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Publication numberUS1765939 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateApr 8, 1927
Priority dateApr 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1765939 A, US 1765939A, US-A-1765939, US1765939 A, US1765939A
InventorsFinis E Roach
Original AssigneeFinis E Roach
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US 1765939 A
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F. E, ROACH June 24, 1930.

SPRINKLER 3 Sheets-Sheet l Filed Aprll 8, 1927 June 24, 1930. F, E, RQACH Y 1,765,939

SPRINKLER Filed April 8. 1927 s sheets-sheet' 2 June v24, 1930. FL E. RQACH 1,765,939

SPRINKLE v Filed April 8,.192'7 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 My inventionY relatc-asy tfVSPnllers, beingjrrio're particularly concerned] 'with movable I. the'ziwater l.pas"si-111g sprinkler e one of f the objects Y eff 'filly invention Si the 'proyisionffo-f a sprrrller/of the Classde- 20j eflieier'rt, easyto manufacture yand `assemble ar'.` view'- taken on the lijie Cil j" is a partial'flerosss' 'tienalyiewof the cover' plate 30,

11 is'- a -vievv in persp' @ill-ating sleeve shovvli in' Fig-9J fFigQl-Qis" a cross yseotio'nalpv ievv of the nozzles shown y iiiy Fig;- 9, ta/kerr'onthe rig. 13] is Y a viewfifv lflezzle' sleeve shown 'in'- Fig. 9.V

Referring 4`-to Fig; '1, 20win I v entirety the actuating device and supporting casing yfor the oseillating sprinkler nozzles a -r'substantifalll-y" cylindrical Shape, V`oper'if; at:

boundedflby an aanhgular flange 26'. 'The rvarl-A The fla-rige l?. may alsog'be madefsubstaf tially thieke1,'as at 31, onk eaeh side topermit receive vthe screw bolts The easngQQ is prolvided atoiie side", pref-z erably vthe Abottom- 14,4',vvith van-fiIvl-tegral threaded formed in -the fcastihg, arid the ports '35- and 36 lare preferably direted'taiigertial-ly of the fopel-ngs -Whieh taper yg'adlwll-y steward the :interior the casing so toi-forman irn-y pelling eurrent Withirithe easing.-

Cave of @have e o dieatesfi'h supported l'in the sprinkler head 21.f/The f fea'sngj22 "consists of acast -rrietal mein-ber, preferably of brass, vor some other metalhav- -ing similar; non-corroding properties, having' @mh ell/drame zeandgee and provideag-Wim a third aperture n 25-at fits' topfvvhiehl is i 'fnulavr-*lage y26fff1r1ay be provided with annular; groove 27 adapted :tofreeeivei a eorrif fpressiblerfwasher 28,*andto vl'ec'eive"the alio "'iiularshoulder v 29 kfupo'n thefeover plate-30 ,i 'i vv'v'heri the sprinkler 'is infassernbled relation. Y

' nipple 34 Comiunieatipg vv'i'thi the gihteri'or 'f of the easing {by a pairofgports 35 and *136,

`'The nipplev 34 may be provided with starrdfardpipi'ngfthreadsBQ to' receive *the edfof '---ajstandpipe 4Q, which may supply Wate'ryor 1 otherjliquidtethe sprinklerfand also su-py, I dportthesanii'e.A Intlie yease' ofthe useoffthe sprinkler ferlaWISa the standpip'e 40 -is vpref;

sprinkle ac largerfareaor-to use the spriiifklerv 1. `forftrees,x thev standpipe l0l mayr be" made o'fjfymo v l corresponding length to support i the l sprin-` kler at the height desired. ff i' The casing 22 terminates at Veach end. in openings; 23l 'and k24, and While the casing 1 mayl be 'of any Vexterior shape, it Vis 'prefer- V Yably forinedwvithA a substantially o-ylin'drb'V ,cal interior in ,orderto avoid-the; forniation feddyv currents, and in.; order y to save P-'material the exterior surface is-alsorprerfio'ferably made cylindrical. Theopenings23, ,'and124-are bounded by "annular -sliould'e'rs l 41V and 42, andthese. openings are ,closed end plates'l V43"anjdv44. 1 are o'entral'ly boredVr as ati-.45 `a11d146 tore.-

