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Publication numberUS1766089 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateAug 6, 1928
Priority dateAug 6, 1928
Publication numberUS 1766089 A, US 1766089A, US-A-1766089, US1766089 A, US1766089A
InventorsA J Wood
Original AssigneeA J Wood
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Treadmill exercising device
US 1766089 A
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June 24, 1930. A. J. WOOD TREAD MILL EXERCISING DEVICE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Aug. 6, 1928 ATTORNEY? V INVENTOR .z/ffl ood BY C m m H A. J. WOOD TREAD MILL EXERCISING DEVICE June 24, 1930.

vFiled Aug. 6, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 \Q 1* IF. :52 s I I I I .1 I w I \v ,H O "i m r I SO Yr A N P w 'FK FL I BY /7. Waad IN VEN TOR A TTORNE YS i rat ented junel2 4, s

10 arms and entire-body when'walking. orrunlines.

4 is an enlargeddetail" partlal plan 530;

I cover strip removed disclosing the lubricating 5Q rollers; for the tread belt 5. 6l 'are journalnarr tor. mes August 6, 192s.f' Serial" nd} 297,725.

1 I The main objects ofthelinvention are;

First, toprovide an improved treadmill exercising device which islvery efiicient and efiectual'and noiseless n operation.

5 Second, --to provide -an effective. control means for such a treadmill;

' Third, to provide a means whereby the user of a treadmill exerciser, is s'upported' in such manner as to allow the "free movement of the ning.

V *of construction and operation will definitely appear fr'om'the description to follow; The

15' invention is clearly-definedinthe claims.

An embodimentof my inventionis shown'in theaccompanyingdrawing? in which Fig. 1 is aperspective viewofmy improved .-.exercising device ,theuserbeing shown by dottedlines; 9 r a Fig. 2 isa detaillongitudinal, section-on line2+2of Fig. 351116 dotted lines denoting continuity ofthe plurailty of rollers. The

blocks is also shown by dotted lines. line-3+3 of Fig. 2, parts View of-the rollerbearing means with; the

n thebearing's, which also'deadens thesound. 1

- :;;'Fig.- 5is a detailupartial side' viewparts broken away of the a'djustably journal a bearing bloc]; equalizing-means for'the tread:


. .Eig. 6 is anenlarged:detailsectionaI view on line 66 of Fig. 2 showingone of the side j 1 guide blocks for the rims-of the endless ,jtread belt,

The partswill 'theviews.-. s Y 1 is. the frame of the exercising treadmill.

a 1 the strap at once checks undue movement by a Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail cross'section on being shownin fulll pinsthereo'n supported in'bearings formed by I transverseslots in the upper edge of the side walls at 62. In'the side wall 2 is formed'the V longitudinalggroove 21 to receive the felt cushion and lubrioator strip 22;

The tread belt 5 can'be of rubber, canvas, leatheror any other suitable material; 7 :is' an i uprightflstandard to the;front of thetrea'd- 7 mill, supported in socket? 1-- secured to': the

; topand havmgsoclret plate atthefbottom. V v It may be supporte'din anyway.. Athumb 1 .Objects pertainingto details and economies 1' set'screw 73 in thesocket 71 retains thestand- 74rcarrying the handbar: 7 5 and'having. a

strap securing means 76; 76 thereto attached. i

8 is the rear standard having socket 81 -with a'thumbscrew 82 and socketplate'sg' tth b l Qfr- '84'is-a hookor stop provided at cham of. standard *8. .9isa'pair'ofstralps carrying a Fbelt92 buckled loosely around-the operator. JThesestras cross at 91 and are attached to opposite, ends of the hand bar 7 5 body. Thus when the body sways to the left pull on" the right grip of the handbar.

10 is the front guide and control roll for blades 102:, to produce a retarding action to g and connect to the belt on opposite sides of the adjusting position of the folding I elevation the tread belt '5. "Balance wheelslOl havefan journal bearings formedin thesides 2. 11 is 1 the 'bielttightener roll at the rear, the journals 11 ofwhich' aresupported' in adj ustablejour nal bearing blocksl'll impregnated with oil"tan adjusting screw having a slotted r i -head113 to,facilitatetheadjustment:-114 is 1 beidentified by'itheir nu-x merals of reference whichfare the sameinall thev compression spring held .yieldingly in engagement. with thebearing block'lll by the partsarearrangedon guidewayrecess 116 in the journals of the rollers." {This strip'fis in- :to formza self-lubricatingbearing: The bear; I c 1 ring blocks are independently adjustable under tension, one. at each sideto; insure proper 1 'zeven tension andrunningof the tread belt 5.

-- nut 11'5.threacled;on thescrew/112. These --i I of felt oran'y other suitable flexibleabsorbent' material impregnated withoil to :lubricate .00

2, 11 all ,serted in'the longitudinal groove, 21 in the upper edge of 'theside Wall 2. This puts pressure on the journals of the rolls when the cover strip 122-is secured in'place. 122 is a cover strip for the bearing section at each side.'"'

I 1'3'are belt guides, secured to jthe sidjes-2.

