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Publication numberUS1765431 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateMar 18, 1929
Priority dateMar 18, 1929
Publication numberUS 1765431 A, US 1765431A, US-A-1765431, US1765431 A, US1765431A
InventorsKupfer William H
Original AssigneeKupfer William H
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US 1765431 A
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June 24, 1930. w H, KUPFER 1,765,431

\ BADGE Filed March 18, 1929 JOHN 5M\T\H Q NEW YORK. 14

fi? V622 fr the button badge.

Patented June 24, 193@ lmuren stares WILLIAM I-I. KUPFER, 0F CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BADGE .i Application led March 18, 1.929. `Serial No. 347,771.k

This invention relates to abadge, and more particularly to a frame in the form of a window badge provided withmeans for readily mounting a button badge thereon.

One of the main objects of this invention is to provide a badge member in the form of a window badge or frame having means thereon adapted to be inserted in the rear rim of a button badge, to provide for the convenient andrapidmounting of the button badge on said frame por window badge, and so as to be securelyheldthereon. Another object is to provide a badge having its means, for attaching it to a garment, `,arranged in the form of a safety-,pin which has its coil end securedtothe badge and has its other end hooked in the badge. A further `obiect is to provide a combination badge including an'ordinary buttonv badge, and aframe in the form of a windowibadge having-means there-v on for readily and securelyattaching said button badgethereto, and4 so that the two may be readily detached to provide for interchangingfthe one on the other, Whenever desired. 'y .n

These and other objects and advantages are attained with this invention as Vwill become apparent from the following description, taken.l in connection with thev accompanying drawing, in which f y y.

Fig, 1 is a front elevational view illustrating myinvention. d f f Fig. 2 isa rear elevationalview thereof, showing the usual attaching pin provided' on Fig. 3 is a rear elevational view of the frame and its integral head and side notches,

-for ymounting the button badge thereon.

Fig; 4 is a horizontal sectional view, on

Iline 4-4 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional view, on line 5 5 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 6 is a rear elevational view of a slightly modified form, having theattaching means n*provided intheform of afsafety pin which has a hook end hooked in a member on the frame and has its coil riveted to said member.

Fig. 7 is a horizontal line 77 of Fig. 6., l y

Fig. 8 is an enlarged vertical sectional view, on line 8,-8 of Fig. 6.

This invention,A in its vseveral preferred forms, briefly comprises abadge member or frame 10, which is substantially in the form 55 of a window badge and contains a head or l supporting means 11 arranged for vreadily and securely mounting a badge member 12 there- Von,said member 12 being inthe form of a sectional view, on

button badge. The supporting means 11 and 60 l the lentire, construction are so arranged that these badge members 1() and 12 can be readily attached or combined, and can also be de- .tached andinterchanged or replaced the one on the other. v 65 The combination. badge finds particular adaptation for groupA gatherings like conventions; where the one badge member, asbutton member 12, `can be used for the general information or group name 13: while the, other badge member, as member 10, is used to lconvey the particular information or identilication feature, as the bearers name 14.

The badge member 12 is preferably in the form of the usual button badge, having the 7 circular inturned flange or rim 15 on its rear side; and the frame or badge member 10 is preferably in the form of a window badge, having the bottom and side edges bent yover y to provide rear inturned flanges 16, for .receiving therein the card 17 to bear the name 14 to be viewed through the front window 18 in the frame. y

The supporting` means l1 is preferably provided in the form of .a head which eX- tends or projects upwardly from the frame and is integral therewith. A notch 19 is provided at each side of the head, near its connection with theframe, thereby provid`- ing a notched portion 20 and also a pair of lips or tongues 21 above said notches. Y

Thematerial of the frame 10 and its integral head is made fleXible, being preferably Vmade of Celluloid; and the head 11 is inserted inward of rim 15 ofthe button badge, said rim being placed in notches 19 and the lips 21 beingflexed and sprung in under said rim, as indicated in Figs. 2, 4, and 6. By this construction the button badge is readily and securely mounted on frame or window badge; thus` providing for conveniently combining the two, and also for readily separating and interchanging the same; and also providing an economical construction. c

The customary. button badge is ordinarily provided with an attaching pin 22, as indicated in Fig. 2, which has its curvedupper portion clamped under the rear flange or rim 15, as is wellknown. To provide for further economand wherever desired, this detachable pin 22 may be utilized as the attaching means or supporting means for supporting the device on a garment.

