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Publication numberUS1766920 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateNov 16, 1928
Priority dateNov 16, 1928
Publication numberUS 1766920 A, US 1766920A, US-A-1766920, US1766920 A, US1766920A
InventorsMoody Joseph F
Original AssigneeMoody Joseph F
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Oil-well apparatus
US 1766920 A
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June 24, 1930. J. F. MOODY 1,766,920

OIL WELL APPARATUS Filed Nov. 16, 1928 gwuemtoz i 30 bodiment of the invention;

Patented June 24, 1930 p oIL-WELL Asmar -es; v

. Application filed November 16; 1928. 'S'eria1 No.319,968;

My invention relates to improvements in oil well apparatus and particularly to elevators such as are used for manipulatingthe drill or string oftubing in the well hole.

v An important object of the invention is to provide a novel detachable 'wear plate it is supported. r

Another object of the invention resides in against which the tubing bears and by which the provision of closure elements or dogs for the elevator opening and which are held in place by a detachable wear plate which supports the tubing ably held in place bythe pivot'pins which practical use.

ence being had to the accompanying drawing which illustrates the now It is to be understood that the invention is capable of .VZLI'lOLlS modifications within the spirit and 'scope'of the subject matter claimed.-

Inthe drawing, wherein the same refer-V i ence characters have been used to designates-v the same parts in all views,..

7 Figure' 1 is atop plan view o incorporating my invention;

Figure 2 is a similar v ew with the novel f an elevator wear plate removed so as to expose the dogs and guide-.means therefor; Figure 3 is a crosssect1o the line '3 3 of F gure 1 ,1 and y 3 Figure 4 is a group perspective view illuse 5 trating the 'wear plate andother associated" elements.

, e'ferring' specifically to the drawing, the

V elevator comprises a'obody -5 which. is ro 'f vided at opposite sides with ears 6, which are horizontally slotted, as at Z, to receive the preferred eIn-f seenin Figures and 2: I s

nal view taken'om 'referredto incidentallyhereinabove,'is best shown inf F-igure 4. It isnoted that thecentrallportion of this wearplate is. consider- I ably {thickenedso asto provide a maximum; .strength at the point of; contact by the work i plate 16 oppositetheslot l6? is indicated at 316". As'shown;the portion lfi' 'is adapted to bails 8 which connect hoistingapparatus. A V

'The bails 8 are secured in the ears ;7 by r means ofpivo t pins 9,itb'eing observedthat each pivotpin9 has a-cotter in lO eXtending transversely therethro'ughand adjacent the 4 V inner exterior surfaces of the ears 6. The

the elevator to the novel-wear plate 16 cooperates in holding. the I L pivot pins .9 in fixed ently' explained.

position as will be pres- Referring now'to that the toplsurfac'e oftheelevator bod'yl is V provided-with a circumferential groovenll, A further ob ect of the invention resides. 15 in theprovision'of anovel wear plate'forv elevators and which is adapted to be detach- 1 which is enlarged at the front of the elevator] .asatlrl! oneitherside of the work receiving '65 slotv12. "Thegroove'llvand-slot 12define-the v central boss-'liketmeinber 13, whichas viewed secure theelevator bail to the elevator body. 1-: A still further object of the invention is l 20 top'rovide a device of this character which is relatively simple in construction, ineizpenr sive of manufacture and highly efiicient in tions semi-circular, as shown in Figures 2 and I 4 4.,The' forward ends of these dogs are-pro vided with enlargedtnose portions 14 work- Theinvention also resides-in.certainnovel 2 features of' construction and combination of the various parts and in modes of operation "as hereinafter described and clainied, refer-1 ing in the groove" enlargements 11 The rear ends of the dogs are provided with some- 7 5 what laterallyoff-sethandles 14 Figure 2' also shows that the groove 11 receives a coil spring 1- 5. It isibelievedto be obvi'ous that 1 said spring bearing. against the shoulders 14? p serves to separate theihandles 14? and thus 8 Lthe shoulder 14 the handle portion of" each doghas a notch 14 so'as to accommodate the flange 5, which constitutes the outer wall of- 35 I I the slot,l1,-'as best--indicated in Figure 2 v QIhus, thefbottoinsurface of the handle por r tion 14L will makea fiat contact with the rear 1 wardly Xtendin g shelf 5 of' the body, as-

I The'novel wear plate 16,- vvhichi has been v adjacentytheslot 16Pwl1ich inatohes with the slot 1250f the body 5; i The end of; the wear FigureQ, itwill be noted overlie the rear ends or handle portions 14 of the dogs 14, so as to protect the same against injury. I In other words, the handle portions 14 of the dogs are slidingly confined between the shelf portion 5 of the body and the rear extension 16" of the wear plate.