The endv plates ceive a shaft 47, which Nsupports a rotatable sleeve-48 providedvvith avvormg49.` l v .y A The end plates 4i-Ligand 44.1nay `be,'stamped from sheetQinetalv-to the- ;V V-oonifo'rhrnationi shown, having aplurja'lity of concentric cup j fg'o'sliaped portions 50 and 5l for the purpose of .provid-ing additional! space for the Water Ai-vheriel hubs, andto give the end plat-es` in-V Grea-Sed-reidty- Inforder to Permanently' assemble' niy casinglinjsuch afniannerthat tis-tainperjproof, Iig'prefer to provide-end plates,- 43 yand144i,v vhich' have a yery elose` lfit, inthe apertures 2 3 and- 24.,sogthat Athe plates VWill .beretai'nedV friotio'n'ally Within l'ieityl-z and olieapness,requiring no fastenf: pairot turned down portions52,one at each YVend, terminating Ain theY yannular shoulders '53,W The 'vvater, Wheelsg?, andr38,Y coinprise fcentral, hubsgr-glffhaving Aa- 1 plurality V of radially extending arinsf terminating-in substantially .flat Qur-radi bladesi- [In Order l into the casingdrojm lthe.-sprinklerhead21,

to `'clearthe .actuating mechanism, proj ecting i -thefbld are @lit-.away tewardthe .center of the saine las Vat 57,* leavivngptheiouter `in the path" "fthe Water currents issuing NfrontithelzportsS5-.and'36... .i

tunen the -ffelelsed Dertien-s 52 'Of the nd Vthereduced portions'Zmay hubs forcibly pressed upon the'ends of vthe Wise, and one of the jen'dplates 43 Vhaving Vsleeve 48 by a hydraulic press, or -otherbeen pressed into positionwithin thecasing 22, the shaft 47, sleeve 48 and yWaterWheels B7 and 38 are assembled Within'the casing,

afterwhich the Vother endjplate.44 may ,be

pressed into place byafhydraulicg-,press and thefnuts 584threaded upon ytheends of the ,shaft `47 to hold the shaft in fixed relation `lto 'thecasing? Y rThe nuts58 notionly Yprovide Ineans for I holding the shaft Yvvithinfthe casing, `but they.reinforceV the-end platesfagainst any v `tendency Vto swell outwardjdue toy thelpressure Withintthe casing..

The sprinklerV headsz21v .least metal memberhavingan upper portion- 59 of. vsubstantially V cylindrical shape, i 'l with transverse bore 6() passing thrOughthe--sarne and: .communicating with.; the bottom 'through an aperture. The'sprinller apertures 63 forfthe reception oi the' screw headisprovidedivith aiiat ,annulanilangep L *i 3Q having extending.. lugs62,. providedwith bolts 33.l j vThe isfalso,providediigo 'l with the downwardly r"projecting. annular Shoulder 329', which is adv-Pte@ to i iwi-receiv'ed; in the groovej27 tof-ooinpressflthe Y Washer 28, forming. a substantially `.Water tight joint when thesprinkler heat y'assembled Withthe casing i Way throughftliejsleeve.1'V

- awed-down;atachi end as atr67randl68providingYa-pairlof-anf, ,Anular shoulders 69, 4.The'reducedportions Y i 67 and. (S8-maybe provided- .With-@screw vThe sie ve64 may bet 'threads- 70.V` The sleeve 64 ispreferably slightly smaller than the-y bore- 60,--ai1dithe bore 60 'maygbeifprovydedwith:an internal annular groove 7,1 torthefpurposeof con# sleeve.

Provide a bore VgradRally desreasingin Size Vfrom the outside, ini-Which thegringsl2-and ducting liquid more readily aboutthesleeve 64 forlaccess tothe slot and boreofthe f In .order Vto, rotatably l support the"sleeve 64 injthesprinkle'r head2l, lprovide-apair Y ofniachined metal rings*72and..f73, o/ subg" stantiallyr-,l' rectangular kcross {sect-ion,y d lwhich are, adapted to' Y receive the reduc'edportons. 120 67 and GSandpermit-rotaton of'thefsleeve' V4wthn 'thermes 72; endg-73,. 1,-.The-eter- .IlalwallS- Of thel11g$ 72all 73 arefadapted I iO-,ft Very .Closely Wthnfheborle G01-ofthe sprinkler. head',j being pressed* vinto place upon either Aside ofthe sleeve 64bygineans of a hydraunepfessor the-like;andifdesired, the bore 60 may be tapered-inward so fas to 7 3 maybe firmly seated. Withontbinding uponthe annularfshoulde'rs.)69,1