' I also provvide my invention with a novel and particular form of attaching means or y supporting means, which I mount on the rear of the frame or window badge, as indicated in Fig. 6; and in this Ifor-my the detachable pin 22 is omitted from the button badge 12 as unnecessary.

The particular form showrllin Figs. 6, 7,

`and 8 comprises a frame 10 having inturned flanges 16 and the window 18 between which is mounted the card 17', also an integral head l11 and .notched portion 20 containing side ynotches 19 and lips 21. readily mountablenin the `rim or flange 15 of the button badge 12 and being securely but detachably held therein, all' these elements being substantially identical with those illustrated in 2 and described above. The novel attaching means in this form includes a pin 23, which is substantially in the form of a safety pin, secured on a backing member or sheet 2e. which isy preferably also of celluloid like the frame and is secured to flanges 16 or integral therewith. This safetypin 23 has a hook e'nd 25 zengaged or. hooked through holes 26 provided in a raised portion 27 on said member 24, so as to provide for lprompt mounting of said hook end on said member; and the Coil end '28 of this pin is secured to said backing member, preferably'by rivet means in the form of an eyelet 29 extending through said coil end and said member. A

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A badge comprising a button badge having an inturned rim, and a badge having integral supporting means thereon containing lip portions adapted to be fleired and sprung into the inturned rim of the button badge, for securely mounting the two badges together as a combination badge.

2. A badge comprising a button badge having inturned rim means, and a frame having a head with outer notched means thereon to' receive the inturned rim means n and providing projecting means readily insertable with said head within said rim means for supporting said button badge on said frame. p 4

3. A badge having a head thereon provided with side notches forming lips, said notches being` provided to receive thereinthe inturned rim of a button badge, and said lips being flexible for inserting with said head inward of the rim, for readily and securely mounting said two badges together.

4L. A badge comprising a frame having an integral head thereon provided with flexible lips and side notches tol reecive the inturned ing flexible for springing them under rim, whereby to mount said button'A badge readily and securely and detachably on said frame.

5. A combinaties badge @messing aframe in the form of a windowbadge of :Celi luloid having anv integral fleiiiblehead provided with side notches, and 'a button badge having an inturned rim Y' engaging in said notches and said head being positioned within said rim, whereby said badges are readily and securely and detachably combined.

' 6. A badge vincluding a. backing plate, and

supporting means providedl in the fimof a safety pin having a rivet extendingthrough its 'coil end and throughV said plate to fasten the pin thereto.

7.*A badge comprising a member having f a portion with adjacent holes thereimand means rmoiumted thereon for supporting the badge on a garment, said means being in the form of a sefty pinhaving ahooli engaged through said holes and having its coil end fastened to said member.

s. A badge @massaggiare meister iming a pair 'of adjacent holes therein, and attaching means for the badge provided in the form cfa safety pin having a hook end hookedcthrough said holes and haviiigan eyelet extending throughsaid member and through the coil end ofA said piii forseciir'ing the latter on said member.

9. A badge comprising' a frame prvid'ed with a. thin backing member having a raised portion with holes therein', and means for fastening said badge o'n a garment, said means including a safety pin having a hook end engaged through said holes in said raised portion and also means for securing the coil end of said pin on said member.

10. A badge including means pfrjecting therefrom t'o be readily inserted in vthe rear e and means in the form of a safety pin having a hook end hooked in said member and having its coil end riveted on said member, for fastening the badge 0n a garment.

1l. A badge comprising a frame having a head with notched means thereon to receive the inturned rear rim of a button badge and mount said head in said rim for mounting the badge on said head, and permitting convenient attaching and detaching of said badges, a backing member on said frame, and safety pin means secured on said member for fastening the badge on a garment.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specication.


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U.S. Classification40/1.6
International ClassificationG09F3/18, G09F3/08
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