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Publication numberUS1764630 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateApr 27, 1925
Priority dateApr 27, 1925
Publication numberUS 1764630 A, US 1764630A, US-A-1764630, US1764630 A, US1764630A
InventorsJoseph Houts Guy
Original AssigneeWestern Electric Co
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Device for supporting and distributing strands
US 1764630 A
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June 17, 1930. HQUTS 1,764,630

DEVICE FOR SUPPORTING AND DISTRIBUTING STRANDS Filed April 27, 1 25 //7 vemor Patented June 17, 1930 UNITEDSTATES PATENT GUY Josnrn floatation-ma e, rumor s, assienon ro wns'rii'nii nnnc'rnrc coinrnrnr, moonronn'rnn, or nnwgvoan, n. Y., a conronarron or new YORK necting cables to each imvrcn on surrortrnve nn nnrsrrirnnrnw s'rnnivps I Application filed April 27,

' This invention relates to porting and distributing strands, and more particularly to a device for supporting and distributing "cables interconnecting" telephone apparatus. I 1 I -When interconnecting electrical apparatus such as is employed in telephone exchanges, it is frequently the practice to assemble the individual electrical conductors or cables, passing from one group of aparatus to another, into units, commonly called cable runs, which are attached to and supported by suitable framework. Especially when interconnecting groups of telephone apparatus, it has been the practice, in some instances, to fasten the interconother and to the framework by means of textile strands, such as twine. Due to its character, this method is called sewing, and is somewhat slow and requires experience and a high degree of skill on the part of the workman. p The object of the present invention is to provide an improved device for readily and efliciently supporting and distributing strands or cables interconnecting telephone apparatus.

In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the cables interconnect-ing two groups of telephone'apparatus are arranged,at one point, in vertical rows upon a suitable support. Each vertical row is supported and maintained between spaced members which are secured to the support.

of a distributingframe,

At another point, the distributed rows of cables are assembled into groups having the cables arranged in vertical and horizontal rows which are maintained between spaced members also secured to the support.

Other features of the invention will become apparent in the following detailed description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, wherein p Fig. 1 is .aperspective view of a portion such as is frequently employed in telephone exchanges for supporting telephone apparatus, illustrating the improved method of and framework for supporting and distributing cables interconnecting telephone apparatus, and

devices forsupvtions of the improved framework.

the invention is herein illus .trated and described as particularly ed to supporting and distributing cables 1925. Serial No. aspen -Figs. 2,; Sand 4 are detail views ofpor- Although adaptinterconnecting telephone apparatus, 7 it should be understood that the novel fea-,

tures thereofinay be adapted to other a'ptheinvention is to be plications "and that limited only by the claims.

i Referring now to the drawing and particularly to Fig.1 thereof, 10 indicates "generally aportion" of a distributing frame such as is frequently employed in telephone exchanges for supporting telephone apparatus such as terminal strips, one of which is'indicated schematically at 11.

he frame 10 comprises,"essentially,-a plurality of vertical angleirons 12 which are.

scope of the appended interconnected and rigidly supported at the top by-a horizontal angle" iron 13; Suitably supportedbythe frame lO-is a horizontal run of cables 15 which is formed into aplurality of vertical rows of cables .16 supported by suitable apparatus such as indicatedgenerally'at' 17. The'method of and apparatus for forming vertical rows of cables is the copendingapplicationof Guy J. et al., filed April 27,1925, Serial- N 0. 26,063.

Suitably supported at one end .by the frame 10, and'attheir other endby an angle iron 20, are a plurality of'horiz'ontally disposed parallel bars 21'.- p is secured at the top; of a plurality ofverti call-beams 23, only oneof which is shown in the drawing. A plurality" of channel irons 24, 25 and 26 are supported across the bars 21' and" each other to'form a suitable supportifor plurality of horizontally disposed cables 27 which, in the "present embodiment of the in-; vention serve to interconnecttelephone ap paratus supported by the frame 10 and I-beams 23. 1 A plurality ofloo.p membersBO, inthe" form of in'vertedUs and preferably composedlof half round metal stock 4) are suitably fastenedtothe channels 24, 25 and and supporting these wts The angle iron 20 :1;

are conveniently. spaced, from ifully disclosed in distributing strands or cables by the 1m-' the form of inverted Vs such as indicated at 32 (Fig. 1). Each loop member comprises, a pair of parallel vertical portions 33, 33 which are connected at the top by a horizontal portion 35 (Fig. 3). The'lower ends 36 of the vertical portions 33 are bent at right angles to provide means whereby the 00p members may be welded or'otherwise secured to thechannels.

In the present e bodiment of the invention, the cables 27 turn from vertical runs such as indicated at 38 (Fig. l) and are formed in vertical rows such as 40, 41 and 42 7 around arcuate shaped members 43 (Fig.2) which are fastened to the channel 24. Each and 26.

I It should be noted that the loop members 30 may be suitably spaced from each other injuring them I scraping, etc.

It-is obvious that no particular skillor experience is required in supporting and secured to the support and having portions cooperating with oppositely disposed por tions of an adjacent loopv member to provide spaced open channels.

2. In a cable arrangement, a support, a

plurality OI spaced. loop members secured to the support and having portions cooperating with oppositely disposed portions of adjacent loop members to provide aplurality of spaced open channels, a group of cables confined within each of; said channels and converging therefrom. into a common group, and cooperating members secured. to th'e: sup-- mon group.

3. In a cable arran plurality of horizontal cables there a support, a and vertica to the sup to a single b the cables g the cables group, and mean in different path pen channels wi to two of'tliechan'ne' able arrang asupport, a. y of h izontal and vertical la spacedupright mem ers support for confining the and means for diin different attached to the rtical layers mentsforming: open ch. with one element common to two of In witness whereo .nto subscribe my name this 15th d 1, 1). 1925. H HOUTS.

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U.S. Classification248/49
International ClassificationH04Q1/06, H04Q1/02
Cooperative ClassificationH04Q1/06
European ClassificationH04Q1/06