2; The :Sprinkler Ihead 21l should preferably be of suiieientr length soethat, when the rovtatingsleeve,y 64 and-rings 72 and 73 are assembledI Within the-qsame',1-there is' still. pro. vided an, annular groove-74 at each endabout the reduced-portionsgandk 6,8, which grooves areV adaptedio receive the compres? siblevashersl'of leather. or the like.y

The supporting. flange .8Ol of the sprinkler p head 2lJma-y bev provided with a substantially cup V.shaped aperturel, Which is adapted to receive a supporting plate Y77,` having a close frictionalfit With Saidl aperture, vand these parts may beassembledby means-of a hydraulic press.y The platel?? may beprovided .with a downwardlyiextendingiarm 7 8 supported upon fa bridge` .79.v on. said ,p'late, forthe Vpurpose.offproviding La support for the .actuating mechanism of the f sprinkler, The armi781nay be Eprovided:with.a trans,-`

ierse bore.8'0, slightly spaced tromk its... lower endand the bore 80 may be provided `with a bushing 8lv of brase,or other bearingmetal,

for.; thepurpose otjournalling'a shaft 82.` foThe `shaft 82 maveonsist vof ascrew bolt ada ted to Jt With-in' the, bearing 81, and

vthe plate 88, l. -TheV plate-88 may be: pressed .upon the-.plate 86 :by a hydraulic press ort-he like, ythereby permanently assembling f these. partsand forming agear- 84, having a cen-y tral vportion 86. oft`substantial thickness,

which'y is adaptedf,.to form' .a durable Iriotint-V ing upon' the vshagft'Z byserevv threads, and

an, external. portion" 88 havingi laterally {pwjecting Vteeth which lmay be ;cheaply and economically v formed*i11,;;the i manner E pre?. viouSlydescribedm LThe' gear; 84 is also provided A,vv-ith.

. which may'jconsist ofga screw bolt ,9l{ih'avingf a' reduced threaded 'portien'4 .92,Whicli @is 'Y adapted to bethreadcdk kin,thei-,Jplate '86;

passingthrough y the .connectinglinkf Itl yWill be observed that by@V providinga: reduced threaded Iportion,-the'hol-t191,mayfbe screwed,

tightly into the s Plate '186` Without 'binding upon the 'CQnnectinglgl-ink f 93. The sleeve. 64 may alsoabe provided{.vvigtfl'iV ya crank pin 94', icomprising` a' metal kpin `hf'iving'Ta reduced threadedin the Wall! of the slot T66 near-one yair angle sueientr.

end of ysaidV slot, and their pin94s adapted to be received in .an aperture 96 at the' upper '6nd ofythelink 9,3. It should -obe-observed that the radius ofthecrank pin 91is,eon

siderablyv lessthan the radius yofthe crank.'v n

-pinf94, so ythat Whenthegear 84 isrotated,

theQQnneetingflinlr `98 Willbe irejeiproeated, i andthe sleeve 64 Will beroscillatecl about. its

axisgvvithin the'loorefGO., i 4 A The supporting arm A78,1 nay be yprovided with anenlarged lug 97-at itsplowerend, i

Whichis provided Witha threaded bore'98 adaptedto receive .the reducedthreaded end .tatably supports and: confines, between: its? I head and th'e'lug'97, a double pinionlQO,

comprising a 1 sleeve,y liavingly ordinary gear A adapted to; mesh Withthevvorin 49on-the sleeve 4855111. order-to support the Worinv AteethflOlat'its upperg end which areadaptedfff i to meshv with the teeth `90.,upontheV gear 84, and. the-Worin gear teethg'l02, Whichxfarei gear 102 in positionyto mesh-With the'Worin Worm gearfrom ithel axis ,of the shaft 14'? fotl'set the. axis. of the n' 'Q a distance equal l to the( sum;- of radii of 'the 'y K Working circles 'of these members.v

v The method ofioperatiQnf-offthe mechaf. i

filling the casing-1 221.andf1coinrnunicatingk A l' with the sprinkler head-@through the aperturell; 'in thevisupportinlg plate 30. V,Thel

Water Vwheels l37 and 88.are rotated by the Water-jets., :thegyworm 49y actuating the Worm i gear 102 and, pinion 101. The pinionlOl actnates the-annular gear 84, reciprocating thev link k 93: and` oscillating the.- sleeve .64,

