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Publication numberUS1767840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 24, 1930
Filing dateAug 8, 1927
Priority dateAug 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1767840 A, US 1767840A, US-A-1767840, US1767840 A, US1767840A
InventorsFinnell Walter S
Original AssigneeFinnell Walter S
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Receptacle for mopping machines
US 1767840 A
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' J n 1930- w. s. FINNELL 1,767,840

RECEPTACLE FOR MOPP ING HACHINES 7 Filed Aug. 8, 1 927 Patented June 24, 1930 WALTER s. FINNELL, or ELKHARI, mAm

rarest orrics.

nEoEr'r cLE F03 Meier-ms vIAcH-INEs Application. filed August 8, 1927. Serial "No. 211,420.

' My invention relates to an improved receptacle embodying a'mop supporting shield and drain control, and which is adapted particularly. for use in floor mopping ,marchines. v V v One of the objects-of my"v invention is .to provide a si1nple,..inexpensive highly efficient and readily detachable drain control means "for :receptacles of ,this' character which is self-closable and which is adapted to drain all of the'water (and any dirt therein) from the receptacle quickly and with a minimum of effort on the part of the operat0r,the arrangement being such that the possibility of leakage and accidental opening of the: drain and accidentally leaving the drain open is eliminated.

Another object is to provide 'a cheap,

lightweight and efiicientlmop shield in the receptacle to support the mop prior to and during the wringing operation and to keep I the same out of thewater which may be in the tank, the .shield being firmly supported in horizontal position and being so constructed and mounted I as. to be readily andquickly inserted and removed from the receptacle for cleaning and the like purposes. The shield is also mounted in such a manner that it may be raised and lowered from its normal horizontal position without detachment of the same. 1 V

- Other and further. objects willbecome apparent as this description prognessest and by "reference to the Q wherein,- c V Figure 1 is a perspective view of a mopping machine embodying myinvention; v

i Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section taken psubsta'ntially on line .2- 2 of Fig; 3' and 40 clearly illustratingmy mop shield'and drain 1 "control means as appliedto a so-calleddirtywater receptacle.

;'Fig. Bisa plan perspective view (slightly-- reduced) of the receptacle'of Fig."- 2. r

Fig.4 is an enlarged partial section taken V substantially on the line of Fig ."z2fland clearly illustrating the construction of one I of ithe'fmop shield supports and an adjacent part of the shield.

accompanying drawingswith various kinds of mopping machinery and in the drawing 1 have shown it as applied to .a portable mop truck 1O mounted on wheels ll and adaptedto support a dirty waterreceptacle -12 anda clean water receptacle 18, My invention is particularly adapted to the, dirty waterreceptacle and will be described specifically as applied thereto-,however, it is to be understood that it, and particularly the drain control means,

maybe applied to both receptacles and .ina like mannen Thesetwo receptacles 12 and 13 may be separately constructed -and' mou'nte d as'shown in Fig.1, or a single receptacle maybe employed of desired size and havinga partition -to divide-the sameinto a dirty watercompartment and a clean- Water compartment, I 7

' The dirty-water receptacle 12 is, prefer ably, but not necessarily, rectangular in shape and is detachably mounted beneath a wringer 14c rigidly supported'bytheframe work 10 of the truck. In use, the dirty mop maybe passed throughithe -wringer 14:

in a well known mannerto remove thedirty water therefrom, the water passing from the mop into the receptacle beneath; Themop is next rinsed in the clean water tank 13 and againpassed throughthe 'wringer .14

to finally clean and dry it for further mop- V ping. .During the foregoing wringing operation,'. as is "well understood, the .wringer "rolls are separated and the mop passed therebetween and the wringer again closed and ,1 operated :to draw, the mop between the a closed rolls; It is highly desirable,.when the wringer 14: is opened and the rinsed mop passedbetween the rolls, that itbe prevented fromcoming in contact with the dirty,

water in thereceptaclelZ. I To this end, I -provide ali shield 15 in the receptacle 12 above thelevel of the water therein, and this shield also se'rvesas a support for the mop prior tothe wringing operation. Theshi'eld approximating the cross-sectional shape of the receptacle andit has its edges spaced 1 I v i I e from 'the'walls offthe receptaclelto-p'ermit 1My inventionimay be used; in connection 1 which'I employ ispreferably, formed-of a I {lightweight piece of sheet metal of ashape the waterifrom the m'opto' freely flowtherei g 6 of the receptacle.

