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Publication numberUS1765114 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1930
Filing dateSep 25, 1928
Priority dateSep 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1765114 A, US 1765114A, US-A-1765114, US1765114 A, US1765114A
InventorsTurner George S
Original AssigneeTurner George S
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Attachment for collapsible tubes
US 1765114 A
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June 17, 1930. 5, TURNER 1,765,114


My invention, while capable of a wide range of usefulness, is especially useful as embodied in collapsible tubes for containing medic-aments, and more particularly the in vention relates to an elongated discharge nozzle adapted to be used as an eye dropper or as an applicator for directing a medicament to ones ear or like cavity.

The general object of my invention is to provide a container with a dlscharge nozzle and preferably mounted upon a separable cap affixed to the tube, said nozzle having such a character as to be bendable laterally so as to present a deflected terminal at an angle to the axis of the tube to promote convenience in using the device as an eye dropper or directing a medicament into the ear and without danger of 1n]ur1ng either the eye or the ear, or 1n uslng the nozzle for oiling and other purposes.

To carry out the stated object I provide a nozzle advantageously integral with a detachable tube cap and formed'of soft bendable metal, the proportion of the bore or discharge passage and the walls of the tube being such that the nozzle is bendable to provide a terminal in a plane at an angle to the axis of the tube such that the tube at the-- bend of the discharge nozzle may be rested against the nose or against a part of the ear or ad acent head area to steady the device andprovide for directing the discharge to the desired point without danger of injury to the eye, ear or other sensitive parts.

Reference is to be had to the accompany-- ing drawing forming a part of this specificas tion, it being understood that the drawing is? merely illustrative of practical examples of the invention. V

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a collapsible tube equipped with my nozzle attachment;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of my improved nozzle and a detachable tube cap with which said nozzle is integral Figure 3 is a side elevation of the cap showing the nozzle bent into somewhat different form from that shown in Figure 2;

Figure 1 is a view similar to Figure 3, showing the cap with its integral nozzle bent in a diflerent way from that shown in Figures 2 and 3; I

zle shown in Figure 4:.

the collapsible tube 10 is made in the usual manner of such tubesj Instead of having an integral nozzle on-thebody of the tube, I

which it isusually put out in'practice, ex-

portioned with respect to the bore or discharge passage thereof and the thickness of or bends may be produced in the nozzle with- -be the case with ordinarytubular nozzles.

"adjacent'the base and the other at approxi= vmately right angles so that the terminal 13 is fore ofthe tube 10. The bend at-the base 10f theangular terminal 13 constitutes a rest device as-an eye dropper.

'the'dev1ce1s steadied and there 1s no danmay be given to the terminal 13 for the application ofthemedicament with precision to the corner ofwthe eye or to the ear or other Figure?) is an end view of the cap and 11oz- In carrying out my invention in practice 1n "accordance with the illustrated example,

provide in practice, in the preferred form of my invention, a cap 11 adapted to have threaded connection with the usual neck of the tube body. The numeral 11 designates the cap of the discharge nozzle 12 which is made of soft bendable metal. I have shown it straight in Figure 1, which is the form in cept in special cases. a The nozzle '12 is so prothe'walls of the nozzle, coupledwith the soft, pliablenature of the metal, the proper bend out choking the discharge bore, which would I'have shown in Figure 2 two bends, the one in line with the axle of the cap 11 andthereor bearing point which is placed against the 8O nose at the bridge or other point of the face adjacent tothe eye, in the case of using the The result is that ger of injury to the eye by a'wrong movement of the nozzle. In addition, the desired angle cavity. 7 9

:InFigure 3 the cap designated 111 has its discharge nozzle 112 produced with a single bend, as shown, at approximately right an gles, the material at the juncture of the members being curved and the terminal 113 lies 9 at right angles to the axis of the cap and therefore of the tube. I

It will be noted in Figure 2 that the two bends given to the discharge nozzle 12 leave the nozzle in the same plane throughout. In 1 Figures 4: and 5, however, indicating the wide range of bends thatvmay be made the tube 212 is bent adjacent its base to be directed laterally from the axial line of the cap 211, and a second bend is given so that the terminal 213 at the tip thereof is returned approximately in a plane with the axial line. As will be understood, the discharge nozzle is capable of use for oiling and other purposes.

As is well known, substantially all pipes or tubular objects can be bent or shaped, but mechanically. In the present case, due V to the construction and diameter of the particular pipe relatively to the thickness of the walls, the pipe forming the discharge nozzle can be bent or shaped with the fingers and without closing the passage.

I would state furthermore that while the illustrated examples constitute practical embodiments of my invention, I do not limit myself strictly to the exact details herein illustrated, since, manifestly, the same'can be considerably varied without departure g from the spirit of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

I claim 1. As an article of manufacture, a collapsible tube to be employed as an applicator, and a discharge nozzle on the tube, said nozzle being formed of soft, pliable metal to be bendable, the thickness of the walls of said discharge nozzle being so proportioned relatively to the size of the bore of the nozzle that the said nozzle is bendable to provide a 7 terminal at an angle to the axis of the tube,

without choking the bore.

2. A device of the class described, including a container and a discharge nozzle thereon of soft, pliable metal, said nozzle having a lateral bend and having a terminal at an angle to the plane of the axis of the tube, said bend at the base of said terminal constituting a steady rest to facilitate maintaining the terminal of said discharge nozzle at the desired angle for precise application of the contents of the container.

' 3. As an article of manufacture, a cap for collapsible tubes, said cap having means to v detachably engage the neck of the tube, and having a discharge nozzle of soft, pliable material, the bore of the discharge nozzle being so proportioned relatively to the thick ness of the Walls of the nozzle that the nozzle 7 is bendablewithout choking the bore.


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