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Publication numberUS1765956 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateMar 20, 1930
Priority dateMar 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1765956 A, US 1765956A, US-A-1765956, US1765956 A, US1765956A
InventorsWertz Austin L
Original AssigneeWertz Austin L
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Display device for dispensing pumps
US 1765956 A
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June 24, 1930.- A. L. WERTZ DISPLAY DEVICE FOR DISPENSING PUMPS Filed March 20, 1950 Patented June 24, v e

' v a i v I:

AUSTIN wnR'rz, or Lexnwoon, OHIO I I DIsi'LAYbEVIGE F03 nIsPENsIne rUMrs i nppli cationlfile d Marcfi20j1930. se'r 1'mi437;j38o.f

"This inventionrelates to, a'display device 'ber 5 is a ball'v'alve 7 which isfheld against adapted for attachment-toliquiddispensing the valve seat by a coil spring 8,'the lower pumps and moreparticularly to a display en'dof whielfrests onfthe upper end of the 3 device which is adapted foriusewith lubrianti-drip nozzle 6; The upper end or the cant dispensing pumps'of the type now in outlet passageway 3 is somewhat L-shapecl general use at automobile-service stations. in cross section so' as -t provide an over-f Themain object oftlie invention is 'toiprohanging/portion 9 h'aving a'th'readed open- 7 vide a device of" the character described ing 10 therein, the purpose of which will 7 which may bequickly and'readily attached hereinafter appear, The upper side of the to the outlet pipe leading from the dispensbase member is provided with an npstand ingpump for the PLII'POSG OIE glViHg a vlsual mg annular peripheral flange 11 which:re-

indicationvo'f the quality of liquid dispensed "ceives the'rein a glass cylinder :12 as shown through the pump. j "most clearly in Fig 11. Ahollow'tubular A further object of the inventionis topromember 13 is threadedlyj secured in; the

- vide a display device ofthe character deopening 'and. extends axiallythrough'the-6 scribed which .is' so constructed .and glassicylinder l2. capJ/l fits over the arranged that the liquid dispensed from' the upper endofthe glass c'ylinderandis propump 'must pass s through the display videdwith-a centrally-disposed opening 15 chamber. i x 'e e 7 through wvhich' the tubular member l8eX-l Another object of the invention is to protends; "The upper-end of the ;tubular mem- -7 vide a display device which is economical ber 13 'isexternally-threaded to receive a v of fabrication, readily assembled anddisas nut 16 which is tight'emd to-securely clamp sembl'ed and well. adapted for quantity prothe glass cylinder 12'bet'ween the cap and 4 duction at comparatively low cost, a y 1 'basemembe'r." Theuppe'r end of the tubular .1 7 Further and more limited objects of the member l3 is closedby athreade'd cap 17; 17 1 p invention will, appear as the description and the *tubularfmember is "also provided proceeds and by reference tothe accompanya with a yentf opening '18, the purpose "of ing drawing in which Fig.1 isfa vertical whlchwlll hereinafterappe'ar; The .i'delivsectional View of a display deviceconery'en'd 0fthe inlet pass geway-2 is prefer- H structed' in accordance" with the preferred ably crescentshapedfas shown in Fig. '2 "and 0 embodiment ofmy inventionjandi'Fig. Q-is the'intake' endof the outlet passageway "3i's a horizontal sectional view on the line. 2-2 similarly shaped, the purpose of which will fFi 1 1 s j also-hereinafterappear. The upperfendof V is Referring now to the drawing, the nuthe inlet passageway 2- is als'osli'ghtly in-h V 43 meral'l designates" the base member which is. aimed as"show n' at-,a}in Fig. 1 sojthatfthetfi preferably cast inonepiece; 'The baseg-memllquld dischar'ged into the glass jcylinder] berl-is'shaped' as shown most clearly in'F g. Wlll be d-lrectedupwardlyand toward the I I 7 land is provided'with anin'letbore' oripas -oppos1teside of the cylinder. TheIliquid'iis 1 V V e sage'way 2 and an outletbore or passageway -'d1scharged' lnto the-glas cylinder through f;