Which may support agplurality of nozzles, l l

D iI -shall now Vdescribe' the preferred con-1,: p :struction of? mygadjusta-ble nozzles--shownin i detail in Figs. 5to 8 inclusive. f rfh'enozzlesy of my sprinkler :heady preferably comprise' I .a "pairofgcastl metal `nozzlefcasinge; 103i and w 104, having?afsliapesubstantially-like lthat f. f' ofa.frustrumfota cone, and-having knurled-p portionsiloat'thebase ofIsaid frustrumf The; nOZZle cz'isings,v 103 :andgl04 are'provided yWith-g. longitudinali .-slots.l fl0ffextending through theglateraksurfaceof;thefrustrurnf and,the-,Sl0tsfl061nayfbe @figa/ny: .simi-Which i is :adaptedV to ,eon'ipletelypclear ai -stfreamofgf i Waterissuing trom-.any ofthe portsEinf-thel ,nozzlesleevef 1035?urthe'rtofjbeffdeSCrbeda llhe'bases ott eno-,221e casings` l03an`dx-l`04 Y i i are open. for communication. with' the boreY i' 65er the sleevelpwl'iile the opposite .end 1,08jisgclosed-ivith the Iexception ot a vcircular` aperture;109-.yvhichflis'adapted-to, receivek the 'stein' llOvothernozZle,sleevelOY y. '..Theinterior'surfaces ot, the rustrofconi-v` cal members. lzand 104 areaccurately ina? l f chined-tothefrustro-conical shape, with the e eXceptionrof the lend portion 111,1' which is y iol:

VYsu'bst'antially, cylindrical, Yterminating at the shoulderv112.. lfhe nozzle sleeves already referred "to, comprise cast ,Y metal members, `whoseexterior surfaces are accurately machined-to'iit'within the frustro-conical mem? Y bers 103" and 104C, thernozzle sleevesbeing slightly shorter; than` the distance between i Y' the shoulder 112 andthe end o f'the no z'zle l casings,i103y andlOl. As the nozzle'casings 103and 104 and the parts thereinr are identi? jcal, shallv describe in detail y'only one" of Y n these- 'devices,' andI,'desirey it to be 'under-A -jstood that V this description appliesV *tof both devices. f

fThejstem'110vis providedwith a 'reduced threaded' 4portion5113 'which'is adapted to be received ina-central threaded aperture 114 stantially cupi-shaped' "member having an 'exterior 'wall'llGY-Ywliichflis adapted vtolit yaboutth'e top fof:thef-frustorconical memberv 1104, and whichV has a fknurled exterior edge -j1`17ftofacilitate manipulation.' The cap 11,5

isaprovided withalceritral boss 118, sothat when the v cap 115 Yiis threaded against' the Y shoulder 119 offthe stem- 110, and thevend thelstem isrivetedfoveryas shown in Fig.

' 1, *the 1cap'115 isrmly'xed upon'the stem :1110,lprovidingfa means*for rotating the fiiozzle'-'sleeve/107.'V y y j '-With in the annular;interior of the'cap- 115 there is'confinedfaspring washer120, .com

Y prisi'ngfa thinfresilientfmemberof phosphorl bronze, or some otherno'ncorroding resilient l 'f metaLff'having a plurality of 'equally' spaced Y crimpsor bends'121jin its edge, so 'that itis e I adapted to: maintain` the Lcap lljanl'the end 108 fof the nozzle casing-'in spaced relation;

In orden-'to support vthe nozzlecasings upon @the/sleeve 64, Iprefer'dtopro'vide an annular' Vhyg'iraulicgpress 'orfth'e' like, so that Vit can,-4

i i e The'ffozzle 'sleeve'f 107 'mayibe ,provided` Y'with a" plurality ofrowsv of p`ortsy124, 125 VVand1'26, vco'lls'i'sting 'of ajplurality of aperf Y tures extending radially 1 fromlV the jsleeve, saidaperturesfbeing flaredat vtheir exterior" p e'nd'by Ycounter boring,"`ias at' 127 LV Y The. rows of ports should;r eachfg preferably VYincludefa different,v numberwof, ports of various sizes.v Y andconstruction, and fthefports at the inner. f c .Y endfjof @the sleeveffshould VVe"preferably^"be Y Y adapted to directltheir stream upwardfwhile :those"towardfthejouter` end: ofy the sleeve ,v jshou'ld'- preferably yhavej'mi `increasing outwarcl ,slan't,f vas shown VFiglE rv1. j Il desire 'iti vto be understood that'the sleeve 107 be ports may be vvformed according to the :best practice, or vapproximating the` same, and .I do not desire'to be llimitedto the specific" combinationof ports illustrated. The closed space between port rows may be `oli greater widthV than slot 106 so that "at'intermediate' Vpoints thep'orts may all be closed.`