Referring to Figures 3 and 4 it will be notedthat the wear plate 16 has its thickened portion provided with outwardly tapered grooves 17 of arcu'al cross sections. grooves 17 are adapted to receive the ends of the pivot pins 9, asbest indicated in Figure 3. Manifestly, the pivot pins 9 bearing'against the wear plate 16 and more specifically hearing against the grooves 17 thereof will confine the wear plate in place and thus hold the dogs 14 and springs 15 in assembled relationship with the body 5.- c

When it is desired to remove the wear plate to replace audog 1 f, thespring 15 or to sub stitute anew Wear plate for a worn one, it is only necessary to remove thefcotter pins 10.

.This having been done it isperfectly obvious that the pivot pins 9 can b moved outward so as to clear the sides of the wear plate 16. .The

wear plate'16 is thus freed for removal. It is desired to direct attention to Figure & wherein thewear plate 16 is provided with shallow notches 17 at the outer ends of the grooves those skilled in the art I Having thus described my invention, what" 17. Thepurpose of this istoenable the wear plate to be removed without necessitating actuation of the pivot pins ,9so as to completely clear the inner exteriorsurface of the ears 6. Furthermore it is quite advantageous to have theends ofthe pivot pins extend slightly behaving a. detachable wear plate and ball jcarrying ears, of a member carriedby one yondtheinner exterior surface ofthe ears 6, so as to act as a guide whentheiwear plate is being put in place. .More specifically,the notches 17 and pins 9 serve to guide thewear plate into proper position upon the body 5 of the elevator This. is 'quitean important 'tem since the wear lates 16 will b .of'con+' V V c l p e ears and movable to lock sa1d plate upon said siderable size and weight." g Y The device is the essence of simplicity and its advantageswill be readily appreciated by I claim as new and desire to secure by 'Letters Patent is: I

1.. The combination an elevator; a

idetachable wear plate, removable bail-att h 17nd, 'd'nbin da tedto ac mg pn a Sal p S e g a p and removable wear plate, one of the same overlie ,said wear plate to-hold the samein having a work receiving. opening, closure means, a detachablelwear plate for holding means for said opening, said body having a surface recess for recelving. said closure said closure means and body assembled, and

bail-holding pivot pins adapted to engage said wear plate to hold the same in place.

3; In a device-of the classfdescribed,a body I having work-receiving opening, closure means for said opening, said body having a f These 'wear plate having a portion defining an abut-' ment to limit movement of said pins in one direction. 7

4. In adevice of the class described, a body having a work receiving opening, closure means for said opening, said body having a surface recess for receiving said closure means, a detachable wear plate for holding said closure means and body assembled, bailengaging. pins removably carried by said body, said pins being adapted to overlie said wear plate to hold the same in place, and said wear plate, having a portion defining an abutment-to limit movement of said'pins in one direction and stop. elements carried by said pins for limiting movement of the same intlie opposite direction. I p

5; In a device of the class described, .a body having awork receiving opening, duplicate dog members providing a closure for said opening, said body having a surface recess for receiving sa1d closure dogs,-a detachable wear plate for holdlng sa1d closure and body parts assembled, and a coil spring in said reof said ears and movable to lock said plate upon said body. '7

7. The combination with an'elevator body having a detachable v wear plate and bail carryingears; of members carried by said ,bodyJ 8. The combination with an elevator body .having a detachable wear'plate and hail carrying ears; of members carried by said having guide notches in opposite. sides and the other having movable lugs adaptedto enter said notches whereby to guide thebody.

and wear plateto assembled position, and keeper recesses communicating laterally from said guide notches andinto which said'lugs are adaptedtobe'actuated to, lock the body and wear plate together.- I i Intestimony' whereof I affix mysignat'ure.

' I JosE1121r 'Moo Y.

'earsa'nd movable to lock said plate upon said body, and said wear plate having. guide and

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U.S. Classification294/91
International ClassificationE21B19/00, E21B19/06
Cooperative ClassificationE21B19/06
European ClassificationE21B19/06