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Publication numberUS1765890 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateApr 21, 1928
Priority dateMay 11, 1927
Publication numberUS 1765890 A, US 1765890A, US-A-1765890, US1765890 A, US1765890A
InventorsAdolf Vates
Original AssigneeAdolf Vates
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Device for supplying water to stone saws
US 1765890 A
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June 24, 1930. VATES I 1,765,890

DEVICE FOR SUPYLYING WATER TO STONE SAWS Filed April 21, 1928 071/917 for; M7 V Anon VATES, OF Joorioonn-on-riinnnrnn; GERMANY Patented June FAT 1'2 I DEVICE on sUPrL-Yrn'e WATER T ,s'ronn sews Application medi n 21, lace-Semitic. 271,961, and in Germany May 11, 1927.

This invention relates to a device, designed'to supply cooling water directly to the cutting point of a circular saw of carborundum or the like commonly used for cutting stone-blocks. These carborunduin disks work, at a rate 0151500 toQOOO revolutions per minute and the cooling water is supplied by a means of a jettube. The

usual water-supply is however not sufficient 0 so that in the out fire occurs by'which the carborunduni-disc is heated; and worn very rapidly. On the other-handthe stone-block is burntalso sothat the edges crumbleotf;

In order to avoidin a certain measure this heating, the machine must be run at low speed so :that those advantages are never obtained which might result-from asuitable water-supply. I

The object of this invention is to provide a water supply which will be sufiicient to prevent the heating of the cutting disc to an extent injurious to the stone being cut;

' This problem. is solvedby making the jet-tube so thin and fiat that it can be introduced into the cut which'is'produced atthe cutting operation so thatwater is constantly injected directly on the cutting surface. The cut is about 7 to 8 films.- wide and the jet tube about 5 mms.-,-thick. As the 3 'WallS of the'jet-tube' are'l /gmrn', thick, a clearance ofI0.1 mm. remains at each side.

An embodiment of the'i'nvention" is illus' trated, by way of example, i in the" vpanying drawing in whichj Y 'F l is a side-elevation, partlyinsection. Fig. 2. is a part-top-plan-view. Figs 3 and 4aarecross-sections on lines 7 '33 and44respectivelyofFig. 1. The carborundum' disc dis covered onits 40 upper portion by a protecting hood-b in a mannerwell understood in theart. On the hood I) islfixed an arm a which isbent atgan anglegfa screw djsecuresan arm 6 to the arm accomc and the arm e'has atubular sleeve 7. In

theisleeve f is. adjustablysecured a jet-tube g, and the upper, h thereot'iis adapted to be connected to a hose, not shown; 'Th'e cross-sections of the jet-tube' g" are shownin Figs. 3 andaa' Themouth ofthe jet-tube, extending fromi to-lc, torms'aslot,

through whichthe' cooling water flows directly to the'bottom otthe cut,i. e. directly to the main cutting point of the disc a. The tube 9 can beadjusted in the sleeve 7 and this sleeve f, on the arm 0 by meanscot the screw din accordance with'the wear of thediska. The progress obtained by the invention 1 consists in thatthe cutting disks do notwear so rapidly as at present and that the Stone is no longer burnt so that a higher efliciency and work of betterquality are obtained. Iclaim: I i A device for supplying cooling water to the cutting point of circular saws offcar-i borundum or the like for cutting. stones, comprising a jet-tube the I mouth-end of which is curved, according to the circular; 'shape of the circular saw, and ofsuch narrow cross-section that it can be introduced int-o the cut down to 'the bottom thereof. 7

f In testimony whereof, I aflix my signa-' ture. t I t ADQLF VATES. i

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U.S. Classification125/13.1, 451/450
International ClassificationB23D59/02, B24B55/00, B24B55/02, B23D59/00
Cooperative ClassificationB23D59/02, B24B55/02
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