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Publication numberUS1764483 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateOct 24, 1927
Priority dateOct 24, 1927
Publication numberUS 1764483 A, US 1764483A, US-A-1764483, US1764483 A, US1764483A
InventorsWatkins William E
Original AssigneeWatkins William E
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Overalls with detachable pockets
US 1764483 A
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June 17, 1930. w. E. WATKINS OVERALLS WITH DETACHABLE POCKETS Filed 001;. 24, 1927 \NVENTOQ w. awe-nous yaw-Tomm e 1.40 "tion-wherein: 1

Application filed October 24,1921 seiiaifite;iaeazss.

I l invention relates to apparel, and more, y'especiallyto a pair of workmans overalls ,ihaving pockets detachable to permitreplace i lment when'lthe pockets have become unduly the place at" which a pair of most and hardest use. Especially true is this in respect to carpenters overalls' which are usually 'provided with a large nail-pocket.

' extending acrossthe front ofthe'" bibf Here-1 tofore, itha's generally been necessary to discardasuitof such'overalls 'when'the 'na. i1-. '1 I I pocket has been worn-out,-butwhiletherest ofthe "garment is still capable of giving-a cons derable amount of serv1ce,'and' replace the entire garment. V

3; It :is therefore an lobje'ct of thisv inventionj '7 nto provide'agarment havingpocketsi readily ,detachable;topermitreplacement when7thei '1 pockets have been rendered unserviceable' due to eXcessive'weanIbut 'whileethe'remaine oler of the 'garment'is still in suficiently good '1 condition to warrant such replacement.

s V p It; is afurther'obj t provideimeans of attachment for. th Pockets, WhiChVWiH-im;

, p'art' aneat, finished 'appearance'to the gar- 950 ment g' andgwhich will notlejave any undesirable gaps between the garment, and v the pocket into which nailsgortools might be "inadvertently dropped.-

, wi'thytheforegoing and other objects in 3; viewwhichwill befmade manifest inthe fol i lowing "detailed description and specifically pointed out in the appended claims, refer T 'enceishad to the accompanying. drawings Y for an illustrative embodiment of the-inven- Figurel is a perspective View of a suit of carpenters overalls embodying my invention. "Parts are broken away to better reveal p i sitioned to'engage the eye'son'the pocket;

s the means of'attaehment. v 45' BFig. 2 is a sectional view, the plane of sec-.

-.tion-being.indicated by the line 2- -2 of Fig-- ,ure1.-"'

'. Fig. '3 is a perspective view of one of the WILLIAM EoWA'lfKIN S QE omnmaiin iiiem aitn cAtiF'oItivia ovnmmswmamummies: oc i of; my i-nvention-g and {comprising gar; b

,q y h t 'i nde t h ne" .t at Hem e sider {the ,z'large nailep'ocket :12; {As show iinfj. Figure .4; this. nail-pocket comprises :a back'ing'strip 2lito'zwhi'ch the iront stripiez 1 is secured in: any convenient.;n"1-anner;,' asfbythe. rowiof, stitches :23. Preferably," thei'up' I 'Meansrfor removablyg attachingithe. pocket jto;thei garment are provided-by -a strip 27 0f i f suitablematerial, preferably the 'sameffahric 1: 1 as that'lotfwhi'chlth' garment; proper is con- -structed. 'Ihisstripv is secured to thegarment 1f in suitable .position as by the rowsfof stitches V V 28, preferablyadjacent the lower edge 29ofi is:

i the strip. The upper edge'31ofthe strip a 1 V3 ipockets ready to be attached to the garment.

ppc'kaaingawas h ga mentk; {vii-4 JReferring tothe-accom-panym dra ngs wherein s i ar referen e v hatt cbe t t esiga nate;similar parts throughout, Figures 'ndz-J 2= sho wia suit of overallsemhodyingpne legs .7. an ,8, i" and adjustable shoulders s 9 andl l. The overalls are;provided' wlthu large nail p o'cket 12', 'je x tenfdin'g; across {the f nte' e' dwhichm yghave a sup-i" 1 i p Pl ment y p ck 18:-1 u 1- ;.f. .t* thereof. flhese'. pockets may be ldividedkinto a plurality. of -smallercompartmentsj asv g the -1row's of stitches 1 4, "andlas shown" in Fig-g 111953. ,I'Hip pockets :16 and le and; lsemay also be" provided. 1;

Duef tothe fact lthatthezconstructuralldeg tails} ofeach-of the pockets-are substantially the samfepitiwill suificeito. describe.- one; pocket are of (similar; nature." For thispurpo'se', con

per edgef24vof'theebacltingstripisgextended i i abiovefthefrontstrip, an d'a pluralityot loops Ori-eyes;-261;o'f: conventional ;design, are. ee site ie et 1 e' outer: surfac is then reversed 'formingfa' dependent flap;

Preferably, to e inner surface of the'fiap,1is.-,; i secured aplurality of hooks 32 suitably'po- It ft us een thatapoclietis-provided, it

having ready means of attachingutogor de taching fro m thegarrne tfiopermitreplacementwhenever, desirable;jand'thatthe,means 1 covered by the flap 31 so that his impossible for the wearer to. inadvertently drop nails or tools into any gap between the backing strip and vthe garment. This flap also serves to impart to the garment aneat, finished appearance. I V

In order to prevent the pocket from flopping due-to the movements of thewearer',

and to retain it upon the hooks by which it is secured to the garment, fasteners 33 (which may be of atype commonly used" as glove fasteners) edge of the pocket member.

I am aware that thedetachablepocket of my invention may be used with articles of apparel otherthan overalls, and other means of attachment may be employed than} the common hooks and eyes described;

Itiwil-l be understoodthat various changes in'the details of construction may be made 4 without departing fromthe spirit or scope of 3 the invention as defined by the appended claims. p

I-claim: 1 Y 1. In apairof-overalls, astripsecuredadjacentits lower edge to said overalls, the

upper edge of said strip; being reversed to form-a dependent flap, hooks secured to the inner surface ofsaid-flap, a pocket comprising a front strip and; a backing strip, eyes secured to V the outer surface of said backing strip adjacent its' upper edge,;saidhooks being adapted toengage -said eyes'to secure-the pocket to the overalls, and fastenersadjacent -the loweredge of said pocket for re- V tainin-g-itin position. i

2. In a garment, a str p secured adjacent its lower'edge to said garment; the upper edge of said strip being reversed to form a de- I pendent flap; a pocket comprising a front strip and a-backing strip; fastening means secured to the inner surface ofrsaid flap, complementary fastening means secured 'to the outer surfaceof said backing-strip adjacent the upper; edge thereof above the upper edge of said: front strip, and fasteners adjacent the lower edge of said pocket for retaining itiin positionagainst saidgarment. I Intestimony whereof I have signed my nametothis specification. v

a \V; E. WVATKINSL may be utilized acent-the lower a

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U.S. Classification2/247
International ClassificationA41D13/00
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European ClassificationA41D13/00P