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Publication numberUS1764673 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateApr 25, 1930
Priority dateApr 25, 1930
Publication numberUS 1764673 A, US 1764673A, US-A-1764673, US1764673 A, US1764673A
InventorsBabson Roger W
Original AssigneeBabson Roger W
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Combined package and holder
US 1764673 A
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' through which the sheets may be drawn one 1.10 at a time as needed; which may be sold as such, and used by the purchaser without transferring the contents to another holder, or doing anything more than to hang the a carton on a hook or the like and start the bottom sheet of the stack through the dispensing slot. Another object is to provide the carton. orwrapperof thepackage with a concave fireproof top on which a smoker may lay a lighted cigar, cigarette, etc.,while Another object is to furnish asimple seal for al of the first sheet,.which can be easily broken and the provision of which involves a minimum of expense to the manufacturer. Still another object is to provide in combination with such a package a'holder in which the package may be placed bodily and in the bottom of whichisan opening registering with the slot in the package carton for withdrawal of the sheets, and to provide in corresponding walls of the holder and package'registering sight openings through which lowermost sheets in the package may be seen, whereby notice of. approaching need of replenishing the supply is given before complete exhaustion of the sheets occurs. 1 j r i The invention consists ina package and a combination of such packageandits holder, having means for putting the foregoing, and related,,objects into effect, one embodiment 1 of whichis shown in the drawingsfurnished herewith and described in the following specification. v j 1 In the drawings, Fig. 1. is a perspective viewof a complete package embodying the invention; .1

Fig.2 isa perspective view of the bottom part of the package, as seen from beneath, showing the seal element ofthe inventiongwithdrawing and manipulating the sheets,

1930. Seria1No.447,231.

Figs. 3 and 4 are fragmentary sectional views of the top and bottom parts, respeca tively, of the packagetaken on line 3-3 of Fig. 1; v

Fig. 5 is a sectional'view. similar to Fig. 4 of the combined package and container or holder; Fig.6 is a perspective view of the container alone.

Like reference characters designate" the same parts wherever they occur'in all the figures;

The package, which by itself constitutes one I phase of the invention, consists of a carton a containing a stack of'folded and interleaved sheets oftoilet paper orpaper towels'b; or,

in another mode ofexpression, such a stack of sheets surrounded by an enveloping Wrap per. The sheets are; folded and; stacked in a manner wellknown and *commonly practised in connection withsheets' of toilet .pap'er,paper towels, and the like manufactures. The carton or wrapper a'may be made of any suitable material in any suitable and desired mode of construction. It may serve as the sole container of thefolded sheets, from which the sheetsm'ay be withdrawn as neededfor use, withoutthe cooperation of any external holder; and whenjconstructed for this purposeis preferably made of cardboard having substantial stiffness, particularly such stiffness as will enable the bottom to'support the stack-and'enable the bottom sheet to be be vpulled out, until the entire supply is exhausted, without injuring oryobjectionably de- 1..

forming the bottom. But when used in con junction withja holder 0, such as that shown in Figs. 5 and 6, which may be made-of sheet metal or other comparably stiff and durable material, the wrapper a need be only strong a enough to confine and protect the, stack. of sheets in shipment. and storage and under the handling to which it may be subjected up to the time When placed in the container forultimate use. But the carton, strong in itself to serveas the dispensing holder, may .beplaced in the outer holder 0.

The carton or wrapper, may be provided with suspending means, such as a loop 01, string,,ribbon, ,wire, a perforated tab ofcardboard, metal, etc., or other suitable hanger, secured in any desired way to the carton and adapted to be placed over a hook, nail or the like, projecting from a wall at the place of the slot is covered to a greater or less extent and closed by a seal 9. The seal here shown is a paper wafer gummed on one side and pasted to the outer side of the bottom wall across the slot. Such a seal is inexpensive 1n the extreme, but effectively serves the pur-' pose of preventing removal of sheets from the package. It may be extended to cover the entire slot, if desired, in order to prevent entrance of foreignlmatter.

The package, or rather the carton or wrapper forming the envelope member of the package, is formed with a concave to'ph, which is preferably made in the form of a shallow V, for manuiacturing convenience and economy, but may be a continuous curve; This part of the package serves as a receptacle for temporarily receiving and holding a lighted cigar, or a cigarette-or pipe. Pro vided the package is adapted to serve this purpose, the exact form of that portion of it which does so is of minorimportance and may be varied from the illustration given in these drawings, without departure from the invention claimed. 7

I will call this part of the package the cigar holder, for convenience of description. It is fireproof, being made so either by suitable treatment-of the cardboard material in those parts which form the cigar holder,- or by overlay of inherently fireproof material. Thus, if the carton is made'of ordinary untreated box board, anoverlay is of sheet metal or metal foil, as aluminum, tin or any other desired metal may be placed on the concave top wall; or this wall may be covered with a thick coat of metallic paint, sufficiently impervious to heat to protect the cardboard underneath from burning or charrin'g when aglowing cigar is laid on it. Or'the said top wall k may be made entirely of fireproof material, such as asbestos paper. Or, again, the carton, or its top wall only, may be treated with any one of a number of fireproofing agents which are known to be suitable for the purpose, such as silicate of soda. As a practical matter, of' course, the fireproofing agent must be one which will not detract from the desirable appearance of the package or be made sticky by the heat of the lighted cigar. The cigar holder element of the package aliords a conveniently accessible receptacle on which a smoker may lay his cigar or whatever he'may have been smoking,

in order to leave his hands free for manipulation of the papers, in full assurance that the cigar will not roll oil and fall to the floor.