In orderto limit, the 'rotative motionV of Vthe sleeve 107,1 preferjto lprovide la pinl 128 projecting inward from the'sidevof the' rusc Vto-conical member'lOl at a point distant from the slot 106, and the'pin 128fmay be fmade to fit its apertureV so'closelyV that when driven into place, it permanently"assembled with the nozzle casing. In orderfto assemble the nozzle casinglOwith the Vnozzley sleeve 107while theV pin-128is rin place, I providefa substantiallyY rectangular aper-z Vmade of substantiall thickness'so'- that the f 'so j y ture `1291111 thenozzlesleeve 107, and the Pin'Y 1 ,128should not be of" greater length than` is ,j permissible to `allow thexonteredge of the aperture 129 to` clear theV in' Awhenvthese"`V parts are moved into assemb ed position. It will thus be observed that the yaperti'ne 129 may be@ madev of; suchV dimensions Ythat when one edge of said aperture rests against the'pin`128, the ports 124 will be inregistry i with the slot 126, 'and-when, the opposite edge.

rests against the'pin128, the ports 126 will f be -in registry with said slot, `Whereas at an yintermediate position the ports 125v may be Y made to so 'registergj ,Itrwill alsoV be observed that the pressure ofthe-'water within Y the 'sprinkl erheadwill tend vto force thev nozzle sleeve v107- into wedged engagement,

with the frus'tro-co'nical memberlOt so .that .the nozzle sleeve will'besautomatically' 're tainedvin anyhadjusted position; Furthermore, the spring 1201s adapted to maintain tional engagement with. the frustrol.conical'V and anyof'the plurality of differentnozzles may bebroughtA into registry with therslot 115 and? rotating the same;

106'by1mer'ely pushing inwardupongthecap I The 'nozzle sleeves'andfnozzlecasings may j Y .1,15 i i be made cylindricalinstead f of frustoiconi c'al, if' desired,y but -by making Vthese.'sleevest fj f vTheV method of' operatioiryof V my-1sprinller is vas follows; "When the water/under `pres-l Y .f ,sure` isV supplied fto the;` standpipe *110, Athe VSleeve@will bes-oscillare@ .throushaiimirtea the sidesgof thel nozzle: sleeve A107 1111131154'l V member 104'to maintain; said adji'isftinent, gf 11o` of theshape shown, I have beenablto sef` i cure fa 'g greater outward jsla'n't lor" vcertainqof f `e .i

thev nozzles',iandthe pressure lof the'weitenV 7 tends to-'maintainpthe nozzle sleeve inad# are," as has jbeenpreviously described, carryr- 1 tonsfor1ningi a rowjot streams which are 'ing 4with-itf `the nozzlesfwithinfthegtrnstoQ `Y f f 'conicallnjiembers1103 Land'V 10h-The V.nvfater f V"will issue' from thesenozzles invarious direclV v 'I Y Y1.30 l i s oscillatedback and forth .about a horizontat aXis, covering a substantially rectangular area ,of ground,.and this areais not subjected to a constant :iiow of water but tothe recurringf sprinklingr action of f a" 'plurality'yOf strearnswhich .may be made to `move'at v,any

- desired rate ranging from a .quickfoscillation to a movement whichis scarcely` discernible. The: sprinkler head 21y comprisesfa unitary memberwhich is separablefrom the actuatingmechanism and `fr.o1n-which the cast `metal nozzle casings 103 and'104 may, be ree moved to substitute nozzles of diiferent `typle's,-'but the interior mechanism of the sprinkler is tamper ,.proofjand 'thedevice can not be disassembled'- with .the use of ,or

" dinary toolsfbeyondy the substitution;y of

parts intended tobe removable.

