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Publication numberUS1764426 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateMar 31, 1926
Priority dateMar 31, 1926
Publication numberUS 1764426 A, US 1764426A, US-A-1764426, US1764426 A, US1764426A
InventorsTownsend John R
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Electric & Mfg Co
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Traffic signal device
US 1764426 A
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June 17, 1930.

J. R. TOWNSEND 1,764,426 TRAFFIC SIGNAL DEVICE Filed March 31, 19 26 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 lglEssEsz v I INVENTORV 5R. 3% John R. 7560036/70/ T BY ATTORNEY 7 the flanged globe 27L Another washer, not

shown, may be inserted between the globe 27 and the flange .46, if desired. Another washer -ring37 to the uprights 24 by means of the set screws 38. c The canopy 36 ls'mounted on the ring 37 and secured thereto by meansof set screws 40.

It is one of the objects of my invention to provide a non-glaring illuminated background consisting of the signal standard V p 2121s integral with the arms 4 anda small area around the standard. For this purpose, I provide the collar or shield 12 for intercepting all downwardly and horizontally directed incident or direct light rays from the lower lamp 16. The collar and 5 and projects upwardly a distance sutflcient to mask the lamp filament from the viewof the observer. 'A smallflanged reflector 49 surrounding the lower lamp-is'supported' on the collar 12 ina manner such that all horizontal, and downwardly directedincident'rays from the'lamp are reflected upwardly toward the large reflector 83.

I prefer to provide my trafiic beacon with an'intermittently burning upper lamp 32 and. a constantly burning lower lamp 16. The constantly burning lamp 16 maybe connected across the main line'by means of el of the mercury and causing the lamp circuit to be r V Thereuponfthe coil the armature 51 raising the N-shap'ed, leads 6 and 7 to conductors 17' and 18, as shown in Fig. 42. Theflash lamp32 is connected from the line conductor 9 through'the mercury 54: in the glass-tube cutout device 8 and the line conductor 10. The cutout device 8 maybe provided with a coil 50 surrounding a portion thereof and connected across conductors 6 and 7, and a freely moving iron core 51 that floats on the 'mercury 54.

thei clrcuit to lamp 32 is closed through the mercury 54, and the iron core 51 'is drawn upwardly, thereby lowering the levat the curvedportion 53 opened. 50 is deenergized and drops into the mercury, level thereof at portion 53 and again closing the circuit. In this way, a

suitable flasher-action is provided, although it will be u'nderstoodthat ing device may be utilized, My invention provides a trafiic signal hav-' any other flashif desired.

ing ajsharp warning signal and means whereby the observer is enabled toestiniate i V the distance to, and the location of, the sigoo na'l. Means are embodied in the device .jfor providingpositive and accurate manip- V ulation of ingthelighting means from destruction. I provlde an] indirectly illuminated background for the observer, and 'means for annexed claims.

structure, comprising a source mounted having an opening at its central portion supporting arms, a'bracket 1 the two signals and for protect shielding the eye of the'observer from a'continuous light source.

Although I have described one embodiment of my invention, I do not wish'to be limited thereto, as modifications of my invention will. suggest themselves to those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of my invention as'defined in the from glare I' claim as my invention: i I 1..' Ina traflic beacon of the type employingtwo light'sources, a supporting standard, supporting arms on the standard, a light source mounted in the supporting arms, a canopy mounted on the supporting arms having an opening at its central portion, asecond light source disposed above the canopy, a reflector disposed below the canopy and a bracket infthe opening for supporting the second light source and the 2'. In a traific beacon employing'two light sources, a supporting standard, a cover pair of collars and a plurality ofsupporting arms, disposed to rest upon and cover thetop of the standard, one of said collars being adapted-to support a reflector, a reflector, abracket disposed in the cover structure, alight source mounted on the bracket, a canopy having an openin at its central portion mounted on the supporting arms, a bracket in the opening and a reflector disposed'beneath the canopy and supported by the bracket.

3. In a traflic'beacon employing two light sources, a supporting standard, a cover structure, comprising apair of collars and aplurality of supporting arms, disposed to rest upon and cover the top of the stand ard, one of said support" a reflector, areflector, a bracket disposed in the cover structure, a light on the bracket, a canopy mounted'on the in the opening and a reflector disposed beneath the canopy and supported by the bracket. 7 7 In testimony whereof, 'I have hereunto subscribed my 1926.-1 c


collars being adapted to 1 name this 12th day'of March, '3


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U.S. Classification362/243, 340/931, 362/296.1, 362/431
International ClassificationG08G1/095
Cooperative ClassificationG08G1/095
European ClassificationG08G1/095