past into the lowervpart of the receptacle.

twoopposite sides of the receptacle, flexible metal strips 16 each having one end rigidly secured in any desiredmanner, preferably p prevent the operator accidentally. leaving,

as shown in Figs. 2 and 4, to the top edge so formed that its other and free end pro- .jects downwardly and inwardly-otthe receptacle Each strip is provided, at itsfree end, with an opening 16 adapted to freely receive the end of a rod 17 which passes "through suitable openings 18 in a down- 'wardly dependingfiange 18 which extends around the edge of the shield In this man- I ner the shield is pivotally carried by the 2o strips 'l6and' it may be readily and quickly disengaged by springingthe strips 16 away from the shield toward the adjacent side 'walls. Theshieldis'rigidly supported in its horizontal mop-supporting position by another metal'str'ip '19 having its one end attached to an oppositeside wall of the .fcan'in'a manner similar to strips 16, and

having its other end- 'free' andextended V downwardlyand inwardly withv a hookpart of the flange 18 of the shieldQ This like 'part 19 adapted to receive the adjacent smp 19 may be pressed or sprung inwardly against the adjacent wall to permit the -shield to be" swung-"about its pivot rod 17 to a' raised or lowered position. Furthermore, this torm of strap support readily i"permits of spacing of the shield edge from the receptacle jwalls.=

It is desirable that 1 the Water, together with sediment and dirt thereirnbe drained from the receptacle from time tojtime. tVith faucets or. other drain outlets pre- *viously located in the sidewalls of such receptacles, all of the watercand dirt inv the can could not be readily drained and accidentally opened orv being accidentally left in opened positionwhereby :the water nates all of these objectionable featuresas there was the possibility ofthe'i drains being would flow nponand soil the [already cleaned .floor surface. My invention elimifollows:

Each of these strips is 'tor.

upper end of the rod 22 is provided with a handle extension 25 which permits the same to be readily grasped and reciprocated by the operator. All of this drain control structure is located within the receptacle and the parts are so arranged that the drainwill not be accidentally opened.

To render the plug self-closableand to the drain open, I interpose a spring 26 between the lower guide 2 s and a suitable stop 27 fixed upon the rod which is normally Although I have shown" and... described only one form of myinvention, Ido not desire to be limited to Ithat'specific'form; because it is obvious that various changes and modifications may be made therein without departingirom the spirit and scope of my invention as defined by the claims which follow.

1 claim: 7 a V v 1. In a receptaclefor mopping apparatus, a mop shield; andv means tor supporting under compression forcing and holding the said shield in 7. horizontal position in and V spaced from the walls of said receptacle, in-

eluding flexible straps suspended iroinoppodisconnected by springin from said shield toward said Walls. 1

.2 Ina receptacle for mopping apparatus, a flat mop'shield having de sending flange around itsedge; and means for supporting said shield in horizontal position spaced from the .walls ct said receptacle comprislng flexlble straps suspended from opposite; slde walls of the receptacle and extendlng n g said straps away downwardly and angularly, away'irom said walls, ahinge rod carriedby the'iiange off saidshield and engaging 'the free vends}oi'-v said flexiblelstraps, and anotherstrap depending from anotherwall .ofthereceptacle and havin a hooked end; ortlonwlnch 'receivesthe adjacent part of saidshield flange. 3..In'i a moppingr machinefreceptacle, j.a V I horizontallyvdisposed shield in, the recejjtacle; 'forfsupporting a mop and for keeping it from contact with water thereinfsaid shield being'spajced-from theWalls', of the receptacle j to permit water to pass freely thereb gand means .carriedbysaid receptacle for. supportsite walls-of the receptacle and having their E 9 7 free endsextendingdownwardly and angularly away from said walls, and means carried by said shield engaging the free end of said straps torsupporting one shield edge,

and means for supporting anotheredge'sun face of said shield, the shield being readily ing said shield in horizontal position including members having attaching portions engaging opposite sides of said shield, said attaching portions permitting said shield to be swung upwardly and downwardly when released from at least one 01 said members.