. Referring' to Figa eta-13,;ne1uive, I

; have here shownfa modiiedform ofY sprink- `lerhead in which the supportingy arrn78`is v cast integrally with-fthe ,plate-30 and the sp''rinkle'ry head 21; x 'I nxthis modification the sprinkler head 'is providedwith a'sleeve 130,

adapted I to.V lit withinthe bore .1131 foflthe sprinkler head 21,"andthesleeve l130 `may be l,turned doWna/a't its central portion as at 13,2,"to provide accessfto the interior of they sleeve through the-slotylg'flhe sleeve 130 ymay be provided with alateral-ly'projecting lug `134 which is adapt-edtosupportfai pink 135 mounted thereon in af manner similar to Ythepin 94 atadistanc'e Vfromthef axis v of the greater than the 'radius sleeve 1310 which isv of the pin 91. V-

In orderto provideturtheraccess the interior ofthe sleeve 130, the ,redu'cedfpoiy tion 132 may be apertured as at 136. i Re-i ferringi to `Fig.` 9, it ywill "benoted that the `bor`es131 is enlarged yas at thereby formingfan annual shoulder '138,and when the.

sleev'e130 is in assembledv position, a groove which; is ladapted to receive ,the Vcompressible washer?139` of leather or the like., at each end off'the slew-e180@y f vThe sleeve-130`may be with a turnedfdown and threadedfport-ion 14() ateach*l end of said sleeve, `and the noz'zlecas-` ings-141 andv 142 :ma'yl'be provided 'withv .turned -down Aportions '143- adapted vto be received' fin the bore' :131, land" internally i threadedportions 144adapted. tohethreaded that the: Washers 139 are slightly compressed,- therebyprovidinga watertight joint aboutv Vtheendswof thel sprinkler head 21.H l y y v'llfhenozzlecasings 141 'and 142;'1nay ybe modified; inV this embodiment for the Vpurpose 'of throwing streams toicoverl-areas of va'-v rious 4v:different shapes..` *"'For example, the

nozzle Casing 141may sl'lpport ay nozzle: 145

formed according 'to-fthe-best practice vand adapted to .throwfa stream. of ywaterto a considerabledista'nce.V The oasingflitlfmay also Vsupport/a smaller :nozzle 11451 substantially registerv with the slot 158. Y ,i

shorter than the nozzle 145 andformed withy aloylindrical aperture 147, leading to an in-` terior 148 shaped likeV the `frustrupmfrvof a cone. The nozzle146 is', therefore,v adaptedv to' .throw a stream to a considerably less dis-V tance than thenoz'zle 145, serving anareaf70y i nearer to the sprinkler, While -'the nozzle 1461 may also be provided with a slot .,149 Cut" n into the yend ofthe ynozzle in the planeof the illustrations and adapted to throw ak substantially fan shapedv spray whichf, `Will cover the area immediately adjacent the sprinkler; ,Y

The nozzle'casing1421nay be of similar f I Vshape to the cast metal member104, with the Aexceptions already noted, beingy adaptedto y'receive a nozzle sleeve150 of substantially rustro-conical shape, having-V' a' stem'. '151,-v 'f n.

upon which may be threaded the cap 152' `enclosing the vsprinkler lwasher 1,53. V'The de- 5, i i tails of the nozzle sleeve and nozzle casing at this endy may be substantiallysilnilar to the' ones previously describedand shown iILFig- 1. The nozzle' sleeve 150'y may, h0wever,fbe Y.

provided with a plurality of aperturesforming ports 154 and 155 of considerably different shape. It willr be noted that the port 154 Y 'y l is adapted to4 throw a stream backward'toV the leftl in F 9 which will cover lan areakr onvtlie other side yof the sprinkler, leaving y 'A the ground area-to theright of the sprinkler wit-houtservice. The nozzle sleeve 150`is,1 ofcourse, adapted vto be turned by meansfof'v the cap 152 whiohmay be pushed inward to` i i turn the nozzle sleeve 150 to points where' any ofthe vports154, 155, 156 andV 157 may 'I'he `details ,of the mounting'of the coverij plate 30 upon the flange26 of the casing Q2 may be lexactly as shown' in *Figg' 1, the leather washer 28 withinthe groove-27 being l .compressed by the` annual shoulder L2911130 f form asubstantially water tightv'joint. The

l connecting link, 93 of Vthe Vactuatingflmechanl sm may have'an aperture toreceive the pin 13:5 and when the water isadmitted tof the-*casing .22.bymeansof the standpipe 140,

thek operationof the'Inech'anicalelements is Substantially 'the'sam aSfll'at desel'bedfbi', Fig. 1. .c

port `which is quiteclose to the axis of` the Sleeve 130i Suchfasfheports lelaleana 'i l157 is rotated in a horizontal aXis',the';port i range 'greatly' Changed during foutlin'e. 1 Furthermore, the sprinkler; 'showny i It shouldzbe noted, however',thatwhena- .115'

ing :alsubstantially straightV side so 'that the sprinkler may' vhev plaoedfadjacent the boundarvliiie of allot to sprinkle areas extending t fromisaid houiidarv liiiei`ntothe slot.