16,16Qare guiderollsin advancelof theguide 14: is a distance recording means of a Wellvation of the rearend of the'treadmillto vary fits inclination. 1 In .a tread inillfexercising {device of this kind the veilect of continually alking- 401" runninguphill isproduced; As

the operator is supported by the belt 9 around 1 1 the ;Wl.lSl3, the -foperator is 'free to nioye his arms and bodyas in :the naturalpositmn or s alking and in running,-thus secur1ngthe 7;

full eifect'of such exercise;

As the-operator Walks onthe endless belt -driven I over the plurality of'rollers 6, the

V iifeet ofthe operator are continually passing over the rollers. producing a vibratory massageefi'ecttending tofkeep'the feet and mus- I -Beca'use the inclination oiitheexercising device f'produces; wthe effect- "of continually Walking up,hill,:therebyincreasing jthe eXer- V cise'for-the leg s'and in conjunction, provid-. ing a means'x'of bending .in' the waistline,i. ,full abdominal exercise is secured. To vary. 1 the inclination of. thenexerciser' aplurality' verse rollerswith extending journal pins-at 1 Leo Q cles :in: proper 7 condition, and in addition to V fproperjfo'ot exercise,-the Whole body andall;

/ parts arebenefitedr; r

of blocks 15', hinged together at151 are pro vided. *Thelieigh'tfcan be l varied by using 1 one-block or the plurality as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 2; Thisvaryingof'the-inclina ltion is-of a great benefit, for a more obese peri son is'inclined totravelwithjthe beltfaster than onexofa light buildjwith the exerciser V adjusted for thelatter."

I desire to'claim'my invent on broadlyv and also specifically as pointed out in the append- U ed clainis. v r a I h V Having thus describedmy invention' what V g-I' claim as new and desire to r V jters Patent, is :l p

secure Letof.adjusting 'theincline, a series of'transeach end disposedlinnotches in'the upper edgesof the side, wallsof said frame, a'lon'gitudina'lgroovein the said sidewalls and V flexible" packing material disposed/in said Y grooveandheld against said journal pins for delivering lubricant and preventing noise, an endless tread belt disposed around said roll-1 e5;ers,'a guide controLroller in the upper frontpendent yieldingly adjustable journal bearpartof said casing- Within said tread belt, a 7

balance 'Wheel fanon the said guide control 'r0ller,'a tension rollerdisposed within'sald' tread belt below and to the rear of the said frame with projecting journal pins, indeling blocks disposed in guide recessesin thei side of said casing, upright standards at front and rear of said tread mill, and a strap means a 3' and belt for embracing the body of the user "with extensions to said front and rear stand ards, to yieldingly support the'body ,of the,

aitread m1ll exerciser, the combination of a frame with'lncllned top, a serles of I transverse rollersydisposed to;supportthe= tread, an endless tread belt disposedsar'ound V c said roller, and a tensioningroller Within said I tread belt beneath said rollersyvith independ-' i entadjustment for the opposite ,ends thereof,

as specified.

3; In atread mill exerciser, the-combination of a frame with inclined topya series of transverse rollers disposed to su'pport the tread, an'endless' tread belt disposed around H said rollers, a tensioning roller Within saidf tread ,belt,-beneathsaid rollers With indespendent'adjustinent for 1thie opposite ends thereof comprising adjustable bearing blocks,

adj ustingscrews therefor-and compression springs on said screws, las;specifiedi a. In a tread mill exerciser, the combination of a frame-with lncllned top,aseries of transa'nce fan wheels onsaid guide control roller.

5. In a tread mill exerciser, the combination verse rollers disposed'to supportitheitre'ad, i

an" endless tread belt disposed around saidrollers, a guide control roller disposedwithin the upper front part of said frame=vvithin said tread belt beneathsaidrollers, and bedtread, an endless tread belt disposed around' rollers, la g ui de control roller disposed ,Withlllths upper front part ofsaid frame Wlllhll'lsald tread belt beneath said: rollers,

andbalance wheel means o'n sa'idgmidecontrolroller. V

6. In-a tread millexerciser, the colribina v I tionfofa frame With inclined top,a seriesiof transverse rollersidisposed to support the tread, an endless tread beltdisposedaround e p s V e 77 1:said'rollers-and}balancecontrol means-there- A 1; In a treadinnll exerciser, 'the'combinaej V v 7 .7 tionof a frame with inclined top,"and means said: rollers and control meanstherefor.

1- 8. In atread millexerciser, the combination of afrainefvvi'thinclined top, a series of transverse rollers' disposed to support the I tread, an' endless tread beltfdisposed around saidrollers, an upright sta'ndardat the front, f :means carriedby said standard embracing the waist of the user to support yielding 1y imposition.

9.111 a tread mill exerciser, the combination of a frame with inclined top, a series 7 v of transverse rollers disposed to support the tread, an endless tread belt disposed around said rollers, foldable adjusting blocks to vary the elevation of one end of the mill .to adjust the incline. y 4

' 10. In a tread mill exerciser, thecombination of a frame with inclined top, a series of transverse rollers disposed to support the tread, an endless tread belt disposed around said rollers, a driving'roller beneath the support, rollers, guide blocks at each side of the 7 under run, of the belt in advance of the, driving roller, and guiderolls in advance of said blocks. 1 V -11. In a tread millyexerciser, the combina- 2o tionof a frame with inclined top,'a series of transverse rollers disposed to support the I tread, an endless tre'ad belt' disposedaround said rollers, a driving roller. beneath thefsupport rollers, guide blocks at each side of the under run of the belt in advance of the driving roller." Y r In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my A,. J. WOOD.

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European ClassificationA63B22/02