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Publication numberUS1767397 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateJun 2, 1928
Priority dateJun 2, 1928
Publication numberUS 1767397 A, US 1767397A, US-A-1767397, US1767397 A, US1767397A
InventorsRagland Jack R
Original AssigneeA F Hubbert, G A Crittenden
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Display counter
US 1767397 A
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Patented June 24,


CALIFORNIA 1 v DISPLAY I. Application filed June 2,

This invention relates to a display counter which comprises anumber of compartments in which differentarticles of merchandise are positioned to be displayed, and refers particularly to the form of display counter in which the compartments are formed by detachable glass plates which are ad ustable to vary the size ofthe compartments.

It is an object of the presentunventmn to provide a' form of display counter WhlCh is of simple construction and which may be readily handled to vary the compartment sizes as desired.

Another object of the present invent on is to provide a metal glassor glass holding bracket for such a display counter of simple construction.

Various further objects and advantages of the present invention will appear from the description of the preferred form and example of a display counter embodying the invention. For this purpose, there is hereafter described, with references to the accompanying drawing, the preferred form or example of display counter.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 represents a perspective View of the display counter.

Figure 2 represents an elevation of the metal glass or bracket used in said display counter. E

Figure 3 is an elevation of the glass or bracket at right angles to Figure 2.

Referring to the drawings: the display counter comprises a base 2 mounted upon a suitable supporting means 3 of any desired form. The baseboard 2 of the counter is provided at its edges with upstanding walls 4, which form the extreme side walls of the counter. The base 2 and the walls 4 are customarily formed of wood, altliough it is understood that the inventionmay not be restricted to the use of any particular materials.

Upon the base 2, are mounted a plurality of counter boards 5, which are generally made of a length extending between the side walls 4 of the display counter and vary in width, in accordance with the width of the compartments of the counter. The

COUNTER 192a. s riai 1wo. -2s2,49s.

counter-boards 5 are preferably provided at their bottoms and adjacent sides of the counter boards, with spacing strips 6, which mount the counter boards on the base 2 with the bottom of the boards spaced above the base 2, so as to permit the boards to be more readily handled.

Between adjacent counter boards 5, a counter is provided with glass plates 7 which extend vertically and are held in'position by the adjoining side edges of the counter boards. :There are also provided clips or brackets 8, preferably of metal, for holding additional glass plates 9 at right angles to the glass plates 7, for dividing the area of the counter board 5 into display compartments of smaller size and the trans-' verse glass plates 9 and brackets or clips 8, are movable in the display counter struc-. ture.

For this purpose, the clips or brackets 8 are preferably formed, ofsheet metal and have a body portion 10 extending vertically, and a base portion 11 turned at right angles thereto, so as to occupy a horizontal position. This base portion is slipped under the counter boards 5 so as to be held bysaid counter'boards or the spacers 6, form ing. a part of the counter boards, against the base 2 .of the display counter, whereby the body portion of the brackets are held in a vertical position, but may be slid along the edges of the counter boards into various positions. The upper end of the body'lO of the clips or brackets is provided with ears 12 forming a vertical groove forreceivin'g the edge of the transverse glass plates 9 and supporting these plates in a vertical position. v

The construction of the display counter herein described is simple and economical 'in form and permits all of the members of having base sections extendin objects of the invention, various modifica tions may be made, all coming within the invention as defined. in the accompanying claim.

- I claim:

A display counter comprising counter boards, vertical plates between abutting edges of the counter boards, plate brackets under the counter boards and having b0 y seat por- 'tions forming plate holdin grooves and plates transverse to the rst-mentioned plates positioned in the grooves of said rackets.

Signed at Los Angeles, California,-this 24th. day of May, 1


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U.S. Classification312/140, 248/248
International ClassificationA47F5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/005
European ClassificationA47F5/00D1