4. In a mopping machine receptacle, a horizontally disposed shield in-the receptacle for supporting a mop and keeping it from contact with water therein, said shield being spaced from the walls of the receptacle'to permit water to pass freely thereby, means carried by said receptacle walls for swingably supporting one edge of said shield permitting it to be swung upwardly and downwardly, said means being also yieldable toward the adjacent receptacle wall to permit the same to be'disengaged from said shield for removal of the shield from the receptacle, and additional means carried by said receptacle for supporting an opposite edge of said shield to hold the shield in a horizontal position. 5. In a moppingmachine receptacle, a horizontally disposed'shield in the receptacle for supporting a mop and for keeping it from contact with the water therein, said shield being spaced from the walls of the receptacle to permit water to pass freely thereby, straps carried by and extending downwardly and away from opposite walls of the receptacle, a pivotal connection between said straps and said shield, another strap carried by another wall of the receptacle for supporting another part of said shield to position it in horizontal position.

6. In a mopping machine, the combina-' tion with a water receptacle having an outlet in its bottom wall, of a horizontally-disposed mop rest within and spaced from the walls'of the receptacle, a valve for controlling said outlet, a handled operating rod for said valve extending past said rest to a point convenient to the operator, but disposed wholly within said receptacle, supporting means for said valve rod,gsaid rest being cut away at one edge to accommodate said rod and support and to permit water to pass freely therebetween, and means acting on said rod and opposing opening movement of said valve and rendering it sel'f-closable when said handle is released.

7. In a mopping machine, a receptacle having a flat mop shield therein, a hinge connection including a yieldable element between the shield and the receptacle at one end of said shield, said element being adapted for lateral'movement to disengage said shield andrreceptacle, andv a displaceable support on the receptacle for receiving an opposite edge of said rest for positioning it in ahorizontal position.

8.. In a receptacle for mopping apparatus, a mop shield, a plurality of supports suspended from the walls of the receptacle each having it slower end spaced inwardly away from such walls, the edges of said shield being detachably supported by said supports, and the number and position of said supports being such as to hold said shield in a horizontal position spaced from the walls of the receptacle.

9. In a receptacle for mopping apparatus, a mop shield, a plurality of supports suspended from the walls of said receptacle with their lower ends spaced inwardly from such walls, said shield being mounted upon said supports with its edges spaced from the receptacle walls, said supports being movable away from said shield to detach the shield, and the number of said supports being suflicient to carry said shield in a horizontal position.

10. In a receptacle for mopping apparatus, a mop shield, a plurality of supports suspended from the walls of the receptacle with their lower ends spaced inwardly away from such walls, said shield being mounted upon said supports with its edges spaced from the receptacle walls, the mounting be-' tween two. or" said supports and said shield providing for hinging movement of the shield.

11. In a receptacle for mopping apparatus, ,a mop. shield adapted to be carried horizontally within the receptacle, support members carried by the upper part of said receptacle walls extending within the. receptacle adjacent said shield, the lower ends ofsaid supports and adjacent edges of said shield being constructed for detachable engagement with each other.

12. In a receptacle for mopping apparatus, a mop shield mounted within the receptacle, and means for supporting said shield horizontally With. spacing between its edges and receptacle walls which includes spaced members having one end supported.

from thereceptacle and the other end free, the free ends of said members and opposite sides of said shield being formed for detachable support engagement.

13. In a mopping apparatus receptacle, a

mop shield disposed within the receptacle,

shield support members carried by said re ceptaclewalls and extending toward opposite sides of said shield with one end of each tree for engagement with said shield, opposite. sides of said shield having attaching portions for detachably engaging said supports to support said shield in horizontal suspended position.

In testimony whereof, I have subscribed my name.


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