ends` also; togfformports tapering outward,

andV the vamount of counter-bore may he iii-f creased gradually ifronithe inner to the'outer tothrow its stream-to greater distance. i

Vllt vWill-thus be observed that l have 1n- -fveiited a. sprinkler which vhas a nozzle casing Y Containing aplurality ofnozzlesfwhich may lieeasil'v adjusted tousejaiiy-l group of ports. andt'hat iny actuating unit is adapted to, 'oscillate` the vznozzles about-a horizontal axis 25? A appended' vvclaims.y

Vl -Havii"ig thus vdescriloedf my invention",Y What cured to sleeve adjusta'hlj,7 secured Within said second` naniedrsle'evegaiid annular ShOuldersin said' saidfirst naniedsleeveri'vithin i Ij'olaiiii'asneivaii'd desireto secure lhy'Let,L ters Patent ot theUnited States is: 'Y 1 3D2' 'lli a sprinkler, the coinhination'of a cas- Y inghaviiig an inlet-nozzle Vin its Wall', a Water VWheel rotatably ymounted adjacent said casingjf'ai'shaft ivithinsaid casing,l asle'e've roi-1 n Y vtatalolvfinounted on"'s'aidshaft` and Coiiiined 1351betiveenr the /Wallsxofsaid casing,` said v'vater i" yvvli'eelsbeing.fixed on said sleeve',"a;.\vornt ,v on said sleeve,a`over for'sai'd-casinghaviiig.

' o` ing with@saidffpinioii,V a Connecting rod on ,vsaidgcove'r and oscil-lated'ehy s'aidfconnec'ting Y i 7,' i 1 sleevefsecured fthereto; ai third sleeve'adjust- V ablef/ secured 'v vitliiii; saidi second -'s le eve aiidf erlieac a nozzlevg per dfnortioiijfaet ating ni arisen-V fringssaidpo fierininalh saidfapertured sleeveyand an eve Y da - Jhe 'ports '-1.2451125,v 126,155-, 15e and. r 157 are-preferablycounter-bored at their interior.'

,5 ports,V so that each'port farther out is rshaped forth, Abut desire zto avail tiny-' i selfof 'alli/changes avithi'ii'thescope of the bore to retain saidfgeamandja discharge nozzle carriedshy' ans'f'opeialole iii vsaid aperture tor'oscillate sleeve having aside aperture,` actuatin g or. actuatingsaideiioz-V- le aperture Y in aid'te'ifniinalfsleeveand plu-i ality openings adapted.' t he Y broughtkv into-register with said terminalV sleeve apeiture.' i, f I Y 5. In a sprinkler head; a nozzle' comprising a sleeve: having `ahceiitial portionfofglenlarged diameter, and aperture vin'- saidcentralportion, j actuating means engaging y said oeuf tral portion; forV actuating saidV nozzle; altere miiial sleeveiixahly .secured to i;saidriirst` sleevev and having a -side openiiigyaiid A :port sleeve externally adjustable .to present :ai plus saidA terminal' sleeve opening.

terminal sleeve .for saidl'irs't-isleeve, andY an adjustable p oirt iiiinal sleeve'wl ,v

Tflnj a fs orinkler74 the combination of'V a casing lhavi i said opening' having a :transverse here iconiv. ..Y. 75iY rality of rows of ports inronjuiictionvvith g1 an opening, a cover-plate forV inunicatingivith saidcasing, ajsleeve provided with a side ape'rturerotatahlyiiiountedl in said here, `means.operable said 'aperture 'to oseiliate said sleeve fasecondsleeve ase-'fY said irstf nainedvasleeve, a vthird vniunicating iwi-th said Casin-g, a-*sleeve Vprovidedvvith aside aperture rotatahlvn'iouiited ioo iii saidhoreymeaiisoperahleiiisaid aperture to; oscillat'e said Y sleeve, .a second` sleeve `se cured: to .sai'dairst-named 'sleeve'ja'third sleeve adjustahly securedwvith-in saidseeoiid` namedsleeve5annular .shoulders inzs'aidhore Y Vto retainssaid rst nainedsleeve. Within/` said. v

here, andV niean's onf said third inamedlsleeve and projecting through-said second-named sleeve?` to vrotate said third namedfsleevel'f ln a sprinkler head, ainozzle compris-V ing a Vsleevevfliaviiig ,a side aperture,' iiieans operable fini` said afperturef'to oscillate said' Vsleeve',V al second. sleeve secured the-reto and @havin-g an inward'taper,arthird sleeve Eta"` peredfto iitf, vWithin;'said second iiaiiiedf'sleeve* and adjustjahljzi` secured; Y i second giiaiiiedy sleeve; ;-;aiid a ffloinpr ssible. ywasher betiveeii't'h'e. end ofpisaid: third naine Vsleeve andsai ee'oiidfiiained sleeve.'A 4