I have shown the carton in its made up or finished form, the condition in which it we ists when containing a stack of sheets, but have not attempted to show details of construction ;--fer it may be madein a variety of ways known to manufacturers of boxes and cartons, without the necessity of instruction by this specification. The outer container 0, in the present illustration, is made as a rectangular boii or sheet metal open at the top and large, enough; internally to .receive the entire package shown in Fig. 1. Its rear wall is provided with a hole Z for hanging on a hook or the like projecting from the wall. Its bottom is formed of flanges 'm'turned in-- wardfrorn its four walls, overlapped at'the corners and soldered at the over-laps, leaving the central part open for emission of the sheets. A bottom of other character may be made; however, provided: only that a slot or equivalent opening. is. provided to register with the slot 6 of the contained package for passage of the sheets being withdrawn.

2 Thecarton or Wrapper a hasv a; sight 0pen 111g n. in its front.wal1,.anc1 the holcler c has asimilar opening 0 in its corresponding wall located whereit registers with the opening at a" when the package is placed in theholder, through which the lower sheets of the contamed stack are exposed to view. These openings 'are locatednear enough to the bottom, of the package and are large enough toshow plainly when the supply is nearly Qllgh,exhausted to need replenishment.

The, outerv receptacle and the contained package are so related in height that the concave top of. the package is accessible for reception of the lighted cigar, etc., when the package is fully. inserted within the holder.

This characteristic is present if the package is of the same lengthas the front wall of the holder, or somewhat longer or shorter. I L

preferably make the frontand rear walls of the'pack'age cartonof .the same height as the front and. sidewalls of the holder.- The concavity of the top of the package then lies somewhat, below the rims ofthe side walls of the holder, whereby the latter cross the endsofthe cigar holding concavity or groove. It will be understood of-course that the terms top, bottom, sides, andwords of similar import used in th s specification and claims have reference to the relationship of theseveral parts ofthe package, and of the combined package and outer holder,- when in the position of use. The hanger d of the package is so placed with respect-to the other parts of the'package' that, when suspended from asupport it automatically causes the packageto assume the position wherein the said terms as here used are applicable, and-the parts of the device are adapted to serve their several functions. The

perforated extension of the back wall of the holder 0, or such equivalent suspension means 1 therefor as may be provided, also has the same function and elfect with respect to the holder and the combination of holder and package. 7

I What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: I g

1. The combinationof a holder open at the upper end with a package occupying said holder and having a concave fireproof top.

upper end with a package comprising a car- 2. The combination of a holder open at the upper end with a package comprising a carton and a stack ofpaper sheets therein, occupying said holder; said carton having a fireproof top wall of concave formation accessible for placement thereon of a lighted cigar or the like. 7

3. The combination of a holder open at the ton and a stack of paper sheets therein, occupylng said holder; said carton having a fireproof top wall of concave formation accessible for placement thereon of a lighted cigar or the like and both carton and holder having registered openings adjacent to the bottom through which the lowermost sheets of the stack are exposed to view.

4. The combination ofa holder and a separably contained package therein, said pack- 7 of a lighted cigar or the like.

5. A package of paper sheets comprising a carton having a fireproof top wall of concave formationadapted toreceive a lighted cigar or the like, and a stack of paper sheets contained therein. M

6. A package comprising a stack of folded paper sheets and a wrapper enveloping said stack and provided with a slotted bottom through which the sheets may be withdrawn and a concave fireproof top.

7 A package comprising a stack of paper sheets and a carton having walls completely envelopingsaid stack; the wall at one end of the carton being slotted to permit withdrawal of the sheets, and the wall at the other end being of concave formation and fireproof characteristic, combined with suspension means adapted to hold the package with the slotted wall at the bottom and the concave wall at the top.

8. A package comprising a stack of paper sheets and an enveloping wrapper having a concave fireproof wall at the part which overlies the stack of sheets and a slot in the wall which underlies such stack, and-a frangible seal adherently attachedto the outside of said underlying wall across the slot therein. v

9. The combination of a holder open at its upper end, with a package comprising a stack. of paper sheets and an enveloping wrapper removably occupying said holder; the holder and package having registering "openings in their bottoms for emission of sheets from the contained stack, and the package having a concave fireproof top and a frangible seal attached to the outside of its bottom across the opening therein. a

10. A self sustaining carton for-holding and dispensing a stack of paper sheets, said carton having in its bottom part a slot for I emission of the contained sheets and its top wall being of concave form and fireproof character.

In testimony whereof I have aifixed my signature.


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