216 8.-]The inlet passageway is preferably'intee the-inlet" passageway with considerable-T90 riorly threaded and-adaptedto beattached force due to the'relative size ofthedelive'ryh i to a; discharge pipe leading-from the dis-. end of the passageway with respect to "its;

pensingpump, The outlet passageway 32 is mletend";

- provided with an enlargedportionfi econsti- The display device is atta'ohed to the1')ipe tutinga valve chamber and -the upper" end 421s hereinbefore, described andtor fthefirst 05;,

of this enlarged portionis shaped to provide {filling operation "the 'cap 1 7 ,is removed and a valve seat. The loweror delivery end of the pump operatedjto discharge 'li'quidiinto the outlet passageway is interiorly threaded the'gla's s Cy inder 12'until thesame-beeo nes and adapted to receive therein' an anti-drip filledw th l i'quid. The air within the cylin-j we '50 nozzle 6. Arranged within the valve cham-' der*12 escapesthrough the vent opening-18 [10c I and: out through the open upper end of the tubular member 13; After the device is once filledthecap 17 is replaced and thecylinder remains filled with liquid. lVhen the pump is operated to'dispense liquid, the liq- V uid enters through the. inlet passageway 2 e and is discharged into the cylinder '12 at-an V g a ngle'with iGSpGCtto the-verticalaxis ofthe V valve 7 agamst the. tension of the spring-8 glass cylinder. 'The pumpis operated until;

sufiicient head has been built up toopen the whereupon the liquid isdisc harged through the outlet passageway'and anti drip nozzle- 6. The particular arrangement and shape of the inlet and outlet passageways andthe 7 location of theisame withsrespect to the vertical axisofthe glass cylinderlfl gives the liquid a swirling motion during thev dispensng operation, wh ch sw rling motion "has theappearanceof the figures-8. 1 V 7 It will be notedthatjthe display container is alw ay sein open ;.communication' with the pump and that any I liquid discharged through the device must pass through the display container and the particular arrangement, and construction hereinbefore is describedprovides for a veryjpleasingc'and yattractive display and at thesame time gives ."to'the customer a visual indication of. the

quality of lubricantwhichhe isobtaining.

The device as a Wholeissiinplein construction comprises comparativelyfew partsand :is readily assembledandl 'disassembled. i

r NVhileI have described my invention with a reference V to-a lubricant dispensing device, it is obv1ous.;that the device 1s equally well adapted for useiin connection. with any liq- 2. Adisplay device as setforth in claim 1' in which the openings in the base of said container are substantially crescent-shaped.

3. A display device of the character described comprising a base member, a trans parent cylinder-supported on said, base mem ber and having a; vent" opening in the upper end thereof, said base membei being pro 't vided with a pair of oppositely disposed bores leading into opposite sides oflsaid cylinder, one-of'saidbores being adapted for COIlIlBCtlQIlq Wlth the discharge side of a v V pu1np,the other ofsaid bores constituting a discharge outletfrom said container where- 8O 7 by the liquid dispensed will flow through said transparent container, a spring pressed valve normally-closing said last mentioned here and adapted to be opened by'vthc pressurebfthe liquid therein, the delivery end i V of said first vmentioned borezbeing substanqtially crescent-shaped and" disposed at an angle with respect to the vertical axis of c said transparent cylinder wherebytogive a swirling motion to the vliquid withinsaid container-during the dispensing operation.

AUSTIN L. wna'rz;

'uid' inwhichitis desired to display or to 1 give a visualfindication ofthequality ofthe liquid to be dispensed. ,Various changes mav-be made in, the details ofmy construction without departingfrom the spirit of r i i tmyjinvention andI wish-myinvention to be i limitedtonly in accordance with the scope V p of the oppended claims,

iL'I claim is l J I {ailing-thus described-my invention what display device-ior dispensing pumps 7' [comprising a transparentcontainerhaving .a'pair ofoppositely disposedopen ngs inthe i Y a base thereofif said base" having jaj bore connected with one ofsaid openings and leading through said baseyand adapted for connection' withithe discharge side bfaqmmp,

the deliveryend of saidl'boregbeingdisposed atan angleto the verticalaxis of said trans- :parent' container, and521-f$QCOI1ClfbOG zcone,

znectedwiththe other of said openings and i In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe niy,na1ne this15th day of March, 1930. r

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