"e j'coniniuiiioating fiv'itli saidy casing aid- Y Y cas igvv `ineiiiher" having an reopening; la cover plate oisaid'opening having' atransver e y io having an inward taper and a longitudinal slot in one side, anda thirdsleeve tapered tofit within the said second named sleeve and having a plurality of V.nozzlefopenings movable to register with said slot, andmeansjv within said casing andfoperablein said sideV aperture of said first named lsleeve Jfor oscillating said nozzle. i v f 11. In a sprinkler, the combinationof a casing having an opening, al shaftV within said casing, a water wheel rotatably mounted on ysaid shaft, a cover for said opening, hav ing a-transverse borecommunicating with said casing, a plate between said cover and said casing, a downwardl extending arm on said plate, a nozzle oscillatably mounted in Said bore, a gear carried on the lower endof said arm, a connecting rod secured to saidy nozzle and said gear, and operative means' between said'gear and said water wheel.

12. In a sprinkler,thevcombination of a casing havingvan opening, a shaft within said casing, a water wheel rotatably mounted on said shaft, a cover for rsaid opening, an

oscillatable nozzle carriedV by said cover and having communication with said casing, a plate between said cover and ysaid casing, a downwardly extending arm on said plate, a gear carried by saidv arm, arconnecting rod secured Yto said gear and said oscillatable nozzle, a pinion carried by said arm land meshing with said gear, aworm gear operatively connected with said pinion, and a;

said casing operableA bybwater flowing through' saidv casing, and connected within'v municating with the interior of said casing,

a nozzle comprising a plurality of hollow sleeves, one sleeve of which is rotatably mounted. in said bore, said rotatably mounted sleeve being provided with aside aperture communicating with rsaid transfV k-vr..

verseV bore and said casing, a pair of metal f rings' pressed in said bore to retain said Y rotatably mounted sleeve in said bore, means in said casing operablevby water flowing between said rotatably mounted` sleeve and said water operated means, said connecting means beingfoperatively connected to said rotatablymounted sleeve within said side so aperture. Y Y, Y

1.6;.In a sprinkler, the combination of a casing providedwith a transverse bore communicating with theinterior of Ysaid casing, a sleeve provided with a side aperture and yrotatably mounted in said bore, Y

meansoperablein said aperture to oscillate said sleeve, a metal ring having threaded engagement with said sleeve, a 'second sleeve havinga lclose frictional lit over said metal ring, 'and a third sleeve yadjustably'secured within said second named sleeve.

17. In a sprinkler, the combination of v a' ca'ng provided with a transverse bore ,i communicating with y' the interior of said casing, a nozzle comprising a pluralityv of hollow sleeves, one sleeve of which is rotatably mounted in said bore, said rotatably y .mounted sleeve being provided with a side Y aperture communicating with said, transverse bore and said casing, a connecting rod secured to said rotatably mounted sleeve at a point within said side aperture, fand means in vsaid casing responsive to the flow of water through said casingfor reciprocating said connecting rod. and oscillating said nozzle. Y w

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this lst day of March, 1927. y

v f FINIS' E. ROACI-L said side aperture in said rotatably mounted y sleeve for oscillating said nozzle.

14. In a sprinkler, the combination of a casing provided with a transverse bore communicating with the interior of said casing, a nozzzle comprising awplurality of'hol low sleeves, one sleeve of which is rotatablyk mounted in said bore, said rotatably mounted Vsleeve being provided witha side aperture .communicating with said transverse bore and said casing, means in said casing operable by water flowing throughvsaid casing, and connecting meansy between said rotatably mounted sleeve and said water operated means, said connecting means sleeve within said side aperture.

15. In a sprinkler, the combination of a`V t I being operatively connected to said rotatably mounted casingvprovided with `a transversebore comllO vthrough said casing, and connecting means 'y i

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