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA IN DICATING DEVICE Application led'september 27, 128. Serial No. 308,635.

This invention relates to indicating devices adapted for wide general use. l

It is an object of my invention to provide a simple but efficient indicatlng devlce adapted for manufacture at minimum cost and comprising a relatively small numberof arts. p A further object of my invention is to provide an indicating device having afront member provided with apertures or the like through which various indicia may be eX- posed from the rear side thereof and oscillatory discs or plates pivotally secured to the rear of said front member carrying characters or other indicia which may be observed through said apertures, said oscillatory members being pivotally secured to said front by means of pivots which also function to constitute handles by which said discs or oscillatory members may be operated.

A more specific object is to provide 1n a device of the class described an extremely simple structure for pivoting indicating discs to the frame or front and for providing means by which said discs may be turned to desired positions.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views, and in which,

Fig. 1 is a plan view of a particular embodiment of the invention used as an indicator for dairy products;

Fig. 2 is a cross section taken on the line 2--2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a plan view of the face of one of the discs detached; and

Fig. 4 is a similar view of another disc, detached.

Fig. 5 is a detail elevation of the pivot.

The embodiment of the invention shown in the drawings comprises an indicating de'- vice for informing the milk man'as to the amounts of various products a purchaser desires and may comprise an ornamental front plate 5 in the shape of a milk bottle, said plate having therein adJacent its lower portion, a pair of horizontallyalmed clrcular v apertures 6 and 7 respectively and having in its medial portion a pair of similarly shaped vertically alined apertures 8 and 9.

Plate 5 may also have a relatively small aperture 10 adjacent the upper end thereof through which a pin or nail may be passed to support the device from a door or Wall. A plurality of indicating discs are pivotally mounted at the back of plate 5, the discs for apertures 6 and 7 being indicated by the numerals 11 and 12 respectively; while the discs for apertures 8 -and 9 are indicated by the numerals 13 and 14 respectively. Each of the several discs are pivoted to the plate 5 in such manner that the characters printed thereon will be circumferentially disposed the same distance from the respective pivots of the discs as the various apertures in plate 5, through which said characters are viewed. Pivots 1'5 are provided comprising headed pins having bifurcated ends 15a. The bodies of' said pins extend through plate 5 and the respective discs and thebifurcated ends 15a are out-turned and forced inwardly against the material of the discs. The extremities of the bifurcated ends are preferably pointed in order that they may stick said discs and when applied in the manner above described will form rearwardly projecting wingshaped handles by which the discs may be turned. B the simple means described, the discs are -'xed to pivots 15 and operating handles are provided. The turned ends also serve to hold the discs flush against the rear face of plate 5.

It will be apparent that in'using the indicator a desired character on any one of the discs may be brought into registration with one of the viewing apertures by simply grasping the lhandle portion formed by the bifurcated ends and turning to the proper position.

It will be seen from the foregoing description that I have provided an extremely simple indicating device, which is capable of wide general usage in disc-type indicators. The device comprises onlyI three essential parts and may be manufactured and assembled at a minimum cost.y

It will, of course, be understood that various changes may -be Amade in the form, del vtails,'.arrangementand proportions of the parts' without departing from the scope of ap licants invention. l -3 hatis claimed is:

1. In a device of the class described, a front of sheet material, a pivotpin passing Athrough said front and extending normal thereto,la disc at the rear side of said front, said pivot passin through said disc and f,. having its rear en extended outwardly and then toward said disc, the extremity thereof .I engaging' said disc ,to fix the same to said p in, the outwardl extendingl ortion forming an operating" andle by' w ich said `may-be turned and said lfront having an i perture through which a portion of said .disc may be viewed. A p '2. In adevice of the class described, a .20 Afront of sheet material, a pivot projecting i from the rear of said front and extending normal thereto, a disc at the rear side of said front, said pivot passing throu h said disc andhavin an outer end divided into a pluralit' o tongues, said tongues extendin outwar y and then in the direction of sai disc, the extremities of said tongues engagin saiddisc to fix the same to said pin and to old said disc against said front, the outwardly extending portions forming an operating handle b which said disc may be v turned and sai front having an aperture vthrough which a portion of said 'disc may befviewed. 3. In a device of the class described, a front of sheet material, a pivot pin through saidvfront and having abifurcated portion projecting from the rear of said front, a y disc at the rear of said front through which 40 said pivot in passes the bifurcated yends of said pin ing bent outwardly and then toward said disc with their extremities engaging'said disc to fix said ldisc to said pin, the outwardly curved portions of said ends constituting a windged andle by which said disc may be turne In testimon whereof I aix my si ature.


y v A 1,764,003

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U.S. Classification40/495, D19/1
International ClassificationG09F7/00
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